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Top 9+ Best Shopify Google Shopping Apps for 2024

Top 9+ Best Shopify Google Shopping Apps for 2024

As an online store owner, a strong online presence is essential. One of the most effective ways to get more people to see your products and boost your sales is by using Shopify app Google Shopping. Google Shopping on Shopify is a powerful tool that lets you show your products on Google through ads, reaching a wider audience.

These apps help you connect your Shopify products with Google Shopping, making it easy to update product details and create Google Ads to target potential customers. They also provide stats to help you keep an eye on your sales and figure out where you can make more money.

We've put together a list of the Top 9 best Google shopping apps for Shopify, all based on their ratings and how well they work.

About Shopify Google Shopping Apps

Google is a super popular search engine used worldwide, and people make over 90 billion searches on Google every month. This makes Google Shopping a great place to sell your products since many people visit it daily. However, if you've tried putting your Shopify products on Google, you know it can be quite challenging. That's where the Best Google Shopping Apps for Shopify come in.

Google Shopping is a perfect tool that can boost your sales a lot. Running effective advertising campaigns on Google Ads can be tough because it needs constant attention to data. That's why many app creators for Shopify offer various apps to help Shopify users make it easier to upload and promote their products.

Why Google Shopping is Crucial for E-commerce Success

For online store owners, driving quality traffic is a vital aspect. Google Shopping offers a distinctive chance by directly displaying your products in search results, showcasing key details like images and prices. This visibility on Google boosts sales potential significantly, capitalizing on the trust and popularity of Google search. Embracing Google Shopping expands your audience reach, fostering effective competition within the thriving e-commerce landscape.

Moreover, Google Shopping yields valuable insights and data pivotal for refining marketing strategies. Leveraging its analytics, you can monitor product performance, detect trends, and craft data-backed strategies for enhanced sales and conversions. This data proves instrumental in refining product offerings, pricing structures, and targeting, ensuring alignment with your audience's needs and preferences.

Benefits of Using Best Shopify Google Shopping Apps

Google Shopping is a fantastic way to show your stuff to folks looking to buy what you have. Your product listings show up when people search, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means you can manage your budget and get the most value for your money.

Here are some more good things about using Shopify Google Shopping apps:

  • Automated Feed Administration: These applications handle your product feed automatically, ensuring constant updates for your products.
  • Issue Resolver: They can pinpoint issues within your Google Shopping campaigns and Ads, providing suggestions for resolving these problems.
  • Simple Setup: These apps are straightforward to set up and handle. You can swiftly list your products and commence sales within a few hours.
  • Data Analysis: They provide valuable insights into data, including product views, clicks, and conversions. This data is instrumental in making informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Top 9 Best Shopify Google Shopping Apps

1. Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV

Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV

One of the standout features of Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot is that it lets you sell your products in different countries by creating feeds for each currency and location. You can also submit all versions of a product, like different colors, sizes, and materials, each with its own picture. If your products are sold out, don't worry, this app will remove them from the feed right away.

With the Google shopping feed, you can advertise in multiple countries and currencies (thanks to Google's currency conversion). This app boosts the visibility and quality of your products by showing all the different options with prices, colors, sizes, images, and more.

Key Features

  • You can get help for selling in different countries and using various currencies (may require payment or contacting support).
  • It supports all product variations and lets you add tags for custom details like gender or age group.
  • You can get assistance for local inventory feeds if you have physical stores (contact support).
  • It offers support for both XML and CSV file formats (may involve payment or contacting support).
  • The XML feed can be used on platforms like Bing, Meta/Facebook, and many other marketplaces.

Pricing Plan

  • Defaut plan: $7/month

  • Rating: 5.0/5.0

    2. Mulwi: 200+ Shopping Feeds

    Mulwi: 200+ Shopping Feeds

    Using Mulwi: 200+ Shopping Feeds can elevate your sales by showcasing your products on leading global marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks, and price aggregators. Besides, this app also helps to export shopping feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook, Etsy, and over 200 other marketplaces effortlessly and craft tailored feeds with Liquid templates. Employ helpful tools like a Currency converter, AI category mapping, product filters, and numerous advanced features.

    Key Features

    • Customize product prices for specific regions with Shopify markets and catalog Price Lists.
    • Improve the visibility of your products by utilizing Metafields, Meta Titles, and Meta Descriptions.
    • Enhance your feeds by following recommendations from our Quality Control tool.
    • Grow your sales in local markets with translation services and apps.
    • Easily generate a Google Shopping Feed and export it quickly with just a few clicks.

    Pricing Plan

    • Free plan available with 7-day free trial.
    • Basic Shopify: $15/month
    • Shopify: $29/month
    • Advanced Shopify: $39/month

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    3. Multifeeds for Google Shopping

    Multifeeds for Google Shopping

    Multifeeds for Google Shopping app lets you make different Google Shopping feeds, each designed for specific product groups or marketing campaigns. This customization helps you aim at the right audience more effectively.

    This app supports various feed types, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest,, Klaviyo, and custom feeds. They're flexible with feed formats, allowing XML, CSV, TSV, and Google Shopping Content API. They work with Shopify Markets and can link up with translator apps such as GTranslate, Weglot, and Shopify's language translator apps, so you can create feeds that speak to international customers.

    Key Features:

    • Create feeds for Google, Facebook,, Bing, Pinterest, Klaviyo, and custom options.
    • Customize attributes and apply filters for products, variants, and images.
    • Tailor feeds for multiple currencies, languages, and domains for a localized experience.
    • Support Shopify Markets and the Global-E localization solution.
    • Compatible with translator apps like GTranslate, Weglot, and Shopify's language API for multilingual communication.

    Pricing Plan

    • Free – Free
    • Boutique – $5.95/month
    • Growth – $15.95/month
    • Business – $25.95/month

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    4. Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

    Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

    Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app by the Simprosys InfoMedia team is a reliable tool for boosting Google Shopping Ads for your Shopify online store. It comes with many interesting features. You can connect your Shopify store to Google Merchant Center using this app without needing a Feed URL or extra setup.

    This app is super quick at sending any changes you make to Google Merchant Center, usually within a few minutes. Its user-friendly interface is great for managing extra details that Google requires. You can also add things like Custom Labels, Product Condition, Google Product Categories, Gender, Age, and even update product values in groups or individually.

    Key Features

    • It smoothly combines Google's Delivery Speed Estimates and Automated Discounts.
    • It's compatible with Shopify Market, supporting multiple languages, currencies, and top-level domains.
    • Customizing attributes is simple, with solid filtering and bulk editing tools.
    • You can make Automated Feed Rules and design a direct checkout link template for Google Shopping.
    • It allows you to generate a Promotions Feed and supports category-specific recommended attributes for Facebook.

    Pricing Plan

    • Up to 500 products: $4.99/month
    • 501-1000 products: $8.99/month
    • 1001-5000 products: $13.99/month
    • 5001-10000 product:$17.99/month

    Rating: 4.9/5

    5. Nabu for Google Shopping Feed

    Nabu for Google Shopping Feed

    AdNabu Global's Nabu for Google Shopping Feed is a comprehensive tool designed for efficiently managing and optimizing your Google Shopping feed. The important goal is to enhance the quality of your product data and make your product listings more visible to potential customers.

    This tool ensures that your product feeds are error-free when used across different advertising platforms. These platforms include Google Ads, Bing, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, Pinterest, and Facebook. Their multi-channel strategy aims to maximize your reach and potential revenue on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram shopping, Microsoft Bing, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

    Moreover, the tool offers an audit feature to fine-tune your advertising campaigns, and it keeps your product data always up to date through instant synchronization with Shopify.

    Key Features:

    • Enhance your feed's performance with keyword suggestions from Google Ads.
    • Optimize your product data feed using AI technology powered by ChatGPT.
    • Enjoy support for Shopify markets, including subdomains, custom domains, and subfolders.
    • Customize your feed using feed rules and send data to Google Merchant Center through Metafields.
    • Reach customers in their preferred language and currency for better sales.

    Pricing Plan

    • Starter – Free to install
    • Basic – $29.99/month
    • Advanced – $79.99/month
    • Plus – $249.99/month

    Rating: 4.9/5

    6. CedCommerce Google Feed

    CedCommerce Google Feed

    CedCommerce's Google Feed app makes it easy to connect with Google Express and reach a wider audience. It simplifies the process of putting your products on Google Shopping and other Google platforms.

    With this app, you can manage product feeds for various Google programs, such as Shopping Ads, Buy on Google, Free Product Listings, Free Local Product Listings, Dynamic Remarketing, and Local Inventory Ads. This versatility ensures that your products appear on the most suitable Google services.

    By sending products to multiple countries in different currencies via Google Merchant Center, you can expand your Shopify e-commerce business worldwide and attract a diverse customer base. To enhance your advertising efforts, you can run Google Ads Performance Max (Pmax) campaigns.

    Key Features:

    • Custom profiles enable you to modify products and include extra details. This guarantees that your product listings meet the unique criteria of each Google program or campaign.
    • The app provides real-time product synchronization, making sure your product information is continuously current on Google.
    • You can view reports that show how well your advertising is doing, allowing you to track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.
    • Order management is made easier as the app automatically syncs Google orders generated on your store.

    Pricing Plan

    • All time free – free
    • Bronze – $4/month
    • Silver – $13/month
    • Gold – $19/month

    Rating: 4.9/5

    7. Google Shopping Feed Advanced

    Google Shopping Feed Advanced

    Google Shopping Feed Advanced is designed to give online businesses a big boost in the competitive e-commerce world. As technology keeps advancing, online stores have to work harder to stay ahead of their competition. That's where Shopping Feeder comes in.

    Firstly, this app helps stores increase their sales and make more money. It not only keeps your loyal customers coming back but also attracts new visitors to your site. Plus, it syncs up with Google product listing ads, Facebook dynamic ads, Bing product ads, and more. These features make it easier for shoppers to find their favorite items, and the app remembers what they looked at in the past, so it's even more helpful.

    Secondly, Shopping Feeder is a cost-effective way to manage your marketing campaigns. It lets you advertise on other relevant websites, making more people aware of your products. Lastly, the app offers three different packages for online shops to choose from.

    Key Features:

    • Seamlessly connect with various channels and online marketplaces.
    • Harness the power of AI to establish rules for handling data and automatically categorize items.
    • Enhance your product information using AI for titles and barcodes, and apply different pricing strategies.
    • Benefit from features like Dynamic Discounting, Smart Feeds, and tailored recommendations.
    • AI works magic to align your store's unique categories with your chosen channels.

    Pricing Plan

    • Basic: $20/month
    • Premium: $120/month
    • Feednexus: $500/month

    Rating: 4.7/5

    8. Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

    Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

    Clever: Google Ads & Shopping an all-in-one solution for Google Ads and Shopping campaigns. Their app comes with features like automatically creating ads, optimizing them, and managing your budget, all aimed at helping you get the most out of your advertising investment.

    With the Clever Ads app, you can create classic Google Ads campaigns, which cover Search and Display campaigns. The app also assists in generating and fine-tuning Google Shopping Feeds, making sure your product listings are precise and designed for maximum visibility on Google Shopping.

    In addition, the Clever Ads app allows you to set up Performance Max campaigns, which help businesses fine-tune their advertising strategies for peak performance and a strong return on investment.

    Key Features

    • You can add Google Ads conversion pixels with this app to track and see how well your ads are doing.
    • The Clever Ads app lets businesses make campaigns on Microsoft Ads to reach even more people.
    • You can also create Microsoft Shopping campaigns to display your products on Microsoft.
    • There's a voucher in the app for your first campaigns, making it a budget-friendly way to start advertising on Google.
    • The app has an easy-to-use dashboard to keep an eye on your campaign stats and make new ones when you want.

    Pricing Plan

    • Basic – Free
    • Silver – $7.99/month
    • Gold – $15.99/month
    • Platinum – $29.99/month

    Rating: 4.5/5

    9. Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST

    Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

    Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST app combines the strengths of Google Ads with artificial intelligence to supercharge your advertising campaigns. It handles bid management, keyword targeting, and ad creation for you, making your advertising work much better.

    The app uses AI technology to automate various advertising platforms, like Google Ads, Google Shopping, Pmax, Search Ads, Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. It ensures your product feeds follow Google Shopping's best practices, improving your chances of connecting with the right customers at the perfect moment and at the best cost.

    Plus, it gives you a single dashboard to see all the essential data, like the number of visitors to your website, orders, revenue, and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for each advertising channel.

    Key Feature

    • The automatic bid optimizer is made to get you more sales while keeping your advertising costs low.
    • You can set up Google Ads keywords and the app will keep improving them in real-time, so your ads always stay effective, even when things change in the market.
    • With AI, businesses can tailor their ads to fit their specific store and reach the right people with the right message.
    • You don't have to deal with separate budgets for Google Ads and Facebook Ads; it's all in one place.
    • Our plans cover everything you need, from setting up to managing, optimizing, and handling your ad budget.

    Pricing Plan

    • Basic – $120/month
    • Standard – $335/month
    • Pro – $1,000/month

    Rating: 4.⅗

    How did we determine the ranking for the top 16 Google Shopping apps compatible with Shopify?

    To evaluate the 16 best Google Shopping apps for Shopify, we considered the following criteria:

    • Shopify store ratings and reviews.
    • App ranking on search engine result pages.
    • Pricing and features offered.
    • Reputation of the app provider.
    • Support services provided by the app developer.

    Some tips for selecting the Best Google Shopping App

    Many people start their shopping journey by searching on Google or another search engine. In response to this trend, Google introduced Google Shopping, which allows products to be featured at the top of search results. It's a very effective way to promote your products. However, you'll need one of the best Shopify Google Shopping Apps to make the most of Google Shopping. When choosing a new Shopify Google Shopping app, consider these factors:

  • User-Friendly Interface:

  • It's important to choose Shopify apps that are easy to use because you'll be using them for a long time. Apps that are slow to load or require constant support from customer service can hinder your business's growth.

  • Adherence to Policies
  • To showcase products on Google Shopping, adherence to their regulations is imperative. Non-compliance can lead to item removal or merchant suspension.

  • Pricing:

  • Consider the initial cost of the app and any ongoing fees. Many Google Shopping apps follow a freemium pricing model, offering some basic services for free and charging for additional features.

  • Customer Support and Reliability:
  • Prioritize apps that offer reliable customer support. Check reviews or seek recommendations to gauge their responsiveness and expertise in addressing queries or technical issues. Additionally, consider the app's history of updates and improvements, ensuring it adapts to Google's algorithm changes and policy updates.

  • Feed Optimization
  • A well-optimized feed is crucial for accurate item matching on Google Shopping, as there's no keyword bidding. Precise data ensures visibility based on Google's algorithm.

    In conclusion, as Google Shopping gains popularity, maximizing transaction opportunities while minimizing bid costs is essential. Utilizing a recommended Shopify Google Shopping app, such as Suite For Google Shopping Feed or 'TikTok Facebook, Google Shopping Feed' by ShoppingFeeder for multi-platform syncing, 'Feed for Google Shopping' by Simprosys InfoMedia for a seamless interface, or Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot for multinational businesses can significantly enhance your online sales presence.


    Is Shopify compatible with Google Shopping?

    The Google & YouTube application synchronizes your Shopify store's products and pertinent details with the Google Merchant Center automatically. This integration allows you to update your Google product feed from within Shopify directly.

    Why isn't my Shopify store appearing on Google?

    The primary reason your Shopify store may not be visible on Google could be due to indexing issues, aside from potential sandbox restrictions. To verify whether your site has been indexed or not, access the Google address bar and enter “site:{domain}”, replacing "{domain}" with your Shopify store's domain.

    Which Google Shopping Apps Are Suitable for Shopify?

    Selecting the right Google shopping app for your Shopify store largely depends on your unique business needs and its size. Popular options include Suite For Google Shopping Feed, 'TikTok Facebook, Google Shopping Feed' by ShoppingFeeder, 'Feed for Google Shopping app by Simprosys InfoMedia, Google Ads & Google Shopping app, Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot, among others.

    How do you determine the ideal Shopify product customizer app for your E-commerce?

    Deciding on the best Shopify Google shopping app involves assessing various factors such as your company's size, payment models, available features, and customer support. It's advisable to review the app's adherence to policies and the strength of its feed optimization features before finalizing your choice."


    Using Shopify apps for Google Shopping is a strong tool for e-commerce companies to display their products and get them in front of more people. To make the most of Google Shopping with Shopify as your online selling platform, it's crucial to choose and integrate the right apps. After reading this blog Top 9 Best Shopify Google Shopping Apps, we hope you can choose the right app for your store. 


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