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How to Cancel Shopify Subscription and Get a Refund [2024]

How to Cancel Your Shopify Account and Get a Refund [2023] - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

Navigating the world of eCommerce can be complex, especially when making changes to your chosen platform. Shopify has been an invaluable tool for many, but there may come a time when it's necessary to part ways.

In this article, we'll provide a clear, step-by-step guide on canceling your Shopify account and getting a refund. We aim to simplify the process and address all your concerns, ensuring you confidently make an informed decision.

5 Important notes before canceling Shopify Subscription

1. Clear Any Unpaid Bills

First and foremost, it's crucial to address any remaining balances before canceling your Shopify account. You might be tempted to think that unpaid charges would dissolve along with your account closure, but that's not true.

Neglecting to pay any outstanding bills before closure may lead to an unwelcome surprise. Even after shutting down your online store, Shopify can and will still send a bill for any unsettled dues. So, before moving forward with the cancellation process, ensure you're starting with a clean slate regarding your account balance.

Read more: Shopify bill overview

2. Backup Your Essential Store Information

While your decision to terminate your Shopify store is firm, remember that the data within your store may still hold value. It's wise to record your store's data as it may be useful in the future.

Shopify allows you to export CSV files to secure important information, including:

- Billing history

- Customer information

- Codes for discounts and gift cards

- Financial records

- Order details

- Product data

Before initiating the closure of your Shopify store, ensure you've created a comprehensive backup of this crucial data.

3. Terminate Your Third-Party App Subscriptions

Exiting from Shopify doesn't automatically unsubscribe you from any third-party app services you've opted for. To avoid unexpected charges on your credit card post-deactivation of your Shopify account, you must cancel each subscription manually.

To do so:

- Access your Shopify admin panel and navigate to Apps.

How to cancel shopify plan

- Select App and sales channel settings.

How to cancel shopify plan

- In the dialog box that appears, click Uninstall.

How to cancel shopify plan

Remember, preemptive cancellation of these subscriptions is key to avoiding future unwelcome charges.

4. Manage Your Custom Domain Before Termination

Your store's custom domain requires special attention before canceling your Shopify account. If you bought your domain through Shopify, transferring it to a new service provider is possible. However, if purchased from a third-party provider, use your Shopify admin to dissociate your custom domain from your store before cancellation.

This step is crucial to avoid the risk of losing your domain permanently. If not addressed, your domain could become "unavailable," according to the Shopify domain checker, which implies you won't be able to use it elsewhere.

Additionally, it's important to deactivate the auto-renewal option for your custom domain via your registrar's hosting site. This will prevent any unforeseen charges post the deletion of your Shopify store.

5. Contemplate Selling Your Store Instead of Cancellation

Just because you've decided to step away from running your online shop doesn't necessarily mean you have to cancel your Shopify account outright. There's a potentially profitable alternative to consider: selling your store via Shopify's Exchange Marketplace.

This marketplace is frequented by numerous individuals seeking established online businesses to invest in. Therefore, before you make the final decision to close up shop, consider whether listing your store for sale could be a beneficial move.

How to Cancel Shopify Subscription and Delete Shopify Account

Step 1: Navigate to the Shopify Admin Panel

Navigate to Settings after logging in to your Shopify admin panel with your sign-in credentials.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 2: Evaluate Your Options: Unsubscribe or Pause

In the Plan section, you have two choices: Cancel Subscription or Pause or Cancel Subscription. The former will permanently delete your account, while the latter allows for a temporary break with the option to re-open your store later. Choose based on your plans.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 3: Determine if You Should Eliminate or Sell Your Store

Within the given options, carefully consider if you'd prefer to list your store on the Exchange Marketplace for sale or choose to pause your subscription instead. This decision should align with your future business plans.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 4: Proceed with Subscription Termination

If you've decided to end your association with Shopify permanently, proceed by selecting the 'Cancel Subscription and Close Store' option. This will initiate the process of account deletion.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 5: Specify the Reason for Your Departure

You'll be presented with a list of potential reasons for your cancellation. Select the one that best represents your situation, then proceed by clicking on Continue. This step provides valuable feedback to Shopify.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 6: Authenticate the Store Closure

A pop-up dialog will appear, requiring you to enter your admin password to validate your decision. Click on Deactivate store after entering your password. Upon successful closure, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address, verifying that your store has been closed.

How to cancel shopify plan

How to get a refund after cancel Shopify Subscription

Canceling your Shopify account and receiving a refund within the 30-day period of enrolling in a paid plan is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to proceed:

- Navigate to Settings located at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.

How to cancel shopify plan

- From the options, select Billing

How to cancel shopify plan

- Scroll down to the section labeled Cancel Your Account then click on Cancel Your Account. A confirmation prompt will appear to ensure you want to proceed with the cancellation.

- To request a refund, reach out to Shopify Support.

Remember, the opportunity for a refund is applicable if you're within 30 days of initiating a paid plan.

How To Cancel Shopify Free Trial

Shopify Free Trial is an offer for new users, allowing you to test out the platform's features and capabilities for a specified period without any cost. 

During the Free Trial period, you'll have access to most of the features that Shopify offers, allowing you to create and customize your online store. Specifically, you can set up your store, upload products, set up payment and shipping methods, and get everything ready to sell. However, you can only sell products and process payments once you select one of Shopify paid plans.

This allows prospective store owners to understand how the platform works, experience its user-friendly interface, and evaluate whether it fits their business needs before committing to a paid plan.

Step 1: Sign in to Your Shopify Account

Start by accessing your Shopify account via your chosen browser. Once you're logged in and can see your dashboard, navigate to Settings, then proceed to Plan.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 2: Opt for Trial Deactivation

In Plan Details, you'll find specifics about your current plan, your next billing date, and any added payment methods. From these options, select Deactivate Trial.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 3: Click on Cancel Subscription

Upon selecting Deactivate Trial, a Deactivate Store dialog box will appear. Here, you should choose Cancel Subscription and Deactivate Store.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 4: Provide Your Reason for Departure

Now, Shopify will prompt you to specify why you wish to close your account. Select a reason that most accurately reflects your situation from the provided list, submit it, and then proceed by clicking Continue.

How to cancel shopify plan

Step 5: Officially Deactivate the Store

In the final stage, Shopify requires you to pass a preliminary security check. To do this, enter your password and then select Deactivate Now. This will successfully deactivate your store.

How to cancel shopify plan


1. Does Shopify have a 30-day free trial? Is Shopify free for 90 days? 

Currently, they provide a 3-day free trial, and in some cases, they may extend it to 14 days. Shopify is known for frequently testing different trial durations, so the length of the free trial might vary. It's important to be cautious if any third-party claims to offer a Shopify free trial longer than the usual duration, as it may not be legitimate. (Update: From November 2022, you can explore Shopify for the first three months at a mere $1!)

2. How to cancel my Shopify subscription? 

Canceling your Shopify subscription is a straightforward process:

- Begin by accessing your Shopify admin dashboard. Navigate to Settings, then proceed to Plan.

- Click on Cancel Subscription.

- From the drop-down menu, choose an appropriate option, then select Cancel Subscription and Close Store.

- Enter your password for verification, and finally, click Close Store.

And voila! Your Shopify subscription is now canceled.

3. Can I ask Shopify support to close my store for me? 

Regrettably, Shopify support cannot close your store on your behalf due to security measures. The store deactivation process is a manual one that you must do yourself. That being said, if you encounter any issues during the process, the Shopify support team is always ready and willing to assist you with troubleshooting and guidance.

4. Can I re-open my store after canceling the free trial on Shopify?

Yes, you can re-open your Shopify store after canceling the free trial, but you'll need to select a plan and provide your credit card information. Don't worry, Shopify will not charge you until the trial period is complete.

It's important to note that after canceling the trial, you only have a 30-day window to reactivate your Shopify store. During this period, all of your store data and configurations are preserved. If you decide to re-open your store, do so within this timeframe. So, keep an eye on the calendar to avoid any surprises!

5. Can I cancel my Shopify plan during free trial?

Yes, you certainly can. If you're still within the free trial period and haven't selected a pricing plan, there's no action required on your part to cancel your Shopify account. Once the trial period concludes, your account will automatically be frozen and no charges will be applied. 

Wrap up

In closing, knowing how to properly cancel your Shopify account and potentially get a refund is crucial if you decide that Shopify is not the right platform for your business needs. The steps in this article have guided you through the process, addressing common queries and considering vital points that are often overlooked.

While the decision to close your store may be challenging, having the right information at hand can make the process smoother and less daunting. Even as you move forward with your future endeavors, we hope this article serves as a helpful reference.

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