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15+ Best Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps FREE & Paid

Best Shopify Page Builder Apps

There are many different ways to build your website like you code yourself, hire a designer, etc.. but those ways usually cost you a lot of time and money. Currently, Shopify online store owners choose to use Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps to design their stores easily and economically. Learn and use Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps to see the obvious convenience.

Building eCommerce stores on Shopify is more and more popular nowadays, especially for retailers. However, to get a solid foothold at Shopify, you need to create a unique and impressive store/website. You can choose to design your own store right on Shopify, but you won't have a choice of templates or outstanding features. That's why Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps became so popular and important. Landing Page Builders not only provide a variety of beautiful page templates and convenient features, but they also boost your creativity by providing elements that help you create websites with your style.

Currently, on Shopify, there are many Landing page builder apps that make users wonder which application is suitable for their needs. In this blog post, I will introduce you to the best Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps, giving you an objective view and right choice

1. EComposer - next generation Shopify Landing Page Builder 

EComposer - Landing Page Builder

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Buider is known as a next generation Shopify application that allows users to build professional online stores without coding knowledge. It provides a lot of templates and elements to help you build all kinds of pages, including pages not available in Shopify.

You are free to design Landing Pages, Home Pages, Product Pages, Collections, Blogs and any other regular pages using the EComposer (FAQ, Contact Us, About, Coming Soon Page and so on). In addition, you can completely create your own style pages because EComposer provides you with Section Builder functionality which allows customizing a specific section that your theme does not support then mix them easily.  This feature will provide users with a variety of interesting experiences while also saving them as much time as possible.

Live drag-drop editor helps users visualize your page while building it using ton of elements. And if you want to combine different templates/sections, just copy and page everything. 

EComposer highlights features: 

EComposer Page Builder is famous as a new generation Landing page builder app with many outstanding and unique features.

* Visual page builder - Using a drag-and-drop editor in real-time, you can easily create and modify pages.

* Users are able to create as many categories as they like, which they can then drag into the installed theme of the shop.

* Design and customization options are available for all pages, including the home page, product page, collection page, and others. 

* Performance in terms of SEO and speed - EComposer enables you to make original titles, meta descriptions, and social networking pictures while also enhancing SEO.

* The most extensive collection of templates - EComposer gives you access to over 190 section layouts and a vast, constantly expanding library of components.

EComposer Pricing & Plans: 

EComposer Landing Page Builder is a very customer-friendly application because it provides service plans including free and paid plan to meet all needs of customers. 

EComposer's free plan lets you create 3 pages of all types and access free templates. My business already uses this free plan and it still helps my store look professional, it also provides me with a number of beautiful themes and templates. However, if your usage needs are higher, you need more live pages/templates or advanced features you can refer to the following EComposer pricing plans.

* Free Plan 

* Basic Plan – $19/month

* Pro Plan – $39/month

* Premium Plan – $99/month

Rating & Review:

5.0/5 (2326 reviews)


2. LayoutHub - Easy Shopify Landing Page Builder

LayoutHub - Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub - Easy Landing Page Builder is an easy Landing page builder that helps merchants quickly set up an online store with any kind of page type by using our library of pre-designed layouts and blocks.

With LayoutHub, online store owners, even those with no coding skills and no design experience, won't have to worry about an unprofessional website with a low conversion rate. Based on all the pre-made templates, you can easily import complete page layouts or insert individual blocks anywhere on the page. 

LayouHub supports building different websites like landing page, home page, product page, sales page, collection page, about us page, contact us page, blog listing page, payment page blog details, FAQ page, 404 page, and so on.

Feature highlights: 

In the spirit of ease of use, LayoutHub gives you a great experience with lots of highlight features.

* Easy to use as step by step

* Designed for non-technical people.

* Big Library of layouts and sections to unlimited your brand style.

* All layouts were optimized UX/UI for Hight Conversation Rate.

* Mix any block/section with Drag and Drop in the library to get the style you love.

* Easy to Preview and Import the layout for starts.

* Compatible and Responsive for all devices.

* High-speed was optimized and friendly with the search engine.

* Data is yours, once you have installed a layout. It will not be affected by the removal of our app.

Pricing & Plans: 

Similar to EComposer Landing Page Builder, LayoutHub - Easy Landing Page Builder is also providing 4 plans to suit all customer needs.

* Free plan - Email Support, lifetime free, footer branding, use all Premium layouts, support Standard page only, limit 3 pages, layouts.

* Basic plan - $14.99/month or $12.49/month billed at $149.90 once per year, everything in Free plan, 10 Autosave drafts/page, live chat, limit 10 pages, etc.

* Pro plan - $29.99/month or $24.99/month billed at $299.90 once per year, everything in Basic plan, 50 Autosave draft/page, limit 50 pages, livechat support, lazyload images.

* Premium plan - $59.99/month or $49.99/month billed at $599.90 once per year, everything in pro plan, unlimited pages, templates, 100 Autosave draft/page.

Rating & Review:

4.9/5 (2711 reviews)


3. Tapita - Flexible Shopify Landing Page Builder

Tapita Landing Page Builder

Tapita Landing Page Builder is an application that helps you create professional websites. When using Tapita, you can easily manipulate with flexible drag and drop. Lots of templates and component libraries make editing any code simple. In addition, all pages are highly responsive and have been optimized for speed so you can publish with confidence.

Tapita allows you to easily create various types of websites such as homepages, landing pages, product/collection pages and beautiful blog pages, without any coding knowledge. They have a library of page and block templates with amazing layouts and effects, so you can easily create a page even if you are short on ideas or you are lowtech.


Feature highlights: 

* 70+ ready-to-use templates

* Drag-and-drop & live-editor

* Diverse elements

* SEO-friendly

* Optimized for speed

* Saved blocks

Pricing & Plans: 

Tapica offers you usage plans to suit every need:


  • Free 
  • Starter plan - $9/month or $7.17/month billed at $86 once per year
  • Standard plan - $29/month or $23.17/month billed at $278 once per year 
  • Professional plan - or $39.17/month billed at $470 once per year

    Rating: 4.9/5 (454 reviews) 

    4. PageFly for Shopify Landing Page Builder

    PageFly Landing Page Builder

    PageFly Landing Page Builder is a Landing Page Builder app suitable for medium and large businesses. It has outstanding features that make building a website easy. At PageFly, you will get to test the Product/Collection Workouts feature, which helps you create all your pages in bulk, saving you a lot of time when designing product pages.

    Feature highlights: 

    * Powerful and effective element library and page sections

    * Create all page types at ease

    * Build storefront in bulk or single page

    * Use HTML/Liquid, Javascript, CSS editor to make custom styling 

    * Various content display types

    * Fully compatible with Shopify and Online Store 2.0

    * 24/7 Support

    Pricing & Plans: 

    * Free - 1 page/section

    * Pay as you go 1 - $24/month

    * Pay as you go 2 - $29/month

    * Enterprise - $199/month

    Rating: 4.9/5 (6992 reviews)

    5. GemPages - Amazing Shopify Landing Page Builder

    GemPages Landing Page Builder

    GemPages Landing Page Builder is the right choice for those who want to find a way to design pages with less cost and time.. No matter what industry your business operates in, I believe that GemPages will satisfy you. It supports you to create all the pages like Landing Page, Blog Page, Product Page, etc, and it provides 65+ beautiful page templates and many advanced GemPages elements that make the website design process simple.

    You will find your store upgraded to new heights when using GemPages thanks to their built-in features like SEO optimization, A/B testing and so on.

    Feature highlights: 

    * User-friendly interface for customization

    * Optimize pages for SEO & marketing

    * 50+ pre-made templates designed for every industry need

    * Integrations with 30+ third-party apps

    * Many new features coming: Agency Mode, Autosave & Versioning, Password & Error 404 Pages, etc.

    Pricing & Plans: 

    * Build - $29/month

    * Optimize - $59/month

    * Enterprise - $199/month

    Rating: 4.9/5 (3052 reviews)

    6. Shogun - Optimized Shopify Landing Page Builder

    Shogun Landing Page Builder

    Shogun Landing Page Builder is a complete set of tools that allows you to create any type of Shopify pages like Landing Page, Coming Soon Page, Product Page, etc. It allows you to quickly create new channels and websites or update existing ones and websites because it has a powerful drag and drop website builder compatible with any Shopify theme.

    With the help of Shogun's website components library, you have complete control over the creation of any form of page. You may take use of the greatest SEO features for all plans to make your Shopify store search engine friendly, as well as the marketing toolbox with AB testing, discount tags, countdown timers, etc.

    Feature highlights:

    * Save anything you create in our codeless editor as a snippet and reuse it to save time when launching or migrating a site.

    * Get the benefits of a page builder without sacrificing page speed with our image compression and lazy loading tools.

    * Develop completely custom elements using optional HTML/Liquid, CSS, and JavaScript.

    * Create without limits: Design your Homepage, Product Pages, About Us Page, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Promotion Pages, Contact Pages, Blog Posts, and many more.

    * Quickly launch your store with mobile-optimized page templates that incorporate the latest design best practices.

    Pricing & Plans:

    * Free - Drag + Drop Page Builder, Access Free Templates, Design by Screen Size, Custom Fonts, SEO Controls, Email Support

    * Build - $39/month; Everything in "Free" plus: Publish 25 Pages, Build All Page Types, Page Containers, All Elements, 30+ Page Templates, Unlimited Use of Blocks

    Rating: 4.8/5 (2979 reviews) 

    7. Buildify - Drag & Drop Shopify Landing Page Builder

    Buildify Drag & Drop Builder

    Buildify Drag & Drop Builder is a drag-and-drop Landing page builder that allows creating custom landing pages, custom collections, products, and blog pages in an intuitive way that requires no coding skills for users.

    Buidify also provides you with a set of page templates that include various types of pages such as Landing Page, Product Page, Blog Page and so on. This saves you a lot of time in website design. Surf the Templates Library, choose the appropriate template - a page with an appealing design is ready in a matter of a few clicks. 

    Feature highlights:

    * Widgets and Templates Galore -  a great number of page templates and widgets: basic, media, icons, buttons, comments, analytics, and more to choose from

    * Intuitive and Ergonomic - No coding abilities required - just your imagination.

    * Mobile-Friendly - Pages render well on an assortment of gadgets and screen sizes.

    Pricing & Plans: 

    You will have 2 options when using Buildify Drag & Drop Builder:

    * Free plan - 1 page to publish, drag & drop Landing page builder, all page templates, all widgets, custom fonts, unlimited previews, responsive design, basic support

    * Starter plan - $9.99/month - 7-day free trial, up to 15 pages to publish, priority support and everything in Free plan

    Rating: 4,2/5 (80 reviews)

    8. Hypervisual - Beautiful Shopify Landing Page Builder

    Hypervisual Page Builder

    Hypervisual Landing Page Builder is a Landing Page Builder application that pursues a simple style. Simple in operations, simple in each design but not making your store boring. Unlike other apps, Hypervisual doesn't provide ready-made templates and lets you design your own website with your creativity, it enhances all the elements you need to customize your own Shopify store, such as a video, image, or product gallery.

    In addition, Hypervisual has other extra features such as data tracking or SEO that are really useful. Your store will be directly connected to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, and they ensure that all page content will be indexed by Google.

    Feature highlights:

    * Embed add to cart forms for products or entire collections

    * SEO-friendly page content

    * Built-in email opt-in forms

    * Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration

    * No Hypervisual branding

    Pricing & Plans:

    You have 14 days to experience Hypervisual Landing Page Builder, after that, you can refer to the following paid plans:

    * Merchant - $9.95/month, up to 25 active pages plus unlimited blog posts

    * Pro - $24/month, up to 75 active pages plus unlimited blog posts

    * Ultimate - $49/month, unlimited pages, unlimited blog posts

    Rating: 4.9/5 (127 reviews) 

    9. Zipify - Shopify Landing Pages Builder & Editor

    Zipify Pages Builder & Editor

    Zipify Landing Pages Builder & Editor is a Shopify Page app with a high price compared to the common ground, but does the high price come with good quality? When using Zipify, customers will have the opportunity to use templates selected from an effective sales test campaign. You will feel free to apply the templates to customize any page you want.

    Compared to other Shopify Landing page builder tools, the Zipify app seems to place a greater emphasis on the marketing side of things. You can track and compare statistics, improve SEO, and interact with third parties like Facebook and Google with the aid of several effective tools. The Zipify Pages Builder & Editor is the ideal choice for medium-sized businesses that are experiencing steady revenue growth. 

    Feature highlights: 

    * Easily customize any page type

    * Marketing tools included

    * New templates added regularly

    * Improve SEO

    * Mobile responsiveness

    * Live chat support for plus plan

    Pricing & Plans: 

    Zipify Pages Builder & Editor gives you 14 days of application experience, if you want to continue using it, please refer to the following paid plan:

    * Basic plan - $67/month, dashboards, proven templates, unlimited Pages, chat & email support and so on.

    * Plus plan - $97/month, everything in BASIC Plan, split testing, scheduled page publishing, etc.

    Rating: 4.8/5 (624 reviews)

    10. Zeno - Powerful Shopify Landing Page Builder

    Zeno Landing Page Builder

    Zeno Landing Page Builder is a powerful page builder that helps you design all kinds of pages and theme sections visually just by dragging and dropping. For the purpose of providing a simple page builder, Zeno provides a lot of pre-made sections, drag and drop elements and so on. Moreover, Zeno helps you create other pages for free such as Sales Landing Pages; Home page; Blog posts; Product page; Collection page; etc.

    There are also many built-in add-ons to increase sales at your Shopify store, such as currency converter, messaging chat box, notification bar, and more.

    Feature highlights:

    * Easy-to-use page builder, designed for non-technical people.

    * Responsive in mind. Design your pages perfectly across all devices.

    * Built from the ground up, optimized for loading speed and search engine friendly.

    * Edit meta title, meta description to ensure your page is well-ranked on search engines.

    * Compatible with any themes. Keep using the theme you love.

    Pricing & Plans:

    Zeno Landing Page Builder only supports free one Landing page, one Blog page, Powerful visual editor, SEO optimization, High speed CDN, Email support. In addition, if you have a need to design Coming Soon Page or other pages, you can consider the following Zeno paid plans:

    * Starter plan - $19/month, 

    * Professional plan - $29/month

    Rating: 5.0/5 (181 reviews) 

    11. Automizely - UX/UI Shopify Landing Page Builder

    Automizely Page Builder

    Any e-commerce store may create their business using the straightforward and efficient Automizely Landing Page Builder App. Construct beautiful landing pages from scratch. 

    Automizely editor is very user-friendly, with customizable drag-and-drop choices or individual blocks. Professional UX/UI specialists created and coded the Automizely templates. This app is a great option for any Shopify shop since you can use certain paid features like master page metrics tracking or sophisticated style settings without paying any money.

    Feature highlights: 

    * Create all types of pages

    * Hundreds of pre-defined templates designed and coded by UX/UI experts

    * Provide endless options for page design

    * Customize the landing pages with advanced text, color, and font functionalities

    * Display attractive product recommendations on pages

    * Analytics dashboard to track key page metrics: visitors, add to cart percentage, total subscribers

    Pricing & Plans: 

    * Free - 1 Page, full library of elements, basic page templates, lazy loading, 24/7 live chat support.

    * Essentials - $35/month, 25 pages, full library of elements, basic page templates, lazy loading, 24/7 live chat support, sticky add to cart widget, 5 saved sections.

    * Holiday pro - $47/month, 150 pages, full library of elements, pro page templates, lazy loading, 24/7 live chat support, sticky add to cart widget, 5 saved sections

    Rating: 4.8/5 (1463 reviews) 

    12. Beae ‑ Good Shopify Landing Page Builder

    Beae ‑ Landing Page Builder

    Beae ‑ Landing Page Builder is a Landing page builder app that provides drag and drop editing features. Allows you to create beautiful websites without knowing how to code. When using Beae, you will have the opportunity to own +160 beautiful templates to help you edit and build pages quickly.

    Furthermore, Beae allows you to integrate conversion-friendly tools to convert more customers and optimize pages for SEO by the easy way.

    Feature highlights: 

    * Fast, flexible and easy to use for anyone who doesn't know code or design

    * Build all kinds of pages

    * Optimized for mobile devices, create good-looking mobile versions

    * SEO Optimization enabled to let you quickly optimize pages for search engines

    * Section builder & Online Store 2 compatible, insert various sections into existing pages

    * Form & popup builder to create pages to collect emails of customers for retargeting and upsell

    Pricing & Plans: 

    * Free 

    * Basic - $14.9/month

    * Pro - $29/month

    * Premium - $59/month

    Rating: 4.9/5 (132 reviews) 

    13. Replo Landing Landing Page Builder

    Replo Landing Page Builder

    With just 5 minutes of installation and use, Replo Landing Page Builder will give you exciting experiences such as launching new landing pages, campaigns and editorials faster, making changes yourself, and freeing yourself up. your developers to build more complex features.

    Furthermore, Replo offers expertly designed templates, combined with unique layouts, without the need for hours of coding. High performing pages don't slow down your Shopify store. Saved sections help your team create a consistent brand experience.

    Feature highlights: 

    * Drive Conversion Without Coding

    * Marketing Page Customization for Brands

    * Drag and Drop Elements

    * Works with Shopify Analytics

    Pricing & Plans: 

    Replo Landing Page Builder is probably a pretty expensive app and offers you usage plans to suit every need 

    * Free

    * Starter plan - $99/month

    * Plus plan - $249/month

    * Growth plan - $499/month

    Rating: 5.0/5 (19 reviews) 

    14. Profit Pages - Amazing Shopify Landing Page Builder

    Profit Pages Page Builder

    Profit Pages Landing Page Builder is an application that takes quality as a working motto. From design to code, Profit Pages is focused on quality. All of Profit Page widgets are built from scratch using the latest in web technologies to be fast and ready for modern devices. The Profit Pages framework has been optimized to ship in under 10kb of compressed CSS and JavaScript. This ensures your sites perform well even under the worst network conditions.

    Feature highlights: 

    * Quickly add reviews, features, product descriptions, and more to your product pages to attract more customers and sell more product.

    * Design better landing pages and blogs with custom slideshows, galleries, hero blocks, and quote blocks to engage and delight your audience.

    * Share design elements across multiple products and pages. Use metadata to customize. Create a consistent, beautiful shop.

    Pricing & Plans: 

    * Free plan

    * Standard plan - $10/month

    * Professional plan - $25/month

    Rating: 4.5/5 (14 reviews) 

    15. Kava Sections - Shopify Sections Page Builder

    Kava Sections

    Kava Sections is a collection of well made sections that you can use on your store's product pages, blog section, home page builder, and other sites. The app is a clever way to enhance the current theme by quickly adding well-designed sections that will boost conversion rates and set your business apart from rivals.

    Feature highlights:

    * Add ready-to-use sections to your pages via theme builder to improve the theme layout.

    * Use well-designed sections to promote brand value proposition, showcase your bestsellers, introduce the team and partners to build trust.

    Pricing & Plans: Free

    Rating: 4.8/5 (6 reviews) 


    In a nut shell

    Landing Page Builder Apps help online store owners reduce a large amount of work in the business process. However, do not overuse the benefits of Page Builder Apps and forget to develop your product well.

    I hope the above blog post has helped you find the Shopify Landing Page Builder Apps that are right for your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via


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