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[10+] Best Shopify Push Notification Apps for Boosting Sales & Engagement

Top 10 Best Shopify Push Notification Apps in 2023 - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

With the continuous development of digital technology, e-commerce businesses increasingly have a variety of ways to promote the shopping needs of customers. Sending product/promotion notifications via webpush to customers is a very effective way trusted by many businesses. About 85% of people choose to receive push notifications on average, so businesses can retain customers and increase conversion rates.

Currently, in Shopify, there are many Push Notification applications launched. Finding an app that fits the needs and finances of each business is not easy. Therefore, in this blog, we have researched and compiled 10+ Best Shopify Push Notification Apps in the hope that you can choose the best one for your store.

Before going into details, make sure you have built your own Shopify store to easily experience the apps.

1. Sales notification by EComposer

Sales notification by EComposer Page Builder

EComposer - Page Builder is a next-generation Shopify application that allows you to quickly build any page with tons of impressive features and unique extensions. With direct drag and drop and many beautiful sections and templates, you won't have to worry about getting stuck on page design ideas.

EComposer allows you to create a free Sale notification when you choose one of its three paid plans. With a few simple steps to add this extension to the page you want, EComposer helps you reach customers and increase revenue easily.

Feature highlights:

* Intuitive Page Builder - With a unique live drag-and-drop editor, while using EComposer to design a page, you can both edit it and view it live in real-time.

* Section Builder - EComposer's live drag-and-drop editor also helps you proactively put the theme categories you need where you want them.

* Design & Customize - EComposer allows you to freely edit and design all pages like Home Page, Landing Page, Product Page, and so on.

* SEO Performance and Speed - With EComposer, titles, meta descriptions, or social media images are added easily and all pages are SEO optimized for fast loading times.

* Largest sample library - EComposer has more than 190 section layouts, various elements, and an ever-evolving sample library, giving you a great experience and eliminating the worry of running out of ideas.

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free Plan 

* Basic Plan – $19/month

* Pro Plan – $39/month

* Premium Plan – $99/month

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (1,215 reviews)


2. PushOwl Web Push Notifications

PushOwl Web Push Notifications

Without requesting any personal information, such as an email address or phone number, PushOwl Web Push Notifications allows you to add website visitors to your subscriber list easily. To increase sales and conversions, send web push alerts about deals and items to your subscribers' device displays. The ideal marketing medium to rapidly attract and promote anonymous customers is web push notifications.

Feature highlights:

* Collect subscribers instantly with the native opt-in.

* Craft a web push campaign in minutes using Campaign Creator.

* Recover abandoned carts just by switching on the automated sequence.

* Understand customer behavior and use cart details to personalize your marketing

* Track the performance of your web push marketing.

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial 

* Basic - Free

* Business - $19/month or $180/year and save 21%

* Business - $38/month or $360/year and save 21%

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (2,471 reviews)

3. Firepush ‑ SMS & Web Push

Firepush ‑ SMS & Web Push

Using Firepush ‑ SMS & Web Push, you can consistently improve sales and recover abandoned carts. With text messages and online push alerts, it also helps you reconnect with potential consumers and increase conversion rates. With Firepush, you can retarget consumers to increase sales by sending a series of automated SMS and online push alerts.

Feature highlights:

* Retarget customers - recover abandoned carts and increase sales.

* Create multi-channel campaigns using SMS and web push in minutes.

* Automate notifications for price drops, delivery updates, and promotions.

* Get an overview of different campaigns, target audiences, and revenue generated.

* Convert potentials to customers using personalized texts and web notifications.

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 4.7/5 (793 reviews)

4. Smart Push Marketing, Web Push

Smart Push Marketing, Web Push

With Smart Push Marketing, Web Push, you can instantly turn store visitors into subscribers without needing an email address or phone number, and you can quickly construct marketing campaigns for any group of subscribers. Additionally, the app may be used to automatically produce new sales and recover any lost ones. To make up for missed purchases, it sends a series of messages for abandoned checkout, abandoned browser, and an abandoned cart.

Feature highlights:

* Get visitors to sign up as subscribers with only one click, no email or phone is required.

* Create a marketing campaign that is adaptable in a matter of minutes for any subscriber group.

* Automatically recover abandoned shopping carts, abandoned checkout, and abandoned browser

* Send Back with Price and Stock To increase new purchases, automatically remove reminders.

* Automatic subscriber segmentation and web push performance statistics

Pricing & Plans:

* Free

* Basic plan - $9.99/month

* Pro plan - $29.99/month

Rating & Review: 4.7/5 (1,503 reviews)

5. Seguno: Email Marketing

Seguno: Email Marketing

Seguno: Email Marketing enables you to increase the speed of email marketing outcomes. It is explicitly designed for Shopify and allows you to make interesting emails, start automated sends, and monitor your progress from one practical location inside the familiar platform. Spend less time worrying about making errors and more time focusing on what matters—growing your business—with best practices built-in and immediate access to your shop's data.

Feature highlights:

* Stay inside Shopify; access your segments, discounts, products, blogs, and more.

* Automate emails with a library of pre-built series designed to convert.

* Design beautiful emails in minutes with Canva embedded in a full-screen editor.

* Send securely with built-in deliverability assistance and spam protection.

* Get custom support quickly from real email experts, no matter your shop size.

Pricing & Plans: 10-day free trial

* Free - Free for up to 250 subscribers!

* Standard - $10/month; For up to 1,000 subscribers. Price increases per 1,000 subscribers.

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (913 reviews)

6. Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Avada Email Marketing & SMS are exceptional alternatives for businesses looking to turn their website traffic into leads and establish lasting relationships with their customers. The platform enables multichannel consumer follow-up and conversion, including WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications, and email marketing. Smartmail, automation, mass mailing, newsletters, SMS marketing, sales pop-up forms, audience segmentation, sophisticated reporting, campaign monitoring, spin-to-win, and push notifications are the primary features.

Feature highlights:

* Automation Workflows( Abandoned cart, Abandoned checkout , Welcome subscribers)

* Newsletter campaigns (newsletter pop-up, customer email, email promo)

* Capturing leads via Popup & Forms (popup window, discount pop-up, coupon popup)

* Various email marketing templates: recart templates, fire push template, shipment

* Personalization (Segment contacts, Product recommendation, order creation sms)

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (954 reviews)

7. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS is a recognized strategic partner of Shopify. With the help of Klaviyo, over 65k Shopify companies, including Glossier, Osea, and Loeffler Randall, are able to transform transactions into profitable long-term partnerships at scale. You can automate targeted messages like price decrease notifications, pleasant cart reminders, and just-in-time suggestions using Klaviyo's library of tested email and SMS templates from the same platform, which eliminates the need for unproductive batching and blasting.

Feature highlights:

* Sync all-time Shopify data––website activity, tags, catalog, coupons, and more

* Build detailed audience segmentation with predictive analytics

* Built-in Shopify automation like Back in Stock, Browse Abandon, and Price Drop

* Get real-time revenue data per automation, campaign, segment, and channel

* Send dynamic coupon codes for VIPs, delays, abandoned carts, win back, and more

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free - Email free for up to 250 contacts. SMS free for up to 150 SMS/MMS credits

* Email - $20/month; Up to 500 contacts, upgrade as you grow.

* SMS - $15/month; Up to 1250 SMS/ MMS credits, upgrade as you grow.

Rating & Review: 4.0/5 (1,666 reviews)

8. Automizely Email Marketing, SMS

Automizely Email Marketing, SMS

Automizely Email Marketing, SMS offers merchants additional cutting-edge tools like AI-powered product suggestions, countdown clocks, and promotional bars in addition to email and SMS marketing in order to build engaging experiences that are known to increase sales. Furthermore, none of these tools requires technical knowledge or support and may be utilized immediately with little effort.

Feature highlights:

* Personalized, automated email flows based on customer shopping behavior

* Pre-built templates for emails and SMS, and conversion popups like spin wheels

* A/B tests and easy performance monitoring through one dashboard

* Built-in CRM to create relevant and meaningful customer segments

* Functionality of multiple marketing apps in a single no-code, unified platform

Pricing & Plans: 7-day free trial

* Free

* Essentials - $11/month or $108/year and save 18%

* Pro - $119/month or $1,188/year and save 17%

* Premium - $179/month or $1,788/year and save 17%

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (5,409 reviews)

9. AAA Web Push Notifications

AAA Web Push Notifications

With AAA Web Push Notifications, you can easily sign up new customers as subscribers. To convert your subscribers into customers and increase sales, you'll be able to deliver web push alerts about items and offers right to their device displays. The ideal marketing medium to rapidly attract and promote to anonymous customers is web push notifications.

Feature highlights:

* The perfect marketing channel to capture and market to visitors instantly.

* Design creative Web Push Notifications to reach your customers directly.

* Recover your abandoned cart more efficiently with Web Push Notifications.

* The collection of huge available templates boosts engagement and store sales.

* Announcement & Countdown Bars, Sales Notifications, and Free Shipping Bars

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (1,050 reviews)

10. NotifyVisitors : Email & SMS

NotifyVisitors : Email & SMS

NotifyVisitors : Email & SMS provides marketing automation software that includes registration forms, popups, push notifications, WhatsApp marketing, SMS marketing, and email marketing. An intuitive interface with pre-built automation and ready-made email templates makes it simple to create and manage tailored campaigns.

Feature highlights:

* Send personalized messages, email newsletters to target segments

* Automations - Welcome series, Cart Abandonment, post purchase recommendations

* Pre-built and customizable email templates with Drag And Drop Content Editor

* Grow email, sms marketing list with Exit Intent Popups and Sign-up Forms

* Fast onboarding, quick support, start for free with all features, 1000 emails/mo

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

* Free - Free up to 1,000 contacts and 1000 email sends, upgrade as you grow.

* Startup - $49/month; Up to 5,000 contacts and 75,000 email credits, upgrade as you grow.

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (31 reviews)


In a nutshell

With so many Shopify Push Notifications apps on the market today, we know that choosing the right one can be difficult. With our own experience, we guarantee that all applications in this blog will bring you interesting experiences.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via


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