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[11+] Best Shopify Social Proof Apps to Boost Sales in 2024

Top 11 Must-have Shopify Social Proof Apps in 2023 - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

In the age of ever-evolving technology, fiercely competitive e-commerce world, businesses are increasingly creating unique sales methods to gain customers' trust. One of the extremely effective ways that e-commerce businesses trust is using the Social Proof application. However, when you search for the keyword “Social Proof” in the Shopify app store, there are nearly 450 results making it difficult to choose.

This blog compiles Top 11 Must-have Shopify Social Proof Apps. Before going into the details, make sure you've built an eCommerce store on Shopify!

1. Social Proof by EComposer Page Builder 

EComposer - Landing Page Builder

EComposer Landing Page Builder is a next-generation Shopify application that allows you to create all types of pages like Home Page, Landing Page, Product Page, Coming Soon Page and includes pages not available in Shopify. When using EComposer, you may be overwhelmed by its outstanding features and a treasure trove of constantly updated templates.

The convenience of EComposer is also reflected in the fact that it provides you with a lot of different elements and extensions, helping you to create effective social proofs. A few elements and extensions stand out: Sale Notice extension, Trust Badge icon, Testimonial element, Review App integration, Stock Count, and more. In particular, most of these social proofs are available when you use any of EComposer's plans, including free plans.

Feature highlights:

* Intuitive page builder - freely edit and design in real-time with the drag-and-drop editor directly in EComposer.

* Item Builder - freely drag-and-drop categories into the store theme after creating them as you like.

* Design & Customize - feel free to design and customize all pages in your Shopify store, including Landing Pages, Home Pages, Coming Soon, Contact Us, and others.

* SEO Performance and Speed - All the pages built by EComposer provide options to add custom titles, meta descriptions, and social media image festivals, and all of them are optimized SEO for faster load times.

* Largest Template Library - With over 200 section layouts and a sizable range of components, EComposer offers a sizable sample library that's constantly growing.

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free Plan 

* Basic Plan – $19/month

* Pro Plan – $39/month

* Premium Plan – $99/month

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (1241 reviews)


2. Social Proof & Urgency FOMO

Social Proof & Urgency FOMO

For your Shopify site, Social Proof & Urgency FOMO enables you to show recent sales, product reviews, and other consumer behaviors. To show leads, discounts, live visitors, low-stock notifications, and other information, Fomo interacts with more than 100 different applications. Show social proof on your site by using I notice boxes or (ii) inline text put all over it.

Feature highlights:

* Showcase recent sales, reviews, and live visitors count on your Shopify store.

* Add Urgency & Scarcity by showing cart counters, and selling fast, low-stock nudges.

* Track impressions, clicks, engagements, conversions, & sales with Fomo Analytics

* Multi-language support: Create social proofs in English, French, & 27+ languages

* Create notifications that fit your shop & brand with Fomo's easy-to-use builder

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial 

* Experimental - Free; Up to 500 notifications per month.

* Starter - $19/month; Up to 25,000 notifications per month.

* Essential - $39/month; Up to 50,000 notifications per month.

* Plus - $79/month; Up to 250,000 notifications per month.

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (143 reviews)

3. Urgencer ‑ sell with urgency

Urgencer ‑ sell with urgency

On your product pages, Urgencer ‑ sell with urgency enables you to design completely unique urgency boxes. After Urgencer installation, all goods will automatically display an urgency text (similar to what is seen on after the "Add to Cart" button. Users will be able to monitor the number of visits to each product in real time after it has been activated.

Feature highlights:

* Increase sales by creating a sense of urgency and trust.

* Show real-time visitors on the products page.

* Fully customize the urgency box to match your store.

Pricing & Plans: 3-day free trial

* Basic - $2.99/month

* Professional - $4.99/month

* Shopify plus - $7.99/month

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (123 reviews)

4. Social Proof ‑ The Urgency App

Social Proof ‑ The Urgency App

After installing Social Proof ‑ The Urgency App, a widget will appear on the product page that displays the quantity of stock still available as well as the number of individuals now viewing the product. You can use a random number within your specified range or the real quantity of people and goods. You may create a nice-looking widget that will exactly fit your Shopify store using a simple editor.

Feature highlights:

* Fully customizable widget: configure its texts, design, conditions and location.

* Bulk edits. Add the widget to specific products, collections or the whole store.

* Full control of social proof to convince your hesitant customers to buy.

* Easy to start. No coding is required, install in one click.

* Mobile-friendly. Offer your customers effortless mobile shopping.

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

* Basic Plan - $8.95/month or $85.95/year and save 20%

* Priority support - $17.95/month or $179.95/year and save 16%

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (87 reviews)

5. Social Proof, Email, Exit Pop

Social Proof, Email, Exit Pop

While providing genuine value to online visitors, Social Proof, Email, Exit Pop assists retailers in boosting store conversion rates and lowering bounce rates. Options include generating leads, running promotions, and building social proof. lowering abandonment rates By showcasing recent sales, current product reviews, and running various promotions via popups and bars, retailers may quickly turn visitors into consumers.

Feature highlights:

* Increase store sales with powerful Social Proof and Activity notifications.

* Collect Emails and SMS numbers via eye-catching pop ups and top bars.

* Boost conversions by engaging visitors via on-page promotional campaigns.

* Boost conversions with urgency tools such as countdown timers.

Pricing & Plans: 10-day free trial 

* Free

* Lite - $19/month or $156/year and save 32%

* Basic - $39/month or $324/year and save 31%

* Growth - $79/month or $660/year and save 30%

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (320 reviews)

6. Social Proof & Sales Pop Up

Social Proof & Sales Pop Up

Social Proof & Sales Pop Up uses psychological triggers such as social proof and the fear of missing out to help create trust and improve sales (F-O-M-O). Nudges (live alerts) indicate purchases, add-to-carts, low stock levels, order deadlines, and other information. Customers may know how busy your shop is by seeing real-time statistics on Nudgify. You can add Nudges and be started in minutes with a single click.

Feature highlights:

* SOCIAL PROOF: display Recent Purchases, Sales Pops, and Live Visitor Counter

* SCARCITY & Fear Of Missing Out: show Add-to-Cart, Low stock, Selling Fast Nudges

* FREE DELIVERY Nudge - Display an amount for free delivery to encourage upsells

* ORDER SOON Nudge - Show deadline for a delivery date to encourage to buy now

* DISCOUNT Nudge - Promote a discount and let shoppers apply it in 1-click

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free

* Plus - $9/month

* Pro - $29/month

* Business - $89/month

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (116 reviews)

7. ProveSource Social Proof

ProveSource Social Proof

ProveSource Social Proof is a social proof app that displays recent orders, great reviews, and live visitor alerts to assist you in increasing sales and conversions. Sales popups and review alerts make your business more real; they demonstrate that you have consumers who trust you, and they keep your store bustling and appealing. To build urgency, show them what others purchased in real-time.

Feature highlights:

* Using social proof sales pop alerts, you can increase trust and urgency.

* Make your website a bustling and exciting environment that entices buyers to take action.

* To increase confidence, display recent orders, reviews, page visitors, and other information.

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free

* Starter plan - $29/month

* Growth plan - $54/month

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (197 reviews)


8. Qikify Sales Pop, Social Proof

qikify Sales Pop, Social Proof

With qikify Sales Pop, Social Proof, you can increase purchases and drive consumers' FOMO by combining social proof with recent sales. Visitor counters, sales popups, and sold count assist you in building trust and attracting new consumers. Using Popup, we can simply enhance interaction, capture leads, and promote our initiatives (newsletter, discount, exit popup). Several other sorts of promotional bars, such as cart countdowns and announcement bars, can help increase conversion rates.

Feature highlights:

* SOCIAL PROOF: display Recent Purchases, Sales Popup, Visitor Counter

* SCARCITY & FOMO: show Sold Count, Countdown Timer

* POPUPS: show Email, Newsletter, Discount, Exit Popup to collect data

* PROMO BAR: promote campaign and show announcement with Promotional Bar

* Analytics to control app performance and manage campaigns

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free

* Starter - $4.99/month or $47.87/year and save 20%

* Basic - $12.99/month or $124.67/year and save 20%

* Growth - $39.99/month or $383.87/year and save 20%

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (938 reviews)

9. Sales Popup Conversion Pro

Sales Popup Conversion Pro

Sales Popup Conversion Pro builds urgency and allows you to display to your visitors what things they have just purchased. It generates the social evidence and trusts that your shop needs among new store visitors by using trust badges. You may also decrease friction in the store by using Quick View of goods.

Feature highlights:

* Sales Popup - Sales Notification increases sales and fosters confidence.

* Sold Counter - Increases client interest and increases purchases.

* Countdown Timer - Increases user urgency and speeds up the sales process.

* Quick Views with Trust Badges for increasing trust and social evidence

* Visitors are persuaded to buy now by the stock countdown and announcement bar.

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

* Free

* Pro - $4.99/month; Additional usage charges will be applied according to boosted revenue. Details can be found in the app.

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (4,171 reviews)

10. Proof Bear ‑ Sales Popup

Proof Bear ‑ Sales Popup

Proof Bear ‑ Sales Popup revolutionary sales popup notifications and add-to-cart sales popup notifications use FOMO to increase sales and conversion rates. The sales popup design may be completely customized to match your store's layout, colors, and fonts. Proof Bear's four fantastic templates may be applied with the touch of a single mouse.

Feature highlights:

* Sales popup and add-to-cart popup notifications to show in your store.

* Complete sales popup color, text and design control to match your store theme.

* Use analytics to track every sales popup click to better understand your buyers.

* Sales popups works out of the box with any other app or theme.

* Customize any part of your sales popup with built-in custom CSS and custom JS.

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (218 reviews)

11. Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up

Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up

With 13+ functions in one, Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up is a sales solution meant to catapult your sales. Achieving your sales target, establishing trust, generating urgency to capture value, and offering excellent marketing popups may be simpler than you think. With a variety of sale kits, promo bars, product labels, and motivators, you can make your business appear more professional.

Feature highlights:

* Countdown timer: Create multiple countdown timers in different pages

* Trust badges: Create multiple trust badges with stunning designs

* Sales pop: Turn browsers into buyers by showing recent sales popups

* Free shipping bar: Show Free Shipping Bar notifications to encourage customers

* Live chat: Connect with your customers seamlessly via WhatsApp, Messenger

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (2,755 reviews)

In a nutshell

Shopify Social Proof App is an effective customer acquisition solution for all businesses, especially when your business is not financial and experienced enough to design other solutions yourself. This app makes it easy for your business to build trust and credibility on Shopify, reduce customer anxiety, increase sales, and grow your store stronger.

I hope the above blog has helped you find the right Shopify Social Proof App for your needs. If you have any questions, contact us via or chat with us directly via EComposer.



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