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[13+] Best Shopify Blog Apps in 2024 : Boost Your Blogging Experience

Best Shopify Blog Apps

Most businesses spend a lot of time designing Home Pages, Product Page, or many other Pages for their Shopify store but forget the importance of Blog Pages. 

By using a blog, you can keep your customers on your website longer, convincing them more about your product. Furthermore, when you combine blogs with your products, you can even boost conversions and increase sales for your online store.

How to get a good-looking Blog page? How to have a blog post to attract customers?

Through a deep research and survey, we have found 11 Shopify Blog Apps that can help you create/edit blogs for your store that can increase traffic and thereby convert visitors to become a customer.

Before jumping in, make sure you've built an eCommerce store on Shopify!

OK, let's find the best Blog app for your Shopify store!

1. EComposer - Blog Page Builder

EComposer - Landing Page Builder

EComposer - Page Builder has known as a next-generation Shopify application that allows users to build a professional online store without coding knowledge. It helps you to create all the pages you want, including Home Page, Coming Soon Page, Product Page, Landing Page, Quickview, and so on. Especially, EComposer is a great choice for those who are looking for a unique Blog post template and blog listing page.

Moreover, with the live drag-and-drop editor, you will easily create beautiful, professional landing pages. And if you want to mix different templates/sections, just copy and paginate everything. In addition, EComposer has a very competent and passionate 24/7 support staff if you have any questions.

Feature highlights: 

EComposer - Page Builder is a versatile application with many unique features to help you create individual Blog Pages with your own style.

  • * Visual page builder - Using a drag-and-drop editor in real-time, you can easily create and modify pages.
  • * Users are able to create as many categories as they like, which they can then drag into the installed theme of the shop.
  • * Design and customization options are available for all pages, including the home page, product page, collection page, and others.
  • * Performance in terms of SEO and speed - EComposer enables you to make original titles, meta descriptions, and social networking pictures while also enhancing SEO.
  • * The most extensive collection of templates - EComposer gives you access to over 190 section layouts and a vast, constantly expanding library of components.

Pricing & Plans: 

EComposer - Page Builder provides various service packages to suit all needs of customers. With EComposer's free plan, you can create three pages of all types and access free templates. The free plan will make your Shopify Blog Page unique and professional. However, if your usage needs are higher and need more live pages/templates or advanced features, you can refer to the following price plans of EComposer.

  • * Free Plan 
  • * Basic Plan – $19/month
  • * Pro Plan – $39/month
  • * Premium Plan – $99/month

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (892 reviews)

2. LayoutHub Blog Page Builder

LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub - Easy Page Builder is an easy page builder that helps merchants quickly set up an online store with any page type by using our library of pre-designed layouts and blocks.

Whether you're an online store owner with or without coding skills or no design experience, you won't have to worry about an unprofessional website with a low conversion rate. You can create any landing page creatively and efficiently based on all the available templates. With LayoutHub, you will only have to spend a little time, effort, and money to build a satisfactory Blog Page.

In addition, LayouHub also supports building different websites like Home Page, Product/ Sale page, Collection page, About us page, Contact us page, Blog listing page, Blog details checkout page, FAQ page, 404 page, etc.….

Feature highlights: 

In the spirit of ease of use, LayoutHub gives you a great experience with lots of highlight features.

  • * Big Library of layouts and sections to unlimited your brand style.
  • * All layouts were optimized UX/UI for Hight Conversation Rate.
  • * Mix any block/section with Drag and Drop in the library to get the style you love.
  • * Easy to Preview and Import the layout for starts.
  • * Compatible and Responsive for all devices.
  • * High-speed was optimized and friendly with the search engine.
  • * Data is yours, once you have installed a layout. It will not be affected by the removal of our app.

Pricing & Plans: 

Like EComposer - Landing Page Builder, LayoutHub - Easy Page Builder also provides four plans to suit all customer needs.

  • * Free plan - Email Support, lifetime free, footer branding, use all Premium layouts, support Standard page only, limit three pages, layouts.
  • * Basic plan - $14.99/month or $12.49/month billed at $149.90 once per year, everything in Free plan, 10 Autosave drafts/page, live chat, limit ten pages, etc.
  • * Pro plan - $29.99/month or $24.99/month billed at $299.90 once per year, everything in Basic plan, 50 Autosave drafts/page, limit 50 pages, live chat support, lazyload images.
  • * Premium plan - $59.99/month or $49.99/month billed at $599.90 once per year, everything in pro plan, unlimited pages, templates, 100 Autosave drafts/page.

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (2511 reviews)


3. Related Blog Posts

Related Blog Posts

Related Blog Post is known for quickly and easily suggesting relevant posts to readers anywhere on your Shopify blog. This application has an exciting feature when customers finish reading any of your blog posts. Other blogs will automatically appear in the form of reading suggestions; customers can choose and continue reading. This feature will help you increase blog readers and attract more customers to buy products. Furthermore, the settings are fully customizable, like improving relevancy with tags, excluding specific blogs, and displaying images.

Feature highlights:

  • * Boost the SEO of your articles with quality internal links.
  • * Improve readership by suggesting related articles of yours.
  • * Fully customizable, fast, and quick to install.

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 4.7/5 (229 reviews) 

4. Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger allows you to create blogs and display related products and blog posts on pages. Pro Blogger is convenient because it allows you to display product reviews on blog sites directly. You can also add a “buy now” button on your blog page to increase sales.

Pro Blogger can automatically generate essential internal site links on your Shopify store to optimize your post rankings on search engines. You can also use custom CSS options if needed.

Feature highlights:

  • * Related Products slider for your Blog Posts
  • * Related Posts slider for your Blog Posts
  • * Related Blog posts slider for your Products
  • * Related Blog posts slider for your Collections
  • * Image Captions and Pinterest Pins for Blog Post images

Pricing & Plans: 10 - Day free trial

  • * Standard plan - $5.99/month

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (58 reviews)  

5. DropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog

DropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog

DropInBlog - SEO Friendly Blog is a powerful alternative to Shopify Blog, making it easy to own beautiful Blog pages. You will not have to worry about SEO analysis because DropInBlog will provide you with a detailed analysis tool, help you score SEO and guide you to design an SEO standard blog.

In addition, DropInBlog also allows you to create a User with custom permissions. This empowers your team without giving them access to your store. To help increase sales, you can embed product listings directly in your blog posts.

Feature highlights:

  • * As-you-type SEO analyzer gives immediate feedback on search engine optimization.
  • * Mobile-friendly design with category navigation, search, and related blog posts.
  • * Embed products and sell directly from your blog posts with add-to-cart.
  • * High-converting post layout that has been SEO battle-tested on 1000s of sites.
  • * Customer support that cares. Have a question or need help? We're here for you.

Pricing & Plans: 14 - Day free trial

  • * Lite - $24/month (or $228/year and save 20%), Unlimited Categories & Posts; Embed Products into Posts; SEO Post Analyzer; Pin Posts; Recent Posts on; Homepage; Comments; Highlight to Share. 
  • * Standard - $49/month (or $468/year and save 20%), Everything in Lite + Post Authors; User Levels; Scheduled Posts; Related Blog Posts; Blog Search; Priority Support.

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (190 reviews)

6. Blog Articles In Collections

Blog Articles In Collections

Blog Articles In Collections is an application you should try if you are looking to create Blog posts. It helps you convert product pages into blog posts. Using the app, you can group products by collection and have a specific blog. Many businesses have used and found that blog articles created by Blog Articles are more interactive. Moreover, this app converts your product page into a buying guide.

Feature highlights:

  • * Replace a product slot with a blog article to improve engagement.
  • * Provide buying guides to help visitors choose the right product.
  • * Highlight your buying guides to speed up the buying decision.

Pricing & Plans: 15-Day free trial

  • * Basic plan - $5/month, Display unlimited number of blog articles; Insert into as many collections as you want; Free design customization; Reactive support via email

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (10 reviews)  

7. Blog & Page Builder by Reputon

Blog & Page Builder by Reputon

Blog & Page Builder by Reputon is an application that allows you to compose content in Google Docs and import them into your Shopify store as a Blog. When using Blog & Page Builder by Reputon, you just need to prepare a document from Google Drive, which will convert it into a blog with HTML code and proper alignment on your Shopify store.

Feature highlights:

  • * One click seamless blog import from Google Docs
  • * Change your Google Docs and pull all the changes with one click
  • * Multiple docs supported

Pricing & Plans: Free 

Rating & Review: 4.4/5 (30 reviews)


8. Bloggle ‑ Easy Blog Builder

Bloggle ‑ Easy Blog Builder

Another Blog creation application I would like to introduce to you in this article is Bloggle - Easy Blog BuilderThis app helps you customize blog layouts and create amazing blogs thanks to a drag-drop editor and many Blog templates available. You won't have to worry about traffic because Bloggle also has a built-in SEO score checker.

In addition, By transforming your blog entries into shoppable content and using high-converting areas like buttons, videos, newsletter forms, and so forth, Blogger can convert your new users.

Feature highlights:

  • * Use our drag-and-drop editor to customize your blog entries and blog layout.
  • * Increase conversions using videos, CTAs, shoppable content, and newsletter signup forms...
  • * Increase traffic and optimize your SEO with our as-you-type SEO analyzer.
  • * Create your own templates or use our fantastic, high-converting ones to save time.
  • * Integrated with the native blog: Your shop serves as the host for all of your blogs.

9. Zeno SEO Blog Editor

Zeno SEO Blog Editor

Most of those who already have a Shopify store know about Zeno Landing Page Builder developed by Zenonian. However, only some people know that Zenonian also develops an application to help businesses put aside all worries about blogging; that application is Zeno SEO Blog Editor.

Utilizing content marketing is one of the most important things you can do to get customers to your company. Zeno Blog Editor is an all-in-one toolkit for building and optimizing blog posts for clean, error-free, and SEO-optimized content. Zeno's recommendations are comprehensive, from modern SEO best practices to grammar and spelling checking, helping you write productively. Zeno was created from the bottom up to maximize the success of content.

Feature highlights:

  • * Receive immediate feedback on the SEO of your blog content.
  • * Use the grammar checking tool to write in a bold, precise, and error-free manner.
  • * Using a block-style editor makes writing more enjoyable.

Pricing & Plans: 10-day free trial

  • * Community plan - free, Create 2 blog posts; Meta SEO analyzer; Intuitive block-style editor; Check grammar & spelling
  • * Professional plan - $9/month, Unlimited blog posts; Content SEO analyzer; Insert Product to blog post; Live chat technical support

Rating & Review: 5/5 (5 reviews)

10. Blog & Page Builder from Docs

Blog & Page Builder from Docs

Blog & Page Builder from Docs is an application that helps you create Blogs faster, thanks to Google Docs. Similar to Blog & Page Builder by Reputon, Blog & Page Builder from Docs helps you create a Blog with one click from Google Docs to your Shopify website.

With many outstanding features, Blog & Page is suitable for everyone who needs to minimize the steps of creating a Blog.

Feature highlights:  

  • * You can use all the features of Google Docs to make high-quality content.
  • * It just takes few clicks to import your Google Doc to Shopify Blogs or Pages.
  • * You can track all the imported Google Docs on a Single page.

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 5/5 (7 reviews)

11. Custom Landing Page Builder

Custom Landing Page Builder

Custom Landing Page Builder is an integrated application that creates multiple pages for your Shopify store, such as Landing Pages, Product Pages, etc..… including Blog Pages. Custom Landing Page Builder provides many beautiful, professional page templates and exciting features. 

Feature highlights:

  • * Intuitive drag-and-drop page editor
  • * Built-in responsive designs for mobile and tablets
  • * Template library for various page types and store niches
  • * Get a page built for you - FREE
  • * Comprehensive support center & real-time customer service

Pricing & Plans: 30-day free trial

  • * After the trial ends - $29/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (163 reviews)

In a nutshell

Blog Apps are incredibly effective solutions for product & brand marketing. Customers can look at blog posts to decide whether to use your product or not. Therefore, create a Blog Page and blog posts that are attractive and interesting.

I hope the blog post helped you find Shopify Blog Apps that fit your needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via or chat with us directly via EComposer.


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