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Top 21 Best Shopify Themes on Theme Forest [2024 Reviews]

Top 21 Best Shopify Themes on Envato - Theme Forest [2023 Reviews] - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

Selecting the right Shopify theme for your online store is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your business's success. The ideal theme should not only reflect your brand's identity but also offer a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With the abundance of themes available, finding one that meets all your requirements can be challenging.

To assist you in this endeavor, we have meticulously reviewed and compiled a list of the top 21 Shopify themes for 2024. These themes have been evaluated based on design, ease of use, responsiveness, loading speed, and customization possibilities. Each one offers unique features and functionalities that can help optimize your online store and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Before going into the details, make sure you have built an eCommerce store on Shopify!

1. Kalles 

Best Shopify Themes

Kalles is a Shopify theme designed to empower brands in creating a strong online presence, offering their customers an effortless and fluid shopping journey. Catering to a diverse range of online businesses, Kalles brings a contemporary design approach coupled with a minimalist aesthetic and an assortment of unique demos. This theme allows for a chic product presentation, facilitating a simplified browsing, selection, and purchasing process for consumers.

* Highlight features:

- Integrated store locator with map for effortless location tracking

- Compatibility with OS2.0, facilitating the usage of sections anywhere

- User-friendly layout importer for hassle-free setup

- Over 50 demo designs to cater to diverse design needs

- Zero coding skills required, making it a perfect fit for non-technical users

- Tailored for eCommerce, ensuring optimal performance of your online store

* Best for: Fashion, Beauty,..

* Rating & Review: 4.99/5 (1000 reviews) 

* Pricing: $89.00

2. Gecko 

Best Shopify Themes

Gecko is brimming with fantastic attributes, offering infinite potential and unmatched versatility. With this theme, you can seamlessly build an online store that aligns with your brand, achieves your objectives, and exceeds your anticipations.

* Highlight features:

- Integrated store locator with map for easy navigation

- Speed-optimized for quick loading, enhancing user experience

- No need for coding skills, making it user-friendly

- Code optimization for seamless and efficient performance

- High flexibility to adapt to your unique eCommerce needs

* Best for: Fashion, Beauty,..

* Rating & Review: 4.99/5 (917 reviews) 

* Pricing: $99.00

3. Unsen

Best Shopify Themes

Unsen is the latest superior Shopify theme meticulously crafted by our dedicated team at The4. In creating Unsen, we dedicated countless hours, ensuring that every facet of the theme contributes to a delightful and smooth experience for customers of retailers who adopt this theme.

* Highlight features:

- Integrated store locator with map for user-friendly navigation

- Innovative features to re-engage inactive users and showcase cart count

- Redesigned header for an enhanced shopping journey

- Straightforward addition of custom fields on the primary product section for easy customization

* Best for: Fashion, Beauty,..

* Rating & Review: 4.97/5 (106 reviews)

* Pricing: $59.00

4. WOKIEE Shopify 2.0

Best Shopify Themes

WOKIEE Shopify 2.0 emerges as a leading contender. This Premium Shopify theme is renowned for its versatile and multipurpose design. Endorsed by Envato tuts+ as their top eCommerce theme recommendation, Wokiee's standing in the industry is clear. The theme's comprehensive range of design tools and its variety of layouts and styles offer businesses the flexibility and adaptability required to establish an efficient and engaging online presence.

* Highlight features:

- Megamenu for comprehensive navigation

- Instagram shop/feed integration for social commerce

- Wishlist functionality for personalized shopping

- Product comparison tool for informed decision-making

- Suggestions for related products to enhance cross-selling

- Special price countdown to boost sales urgency

- Quick view for convenient product browsing

* Rating & Review: 4.95/5 (2000 reviews)

* Pricing: $79.00

5. Fastor

Best Shopify Themes

Fastor stands out with its remarkable variety of over 95+ skins, continually updated and refreshed by a team of professional developers. This keeps Fastor at the cutting edge of design trends, boosting its popularity and demand. Beyond its impressive aesthetics, Fastor is praised for its simplicity in installation and customization, allowing you to personalize features to match your specific needs without any need for specialized knowledge.

* Highlight features:

- Robust MegaMenu for improved navigation

- LookBook for a visual, catalog-like browsing experience

- Efficient filtration system for easy product search

- Product order notification for real-time updates

- Sub-collection page for more detailed categorization

- Quickview for a snappier product overview

* Rating & Review: 4.86/5 (1300 reviews)

* Pricing: $56.00

6. Shella

Best Shopify Themes

Next on our list of top Shopify themes for 2024 is Shella, a responsive and fashion-forward Shopify theme. With full support for Shopify's Online Store 2.0 and a portfolio of over 99 pre-designed pages, Shella caters to the diverse needs of eCommerce operators aiming for an appealing and user-friendly online store.

* Highlight features:

- Rapid product importation, allowing you to add hundreds of products in minutes

- Dropshipping readiness, perfect for businesses operating on this model

- Multi-Currency support at checkout, facilitating global sales

- Mega Menu Builder for detailed and intuitive navigation

- Four levels of navigation menu, offering a structured user experience

- Support for AR "view in your space" for 3D Product Models, enhancing product visualization

* Rating & Review: 4.96/5 (1600 reviews)

* Pricing: $69.00

7. Porto

Best Shopify Themes

Porto is an all-in-one Shopify theme that packs in all the essential tools for building an ultra-fast, adaptive website with an excellent UI and UX. Additionally, it offers a choice of more than 20 niche demos, layouts, and styles, providing you with the versatility to create a contemporary e-commerce store.

* Highlight features:

- Comprehensive toolkit for constructing a fast, responsive website with outstanding UI and UX

- Over 20 niche-specific demos, layouts, and styles, catering to a wide array of e-commerce requirements

- Constantly updated exclusive eCommerce design to keep your store looking fresh and contemporary

* Rating & Review: 4.77/5 (1100 reviews)

* Pricing: $99.00

8. Ella

Best Shopify Themes

Ella is a highly regarded drag-and-drop Shopify theme celebrated for its superb UI/UX and optimized mobile layout. This theme offers store owners a wealth of beautifully designed, responsive, and visually striking templates to enhance their online storefront.

* Highlight features:

- A variety of designs and layouts catering to multiple website purposes

- A drop-down shopping cart for easy and quick access

- Beautiful child themes for deeper customization

- Lazy loading to improve page load times

- Code optimized for peak performance

- Compatibility with various apps available on the Shopify App Store

- A mobile-friendly design for an optimal shopping experience on handheld devices

* Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (3900 reviews)

* Pricing: $89.00

9. Avone

Best Shopify Themes

Avone is a revolutionary kind of theme that brings power and simplicity together, offering limitless possibilities for your online store. As a fully responsive premium Shopify theme, Avone stands out with its extraordinary design and comprehensive functionality.

* Highlight features:

- Over 1000 Theme Options for unmatched customization

- Powerful Theme Options enabling almost any imaginable design

- Easy installation with just one click, ready for use in under two minutes

- User-friendly interface suitable for any web shop, making it a true Multipurpose Shopify Theme

* Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (601 reviews)

* Pricing: $79.00

10. Electro

Best Shopify Themes

Electro is a clean, modern, and user-friendly Shopify theme featuring a functional vertical menu. Fully compatible with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 update, Electro offers a responsive design that makes your eCommerce platform both accessible and enjoyable for all users.

* Highlight features:

- Enhanced mobile pages for seamless shopping on handheld devices

- A customizable header that aligns with your branding

- An industry-leading Mega menu built into the theme for easy navigation

- Adaptive Image with Lazyloading, optimizing your site's load times

- Top-tier Variation Swatches to showcase product options

* Rating & Review: 4.83/5 (581 reviews)

* Pricing: $89.00

11. Minimog

Best Shopify Themes

Minimog, a rapidly emerging Shopify theme, has gained recognition as a top choice among eCommerce enthusiasts. Its unique features, powered by the exclusive FoxKit app, alongside a library of over 50 demo layouts and a multitude of customizable content blocks, make it a game-changer for creating one-of-a-kind online stores.

* Highlight features:

- Packaged with the exclusive FoxKit app for wide-ranging layouts and unlimited customization

- Offers over 50 demo layouts to suit various eCommerce needs

- Incorporates numerous customizable content blocks for easy page sorting

- Ideal for selling a wide array of products including clothes, jewelry, sporting goods, shoes, bags, and electronics

* Rating & Review: 4.97/5 (359 reviews)

* Pricing: $88.00

12. Kala

Best Shopify Themes

Kala is a versatile and innovative theme known for its adaptive design. As a favorite in the ThemeForest community, Kala brings a wealth of features to the table. It offers a multitude of unique layouts and design styles, along with robust theme settings that can be easily tailored to fit any eCommerce business.

* Highlight features:

- Over 110 unique sections

- 11 different headers

- 5 distinct footers

- 5 creative product page layouts

- Multiple MegaMenu styles

- More than 60 homepage layouts for a variety of niche stores

* Rating & Review: 4.88/5 (586 reviews)

* Pricing: $49.00

13. Basel

Best Shopify Themes

Basel is a professionally designed, minimalist AJAX responsive theme tailored for creating modern, powerful e-commerce websites. With the use of a popular Drag & Drop page builder, comprehensive theme settings, premium sliders, and Shopify's robust capabilities, Basel empowers you to create a substantial store that appears impeccable on all screen resolutions. Whether your shop specializes in clothing, electronics, furniture, accessories, flowers, or anything else, BASEL is a suitable choice.

* Highlight features:

- Multiple header variations

- Full AJAX shop functionality

- AJAX search

- Quickview option for speedy browsing

- Color swatches for enhanced product visualization

- 360-degree view for an immersive shopping experience

- Powerful options panel for advanced customization

* Rating & Review: 4.65/5 (722 reviews)

* Pricing: $49.00

14. Vendy 

Best Shopify Themes

Vendy is a modern, fashion-focused Shopify theme designed to elegantly showcase your brand through sleek styling and seamless content integration. Vendy offers a variety of pre-made templates for home pages, lookbooks, products, and other pages, ensuring your eCommerce store stands out from the crowd.

* Highlight features:

- Lightweight and fast for enhanced user experience

- Over 10 homepage layout options for customizability

- Lookbook fashion pages for showcasing collections

- Size guide pop-up and page for customer convenience

- SEO and mobile-friendly to boost visibility and accessibility

- Compatibility with various Shopify apps for added functionality

* Rating & Review: 4.91/5 (57 reviews)

* Pricing: $58.00

15. Mysterio

Best Shopify Themes

Mysterio theme is a powerful and versatile Shopify solution brought to you by Zemez, designed to help you create an exceptional online store for fashion and beauty. This theme stands as an advanced yet cost-effective choice that aligns perfectly with the latest eCommerce trends and customer preferences. Mysterio leverages a plethora of new features and enhanced functionalities to simplify eCommerce experiences for both merchants and developers.

* Highlight features:

- Over 10 distinct homepage layouts for a customized look and feel

- Full support of Shopify apps for extended functionality

- Wishlist and product compare features to enhance user experience

- Shopify visual builder for easy customization

- Shopping cart and quick view for a seamless shopping experience

- Dynamic blocks on the product page for a more engaging product display

- Call-to-action pop-ups to drive user engagement

- Advanced media support on the product page including images, video, YouTube, Vimeo, and 3D models for a comprehensive product view.

* Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (2 reviews)

* Pricing: $39.00

16. Roxxe

Best Shopify Themes

Roxxe Shopify Multipurpose Theme is a solution crafted with the latest trends and user comfort at its core. Roxxe offers a powerful navigation search module, making it a breeze to navigate through its collection of over 70 pre-designed layouts and ready-made sections.

* Highlight features:

- Seamless integration with official Shopify apps for an enhanced eCommerce experience.

- Unique store demos tailored for various business niches.

- Customizable headers and footers for a personalized store appearance.

- A collection of eye-catching banners to capture visitor attention.

- A variety of pop-ups to boost user engagement and conversion rates.

* Rating & Review: 4.95/5 (76 reviews)

* Pricing: $69.00

17. November

Best Shopify Themes

November is an aesthetically pleasing theme crafted by Shopify Template. Developed using the latest Bootstrap 4.3.1 version, November is renowned for its unique features and contemporary design, making it an ideal choice for any e-commerce website.

* Highlight features:

- SEO-optimized, enhancing your site's visibility on search engines.

- A well-structured codebase for smooth and reliable site operation.

- Utilization of modern web technologies (Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, Font Awesome 4, SVG).

- 15 pre-designed demo pages suitable for a variety of niches.

- Rich feature set for maximum customization according to your needs.

* Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (714 reviews)

* Pricing: $56.00

18. MolteStore

Best Shopify Themes

MolteStore is a contemporary, sleek, and professional Shopify theme equipped with a Sectioned Drag & Drop feature. With its fully responsive design, MolteStore ensures an exceptional visual experience across all screen types and devices. This versatile theme is perfectly suited for various shops such as fashion, digital, games, food, devices, or household appliances.

* Highlight features:

- Powerful customization allowing you to tailor the site to your liking.

- Automatic Price Change feature for real-time price updates.

- Flexible built-in Mega Menu for enhanced site navigation.

- Advanced Layered Navigation for an improved user experience.

- Unlimited Google Fonts for distinct typography.

- Site Identity feature for brand consistency.

- Various Header & Footer style options for a unique website look.

- Amazing built-in slider for showcasing products or promotions.

- Unlimited color options for personalized site aesthetics.

- SEO optimized to boost your site's ranking on search engine results.

* Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (714 reviews)

* Pricing: $56.00

19. Elessi

Best Shopify Themes

Elessi is a sleek, modern, and user-friendly Shopify theme tailored specifically for fashion eCommerce projects. Elessi is designed with a focus on enhancing customer experience, making it a perfect choice for your online fashion store.

* Highlight features:

- Unique product filtering, offering a customized shopping experience.

- Unique Compare function, facilitating product comparison for customers.

- Multiple ajax off-canvas Wishlist & Cart Sidebar, for easy addition and review of chosen items.

- Product Quick View, accessible via Off-canvas or Popup, providing detailed product overview without leaving the product listing page.

- One Click theme installation, ensuring quick and effortless setup.

- And much more, making it a comprehensive solution for your fashion eCommerce project.

* Rating & Review: 4.98/5 (282 reviews)

* Pricing: $99.00

20. Phuler

Best Shopify Themes

Phuler is a beautiful, responsive, and professional Shopify theme, perfectly suited for flower stores, florist businesses, and online bouquet shops. Phuler has been delicately designed to assist you in crafting an enchanting, appealing, and impressive flower shop or florist website. The theme is developed with Shopify Sections, using a drag-and-drop page builder for easy customization.

* Highlight features:

- Built-in Shopify Sections, providing a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder.

- Dark Version and extensive pre-designed homepages to cater to a range of style preferences.

- Two unique and impressive home versions with intuitive features.

- Theme Color Options, allowing for comprehensive customization of the site's aesthetics.

- Mega Menu with Image, Drop-down Menu, and Sidebar Menu for seamless navigation.

- Unique Header Style, adding a distinct touch to your store's appearance.

- Product with Carousel and 4 Styles Product Grid, showcasing your products attractively.

- Product Details, Collection Sorting & Tab for enhanced user experience.

- Google Fonts & Themify Icon Font for a variety of typography and icon options.

* Rating & Review: 4.33/5 (24 reviews)

* Pricing: $48.00

21. Molla 

Best Shopify Themes

Molla - Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme – is a modern and niche eCommerce template that is perfect for your eCommerce business. Molla including niche 20 demos, ultimate feature variations for categories and product detail pages. More niche and powerful features are coming soon.

* Highlight features:

- Auto-add gift & Products upsell in a Cart drawer

- Fast Performance

- Lots of header and footer variations

- A lot of Blog layouts

* Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (177reviews)

* Pricing: $99.00

Wrap up

In short, choosing the right Shopify theme is a crucial step towards your e-commerce success. This top 20 list offers a diverse array of themes to cater to various business needs, ensuring both visual appeal and functionality. Whether it's clothing, electronics, or flowers you're selling, there's a theme tailored to your needs. Consider these top Shopify themes of 2024 and choose the one that best fits your brand and enhances your customer's shopping experience.

If you have any questions, contact us via or chat with us directly via EComposer.


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