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Top [10+] Best Shopify Image Slider Apps to Enhance Online Store

Top 10+ Best Shopify Image Slider Apps for eCommerce stores - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

Do you know that 65% of people are visual learners? This means that the power of visuals cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to eCommerce. Incorporating a visually stunning image slider on your Shopify store can increase engagement and ultimately lead to greater sales.

In this blog, we have conducted thorough research and testing to present you with the best Shopify image slider apps for your online store. These apps offer a range of benefits. So, whether you're launching a new Shopify store or looking to enhance the visual appeal of your existing store, incorporating an image slider is a smart move. 

Join us as we dive into the world of Shopify image slider apps and discover how they can benefit your business.

1. Image Slider by EComposer 

Best Shopify image slider apps

EComposer - Landing Page Builder, the ultimate solution for building professional and high-converting online stores. Whether you're looking to create a homepage, product page, about us page, or any other type of page, EComposer has got you covered.

With 200+ sections, 100+ page templates, 90+ customizable elements, and 50+ extensions, EComposer is one of the best page builder apps available on Shopify. You can now build your store with ease, without having to worry about coding or design skills.

What's more, EComposer comes equipped with an AI Content Generator that helps you write smart and engaging content for your pages. Say goodbye to writer's block and let EComposer do the hard work for you.

Another benefit of using EComposer is its responsive design. With more and more consumers shopping on their mobile devices, having a website that looks great on any device is essential. EComposer ensures that your pages will look just as good on a smartphone or tablet as they do on a desktop computer.

“Slider” is an amazing element of EComposer which enables you to display multiple images without page scroll. Especially, you can use this feature freely on your pages. 

Feature Highlights

- A wide range of features, including various page types, over 200 sections, more than 100 pre-made layouts, 50+ extensions, and 90+ elements (Color Swatches, Slider, Image Comparison, etc). These can all be easily customized using our powerful drag-and-drop editor.

- Advanced features such as an AI content generator, global block, lazy loading, autosave, and more to improve your website's functionality.

- Expert support team is available 24/7 through live chat to assist you with any issues or questions you may have.

- Optimization tools to increase your website's search engine rankings, such as the ability to add titles, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and other functions.

- Built-in add-ons like color swatches, cross-selling, ajax cart, and more to enhance your website's functionality and user experience.

Pricing & Plans

- Free Plan

- Standard Plan: $19/month 

- Pro Plan: $39/mont

- Premium Plan: $99/month 

Rating & Review: 5/5 (1360 reviews) 


2. GG Product Page Image Slider 

Shopify image slider apps

Your product page will be improved with a better image gallery and increase sales by the following functions of GG Product Page Image Slider.

The application utilizes a slider that has a high conversion rate, in place of the traditional gallery found on your product page. To make it simple for you to implement the best practices from leading e-commerce firms, these things are compiled in this app. Customers can navigate more easily and view images in all of the detail. 

Besides, it enables you to display images of the chosen variant, zoom images on mouse hover and click, display videos and photos in one product image gallery, and Image Slider with arrows and thumbnails.

Feature Highlights

- Numerous gallery layouts with slide-in product images and video

- Carousel with Arrows, Thumb Pictures, and Zoom: Simple Configuration? Your decision!

- Sliding Product Pictures and Video in a Mobile-Friendly Slider

Pricing & Plan

- 7 days free trial

- Limited Plan: Free

- Pro discounted Plan: $4.99/month

- Pro Plan: $8.99/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (232 reviews) 

3. GG Hover Image Slider 

Image slider apps in Shopify

The GG Hover Image Slider is a Shopify app that allows you to create image sliders for your online store. With this app, you can display multiple images in a single slider and add hover effects to each slide, which can be a great way to draw your customers' attention to specific products or promotions.

It also enables you to customize the size, position, and style of your slider, so you can match it with the design of your store. Additionally, the app is mobile responsive, ensuring that your slider looks great on all devices. 

This app supports you display additional product images on a collection page, including a quick-view carousel. By including a slider and hover effects in your product grid, you can view more product images. Your consumers can now swipe across a slider to display numerous images instead of just one on the collection page. 

Feature Highlights

- Improve your collection page by adding more hover previews of the products!

- Add hover effects or a product image carousel to shorten the shopping time.

- Swipe through and preview product images in a slider to mobile-optimize content.

Pricing & Plan

- Free Plan

- Basic Plan: $1.99/month

- Pro Plan: $5.99/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (87 reviews) 

4. Slider Collection

best Shopify image slider apps

With 6 extra sliders of Slider Collection, create distinctive shopping experiences. You can create distinctive shopping experiences that will excite your customers and increase sales. 

Each of these sliders has a wide range of options and can be adjusted differently for different devices. As a result, the visual designer provides the option to see changes as they happen. This makes configuration quick and simple. Each slider has a distinct function, such as showcasing products and collections or displaying videos and photographs.

Feature Highlights

- Make sliders out of items, collections, pictures, or videos. a unified app.

- Extremely flexible, different gadgets may have separate settings.

- Configure quickly and simply by using the edit slider in a live preview.

Pricing & Plan

- 14 days free trial

- Standard Plan: $19.5/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (4 reviews) 

5. Elfsight Image Banner Slider 

Shopify image slider apps for eCommerce store

On the homepage, Elfsight Image Banner Slider highlights your projects with a slider that directs visitors to the buy. You have the chance to highlight your projects, the best pieces, or featured issues using the Shopify website slider software. 

Your material will be impossible to overlook because of the slider's eye-catching visual effect, which will also increase engagement. Use a slider to draw visitors' attention to your top offerings or most well-liked products. For a useful user experience, group all the website's prominent material together in one location.

Feature Highlights

- Make a slider for any work in business.

- Change the components and add media

- Select the controls and navigation

Pricing & Plan

- 7 days free trial

- Unlimited Plan: $5.99/month or $59.88/year and save 17%

Rating & Review: 5/5 (3 reviews) 

6. Hero Slider 

image slider apps for Shopify stores

This app helps pick up your clients personally. You can put Hero Slider immediately beneath your header to welcome consumers with messages or updates that are rich in images. 

Unlimited slides can be created. On each slide, you may customize the text, call-to-action button, and portrait and landscape photos. Use the supplied animation presets to animate your photographs to add emotive effects. From a variety of possibilities, you configure the slider only once, after which you control its content.

Feature Highlights

- Images and settings for various devices can be different.

- To fit your brand experience, there are several settings for detailed customization.

- Welcome your customers with visual greetings or news about your selection.

Pricing & Plan

- 14 days free trial

- Standard Plan: $6.5/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (2 reviews) 

7. Ada IQ - Slideshow Image Slider 

Best image slider apps in Shopify

Ada IQ is a Shopify app that provides you with an easy way to create professional-looking slideshow image sliders. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, Ada IQ allows you to design stunning slideshows that can be used for a variety of purposes.

This app boasts a range of features, including customizable templates, multiple transition effects, and the ability to add audio, text, and video to your slideshows. You can either search for pre-existing product photographs or upload images from your PC. The Files section of your storehouses all uploaded pictures. This makes it simpler to use these photographs elsewhere in your store.

Feature Highlights

- Manage slideshows easily - add photographs or look for pre-existing product images

- With the Theme Editor Interface or a one-line code snippet, you can add a slideshow to your business.

- The best things should be highlighted. Make your best-selling items stand out by doing this.

Pricing & Plan

- 10 days free trial

- Unlimited Plan: $2.99/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (28 reviews) 

8. FoxSell Slider & Carousel 

Shopify image slider apps for eCommerce stores

With FoxSell Slider & Carousel, your business can increase sales by utilizing an image slider or carousel on your homepage to highlight your best sellers.

It is common knowledge that a store's best sellers generate the majority of its sales. By automatically highlighting your best-selling products on the homepage of your store using product sliders and carousels, you may increase their visibility.

Product sliders can be customized to highlight a single product with an expanded product slider or multiple goods with a compact product slider. All product sliders include built-in lazy loading, which improves PageSpeed.

Feature Highlights

- Add-to-Cart button with one click to increase sales for your product slider

- Use carousels and slideshows to increase customer interaction with your merchandise.

- Make the product sliders and carousels fit your brand's colors and concept.

- Use our analytics dashboard to monitor the sales and revenue of your product slider.

- To ensure the best experience, the product sliders have been optimized for mobile devices.

Pricing & Plan

Free for all

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (15 reviews) 

9. Slider Revolution 

Best Shopify image slider apps for online stores

You can build any type of slider, including a single page, banner, layer, carousel, and product slider with Slider Revolution.

This app assists you to make product sliders, picture sliders, hero sliders, product carousels, highlighted product sliders, collection sliders, and layer sliders. Similar to a Shopify page builder tool, you can also create landing pages, front pages, coming soon pages, maintenance pages, 404 pages, and other types of pages. 

The Shopify slideshow app's intuitive drag-and-drop editor, 200+ ready-made slider layouts, 20+ extensions, multilingual support, and social media integration make it a flexible tool.

Feature Highlights

- Make a single page with an image, a carousel, a banner, a layer, and a product slider.

- Use 20+ addons and 200+ ready-made slider templates to quickly construct a slider.

- Compatible with popular page builder tools and online store themes for Shopify 2.0

- Build sliders, banners, and carousels for your store that are multilingual and RTL compatible.

- Incorporate social media content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Video in your slider.

Pricing & Plan

- 7 days free trial

- Basic Plan: $6.99/month or $60/year and save 28%

- Professional Plan: $15/month or $120/year and save 33%

- Business Plan: $29/month or $240/year and save 31%

- Enterprise Plan: $89/month or $600/year and save 44%

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (48 reviews) 

10. Image Slider Pro

Shopify image slider apps

For better lookbooks, you can use a slider layout to showcase your images. You can use Image Slider Pro to create sliders, make a carousel slider and a banner slider. Just upload a huge image to let your customers enjoy your trendy photography; especially, several photographs can be uploaded at once. 

Furthermore, this app allows you to adjust the speed of the slider, comment or add text to your photographs. As a customer clicks an image in the slider, add URLs to link them to other pages, fully responsive to mobile devices.

Feature Highlights

- Enhance performance and add text and image links efficiently from the backend

- Direct customers to external links or products when they click on the photos.

- Put a logo slider wherever you like on your store's items or collection pages.

Pricing & Plan

- Free Plan

- Basic Plan: $6.99/month or $76.89/year and save 8%

- Professional Plan: $12.99/month or $142.89/year and save 8%

- Premium Plan: $19.99/month or $219.89/year and save 8%

Rating & Review: 4.5/5 (121 reviews) 


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, creating an appealing image slider on your eCommerce store can significantly enhance user engagement and sales. However, with so many options available in the Shopify App Store, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your website. That's why we have narrowed down the top 10+ best Shopify Image Slider Apps that offer unique features such as mobile responsiveness, customization options, and ease of use. 

So, don't let your eCommerce store's images go unnoticed; upgrade your website today and try out one of the recommended Shopify Image Slider apps for an immersive and visually pleasing experience.


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