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The4, as a brand under the EcomElite group, is dedicated to providing top-notch e-commerce solutions to its customers. Founded in 2017, it has 25,000+ active customers using popular themes such as Kalles, Gecko, and Basel. The4 is well known for having the best customer service support on ThemeForest.

Under the leadership of Mr. Henry Pham (CEO) and Mr. Nathan Nguyen (CTO), The4 has a team of over 30 full-time employees from different locations. The4, along with other brands in the EcomElite group, such as LayoutHub, EComposer, and Nitro Apps, have a total of 80,000+ users and 40,000+ paying customers.

The4's mission is to provide the best solutions to their customers in the e-commerce sector, whether it be through their modern Shopify themes or dedicated apps and builders. With their dedication and hard work, The4 will help you build a beautiful and fast website in no time!

We are an Power Elite Author

We are one of the elite writers at Envato with over $1 million in sales over 3 years of operation. Wall honoring outstanding authors at https://elite.envato.com/wall-of-fame/

We are Shopify Expert

We have been an official Shopify partner since 2016 and so far, we have nearly 80,000 customers using Shopify app products.

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