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Shopify $1 for 3 Months Plan: How to Get It - Jun 2024

Shopify 1 Dollar for 3 months

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, offers budding online store owners a golden opportunity. Over the years, their promotional plans have evolved, and in 2022, they introduced the game-changing Shopify $1 Dollar for 3-Months plan

But is it still available in 2024?

To provide you with the inside scoop on securing this exclusive Shopify discount, we've prepared this comprehensive guide on Shopify's free trial plans. 

So let’s explore now so as not to miss any useful information.

Shopify 1 Months for $1 Plan

From November 2022, you can explore Shopify for the first three months at a mere $1!

Starting March 2024, the Shopify $1 for 3 Months offer has been discontinued, replaced by the new trial plan: Shopify's $1 for 1 Month. Now, you can experience Shopify's features for just $1 during your first month!

This limited-time promotion applies to all Shopify plans, from Basic to Advanced, offering you the opportunity to dive into the world of eCommerce with ease.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to establish your online store and grow your business on Shopify while keeping your initial expenses to a minimum.

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About Shopify 1 Dollar for 3 Months Offer

Shopify 1 Dollar for 3 Months Offer

Shopify 1 dollar for 3 months subscription plan is a remarkable opportunity for merchants eager to embark on their online selling journey. For just a dollar, it grants full access to Shopify's potent eCommerce platform, including creating your online store and all the features inherent to the chosen Basic plan. Plus, you'll have the advantage of 24/7 customer support.

Once you've ventured into the Shopify universe with a 3-day free trial, you'll choose among three subscription plans: the Basic plan at $29 per month, the Shopify plan at $79 per month, and the Advanced plan at $299. Notably, Shopify's 1 dollar offer applies to all three plans, providing all the essentials for a successful start.

How to Get Shopify $1 for 3 Months Offer?

Step 1: Sign Up for Shopify

Start by clicking on the sign-up link provided on the Shopify website. Once you're on the page, you'll notice a banner at the top that invites you to begin a 3-day free trial and subscribe to a 90-day extended plan for just $1.

Sign up Shopify 1$ for 3 months trials

Please enter your email address on the landing page and click the Start free trial button.

Step 2: Configure Your Store

After signing up, you'll be prompted to enter all the necessary information to set up your Shopify store. This includes choosing where to sell your products, linking your store to your social media accounts, and providing details like your store name and business location.

Setup Shopify store before start 1$ plan for 3 months

Step 3: Select Your Plan

Once you've reached your store dashboard, you'll see a button at the bottom of the page that says Pick a plan. Click on it to proceed.

Select Shopify 1$ for 3 months plan

Step 4: Choose the 1 Dollar Plan

On the plan selection page, ensure you opt for a monthly rather than a yearly plan. Scroll down until you find the Basic Shopify plan, available for just 1 dollar for 3-months.

To take advantage of this special offer, click the Choose this plan button.

Choose the Shopify 1 Dollar Plan

Step 5: Billing and Payment

You'll be taken to the billing page, where you should confirm your selected plan and provide your business address.

Next, you'll need to enter your payment information. Shopify accepts payments via credit card or PayPal.

After entering all the necessary details, click the Start plan button on the right-hand side to activate your Shopify store with the 1 Dollar for 3 Months offer.

Shopify 1$ for 3 months Payment

Congratulations! You've now secured Shopify's $1 for a 3-month plan.

What is included in the Shopify 3 Months for $1 plan?

All features included in the Shopify 3 Months trial for $1

The Shopify 1 dollar 3-months offer is your gateway to an array of features and benefits across the spectrum of Shopify plans. Whether you opt for the Basic Shopify plan, the Shopify plan, or the Advanced plan, you gain access to a wealth of tools to build, customize, and operate your online store seamlessly.

Here's a closer look at some key features shared among these Shopify plans:

  • 3-Day Free Trial: Kickstart your Shopify journey with a 3-day free trial period, allowing you to explore the platform's capabilities.
  • Standalone Online Store: Establish a robust online presence with a dedicated online store equipped with all the essential eCommerce features required for successful product sales.
  • Shopify App Store: Access the Shopify App Store, a treasure trove of apps and plugins designed to extend and enhance your store's functionality, providing endless possibilities for customization.
  • Variety of Themes: Choose from a vast selection of Shopify themes, offering both paid and free options to craft a visually appealing and unique storefront.
  • Built-In SEO and Marketing: Leverage Shopify's built-in SEO and marketing features to boost your store's visibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Shopify Point of Sale (POS): Seamlessly manage in-person sales at your physical business location with the Shopify Point of Sale system, providing convenience for both online and offline transactions.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Rest easy with round-the-clock customer support, ensuring you receive assistance whenever you need it.
  • Shopify Payments: Simplify transactions with Shopify Payments, Shopify's in-house payment gateway, streamlining the payment process for your customers.

And that's just the beginning. The Shopify 3-months for 1 dollar deal is designed to empower you with various resources and tools, setting you on the path to eCommerce success. Find out more outstanding features at:

Can you enjoy a 3-day trial before choosing the 1$ for 3 months plan?

For brand-new Shopify users, here's what happens next. Once your initial three-day trial period concludes, you'll seamlessly transition into the Shopify 1-dollar plan for 3-months. No sudden plan changes or unexpected costs to worry about. You'll continue to enjoy all the features and capabilities that aided in building your online store for the next three months.

If, for any reason, you decide not to continue with your Shopify account after the 3-months, rest assured that Shopify will safeguard all your site's themes, applications, items, design elements, and any customizations you've implemented. Your progress is still there. You can return, log into your account, and pick up where you left off whenever you're ready. However, this time, you'll need to purchase a paid plan.

What to Do During the Shopify 3 Months Trial?

While we can't predict when Shopify might launch its next promotion campaign, there are plenty of productive steps you can take in the meantime. Let's maximize this free time by focusing on the following essential tasks:

  • Set Up Your Online Store: Without a crystal ball to predict Shopify's future promotions, make the most of your time by focusing on these essential steps to establish your online store. Select free or premium Shopify themes that suit your style and needs. Shopify offers a diverse range of themes at exclusive prices. Populate your store with detailed product information, making it easy for potential customers to explore. Configure seamless payment gateways acceptable to Shopify for a reliable shopping experience.
  • Customize Your Store: The starting point is Creating an online store. To truly distinguish your brand and meet high-quality standards, customize your store to align with your unique identity and customer expectations. Explore customization options in themes, layouts, and design elements to create an attractive, user-friendly storefront.
  • Start Selling and Making Money: Once your online store is set up and perfectly customized, it's time to kickstart your journey to profitability. Leverage the tools and features available in the Shopify App Store to enhance your store's functionality and appeal. Explore marketing tools and customer support solutions to drive sales. With a well-prepared online store, you can start selling and turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Bonus tips before Shopify 1$ trial ends 

Your website is live, and customers can access your sales page. To elevate its appearance and functionality, consider upgrading your store. While Shopify is a quick website builder, it comes with some limitations regarding features and themes.

In this section, we'll introduce two strategies for making your Shopify website visually appealing and enticing:

Embrace Shopify Themes 

Shopify 1$ for 3 months

Dive into the world of Shopify themes, where you'll find a diverse selection ready to elevate your online store. Whether you opt for themes from Shopify's curated collection or explore the extensive offerings on Envato Market, you'll discover the ideal theme to match your business needs. Consider the most popular themes like Kalles, Gecko, Unsen, Ocolus, and more, each offering unique designs and functionalities tailored to your requirements.

Careful selection of a well-crafted Shopify theme can streamline the design process. You can customize it to harmonize seamlessly with your brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience throughout your website.

Read more: Best Shopify Themes on ThemeForest

Harness the Power of Shopify Third-Party Apps

The second approach involves tapping into Shopify's extensive library of third-party apps to design your website. With over 8,000 free and paid apps on the platform, you can enhance your store's functionality, simplify management tasks, and supercharge your sales.

One standout app in this category is EComposer - Landing Page Builder. Praised for its affordability and exceptional website design capabilities, EComposer empowers users to craft professional online stores without any coding knowledge. Offering many templates, elements, and extensions, EComposer simplifies the creation of various pages. 

Shopify 1$ for 3 months

Using EComposer, you can unleash your creative potential, constructing visually stunning web pages tailored to your brand's specific requirements. This app provides the necessary tools and flexibility to create captivating online experiences, engaging and converting your customers without extensive technical expertise.

FAQs about Shopify 1 dollar plan

1. Who qualifies for the Shopify $1 for 3-months deal?

To claim the Shopify $1 for 3-months promotion, it's essential to know that it's exclusively available to new Shopify users. If you've used Shopify in the past or have an existing account, this offer may not be accessible to you. 

Note that this offer launches in November 2022 with an unknown end date, so grab your chance to take advantage of this offer before it's too late.

2. How long is Shopify $1?

With the Shopify $1 for 3-months promotion, you enjoy the special rate of $1 per month for your first three months. Post-promotion, regular subscription charges apply. 

3. Can I apply the Shopify 1 dollar for 3-months deal to upgrade my existing Shopify plan?

This promotion exclusively applies to new subscriptions. If you wish to enhance your current plan, you have the flexibility to upgrade at any time within your Shopify account.

4. How much is the Shopify plan after the free trial? Does Shopify charge after the free trial time has expired?

When the trial period expires, you must upgrade to a paid plan to continue working on your store. As mentioned above, Shopify has changed its pricing plans since 2024, which are:

Please notice that If you do not purchase a paid plan after the free trial, your store will be deactivated, and you will not be charged.

5. Can I sell and make money during my Shopify trial time?  

Indeed, you can sell and generate income while enjoying your free Shopify trial. To begin, simply choose a paid plan. Rest assured, you won't incur any charges until your free trial ends. To embark on your journey of making money with Shopify, it's crucial to establish your store effectively and attract customers to make purchases. To kickstart your free trial and commence selling, just click here.

6. Can I cancel my subscription before the 3 months are over?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time during the 3-month period without any additional charges.

 7. I Can't Choose The $1 Plan For 3 Months

The 3-day trial has ended, I did not choose the $1 3-month package from the beginning. Is the $1 for 3-months plan not working because I didn't choose it during the trial period?

The $1 for 3-months plan becomes available only after the 3-day trial period ends. If you didn't choose this option during the trial, don't worry. After the trial, when you proceed to the choose a plan page, you should be able to select either the Starter or Basic plans for $1 USD/month for the next 3-months.

If you encounter any issues, consider reaching out to support or creating a new trial store for access to the extended trial pricing.

8. Which plan should I choose for the Shopify 1 dollar plan?

I'm buying the 3 month trial for $3 and I see you can choose 3 different plans for this which they recommend for beginners. I don't see why I shouldn't choose the best "advanced" unless there are some things to keep in mind. Which one should I choose and what should I be careful with?

It depends on your needs and experience. If you're a beginner, opting for the Basic plan might be more cost-effective, as you won't likely utilize all the Advanced features. Consider the extended trial to set up your site.

If you're set on the Advanced plan, be mindful of potentially paying for features you might not use initially. Assess your requirements and start with a plan that suits your current needs, upgrading as your site grows.

9. When does shopify 1 dollar a month end?

The $1 per month for 3 months offer for new stores on Shopify does not have an end date; it is an ongoing treatment for new stores moving forward.

10. How much does shopify cost after 3 months?

After the initial 3 months of the promotional $1 per month offer for new stores on Shopify, the regular pricing will apply. The standard pricing for Shopify plans varies, and you can choose a plan based on your business needs. Read more: Shopify Plans and Pricing.


In a nutshell

As we venture into 2024, Shopify's unwavering popularity has prompted the extension of this remarkable offer. Keep a watchful eye, especially if you're in specific geographic areas, as the 1-dollar deal continues to unfold.

Remember, the clock is ticking on the Shopify 1-dollar for 3-months promotion, so act swiftly to make the most of this opportunity. Share your thoughts on Shopify's free trial in the comments below; we'd love to hear about your experiences!

For the latest updates, invaluable tips, and tricks to expedite the creation of your stunning branded Shopify store, visit 

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