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10+ Must-Have Back-In-Stock Apps for Shopify in 2024

Top 10 Best Back-In-Stock Apps for Shopify in 2023 - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

One of the most common and frustrating problems for customers is choosing a product they like, but it's no longer in stock. Most will have very few customers willing to spend a lot of time regularly checking whether the product has been restocked or not. Do you have a solution to improve the customer experience?

An announcement will help you solve this problem!

Indeed! You just need to implement an out-of-stock notification app for your store. Shopify's replenishment app allows customers to sign up for product replenishment notifications via various channels like email, SMS, or Facebook so they can return to your store and buy the products they need.

In this blog, we have researched and compiled 10 Best Back-In-Stock Apps for Shopify to help you easily choose the right app for your store.

Before reading the details, make sure you have built your eCommerce store on Shopify!

1. Back in Stock by EComposer Page Builder

Back in Stock by EComposer Page Builder

The first application on this list is EComposer - Page Builder. This is one of the top page builder apps on Shopify known as the next-generation Shopify app that offers a lot of templates and elements to help you create all kinds of pages including FAQ, Contact Us, About, Coming Soon Page, and so on. 

EComposer allows you to create Back in Stock for free using its paid plans. Especially, although it is free, you can edit this extension to your liking using EComposer's drag-and-drop feature.

Feature highlights:

  • * Countless extensions - Users may quickly put diverse business concepts into practice. Cross-sell, Back in Stock, and other features can be used without charge at all price points.
  • * Visual page builder - You can simply create and alter pages using a real-time drag-and-drop editor.
  • * Section Builder - Users are free to create as many categories as they would like and then drag those categories into the shop's installed theme.
  • * Design & Customization - Design and customization options are available for all common pages, including the landing page, home page, product page, collection page, and others.
  • * SEO and Speed performance - EComposer allows you to create unique titles, meta descriptions, and social networking photos while simultaneously optimizing SEO.
  • * Largest templates library - EComposer offers access to more than 190 section layouts and a sizable library of components, both of which are continually growing.

Pricing & Plans:

  • * Free Plan
  • * Basic Plan – $19/month
  • * Pro Plan – $39/month
  • * Premium Plan – $99/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (1121 reviews) 


2. Back in Stock & Restock Alerts

Back in Stock & Restock Alerts

Back in Stock & Restock Alerts is an all-in-one marketing automation platform for back-in-stock, abandoned cart, and price drop alerts through Push, emails, and SMS Notifications. 

Feature highlights:

  • * Back-in-stock Alerts Send Automatic Back in stock Notifications to subscribers
  • * Price Drop Alerts Notify customers about the drop in the product prices
  • * Abandoned Cart Alerts Use abandoned cart notifications to recover lost sales.
  • * Custom Push Notifications Send one-time push campaigns to your subscribers
  • * Customizable Email template Fully customize the look and feel of email templates

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

  • * Free plan 
  • * Basic plan - $5/month
  • * Starter plan - $9/month
  • * Pro plan - $19/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (783 reviews)

3. Appikon ‑ Back In Stock

Appikon ‑ Back In Stock

Appikon ‑ Back In Stock brings customers back to your store with automated out-of-stock alerts. Most online shoppers don't purchase their first visit. The app allows shoppers to subscribe to upcoming and out-of-stock products via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and web push.

Feature highlights:

  • * Notify your consumers automatically through email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Push
  • * This app takes just two minutes to set up. No coding is necessary.
  • * Notifications and the sign-up form are entirely customized. Suitable for all themes.

Pricing & Plans: 7-day free trial

  • * Free plan
  • * Starter plan - $19.99/month or $192/year and save 20%
  • * Pro plan - $29.99/month or $287.90/year and save 20%
  • * Premium - $49.99/month or $470/year and save 22%

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (1712 reviews)

4. Back in Stock: Restock Alerts

Appikon ‑ Back In Stock

With Back in Stock: Restock Alerts, customers who are interested in receiving replenishment alerts when the item they want returns to stock may do so with ease. This app provides push notifications, emails, and SMS messages to rapidly alert users. Back in Stock is easy to set up and manage, and it supports several languages and geographical locations, offers customization choices, and sends out notifications for previously out-of-stock goods.

Feature highlights:

  • * Push alerts, emails, or SMS sent automatically when a product is restocked
  • * Emails and themes that are customizable, or use the JavaScript API to create your own button
  • * Integrating email marketing to customize customer communications
  • * Keep track of conversions, the most popular out-of-stock products, and recent alerts.
  • * Supports all Shopify shop languages so you can reach a wider audience.

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

  • * Free to install 
  • * Lite plan - $19/month
  • * Startup plan - $29/month
  • * Small business plan - $49/month

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (675 reviews)

5. Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Swym Back in Stock Alerts captures demand before you have inventory to increase sales. allows customers to sign up to receive email or SMS notifications when certain items are sold out and new in stock. Includes sophisticated inventory control features, such as sending bulk alerts. Use right out of the box after 5 minutes and adjust to fit your site. Use your ESP or SMS platform to send notifications or let us send emails on your behalf.

Feature highlights:

  • * Go online and effortlessly integrate with your theme in only a few minutes, regardless of language.
  • * Enable opt-in upon alert signup to expand your email list.
  • * Utilize integrations to deliver notifications through your SMS and ESP platform.
  • * Coming Soon, Shopify Locations and AI-based product suggestions are all supported.
  • * Utilize our APIs for headless implementations or to tweak functionality.

Pricing & Plans: 30-day free trial

  • * Free
  • * Starter - $14.99/month or $149.99/year and save 17%
  • * Pro - $49.99/month or $499.99/year and save 17%
  • * Premium - $99.99/month or $999.99/year and save 17%

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (598 reviews)

6. PushOwl Web Push Notifications

PushOwl Web Push Notifications

With just one click and no need for identifying information like an email address or phone number, you can easily add website visitors to your subscriber list with PushOwl Web Push Notifications. To increase sales and conversions, send web push alerts about deals and items right to your subscribers' device displays. The ideal marketing medium to rapidly attract and promote anonymous customers is web push notifications.

Feature highlights:

  • * Utilize the native opt-in to rapidly collect subscribers.
  • * Using Campaign Creator, create a web push campaign in a matter of minutes.
  • * Simply by turning on the automatic procedure, you may recover abandoned carts.
  • * Recognize consumer behavior and utilize cart information to tailor your marketing
  • * Keep tabs on the results of your online push advertising.

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

  • * Free 
  • * Business plan - $19/month or $180/year and save 21%
  • * Business plan - $38/month or $360/year and save 21%

Rating & Review: 5/5 (2460 reviews)

7. PreOrder Globo | Back in Stock

PreOrder Globo | Back in Stock

PreOrder Globo | Back in Stock makes it easy to configure pre-orders based on inventory, pre-order start/end date, and time. Automatically add tags to orders like "pre-order, delivery date", and send pre-order emails to customers BACK-IN-STOCK. 

Feature highlights:

  • * Easy enable pre-order button for out-of-stock products or any product on Shopify
  • * Partial payment, automatic discount on pre-order, presale, and back order
  • * Custom delivery note like "Delivery in 21-30 days" below the Preorder button.
  • * Show the "Notify me" button on Out Of Stock product
  • * Back-in-stock alerts, send automatic back-in-stock notifications to subscribers

Pricing & Plans: 7-day free trial

  • * Free
  • * Basic (was $9.9) - $6.70/month or $67/year and save 17%
  • * Premium (was 14.9) - $9.90/month or $99/year and save 17%
  • * Pro (was 29.9) - $19.90/month or $199/year and save 17%

Rating & Review: 4.7/5 (671 reviews)

8. Alert Me! Back in Stock Alerts

Alert Me! Back in Stock Alerts

Send out real-time, automatic replenishment alerts and messages to consumers when their preferred goods are available again. Using a straightforward form on the product or collection pages, customers may sign up for an infinite number of notifications on any product. It's utterly hands-free because the alerts are delivered to your clients as soon as you refill the items. Using Alert Me! Back in Stock Alerts to let consumers know about replenished things on your site they already love is the simplest method to increase sales.

Feature highlights:

  • * Fully Automated: Send restock alerts with no manual work, it's handsfree
  • * Truly Unlimited: Send unlimited restock alerts for unlimited products & shoppers
  • * Easy to Customize: Change the colors of the alerts to match your brand and theme
  • * Great Analytics: Learn which out-of-stock products are most requested and more
  • * Amazing Support: We love to help stores grow. Start now and experience yourself.

Pricing & Plans: 21-day free trial

* Unlimited plan - $5/month or $50/year and save 17%

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (372 reviews) 

9. Pre‑Order Now WOD

Pre‑Order Now WOD

Pre‑Order Now WOD is a pre-order app that substitutes preorder buttons for out-of-stock ones. Pre-orders from your consumers are common for their preferred items that are currently unavailable or have not yet been published. They dislike those out-of-stock buttons that cannot be clicked. Create excitement for the release of new products by taking beautiful preorders with a delivery date in mind. By reducing the barrier of out-of-stock items, you may raise the average order value by letting customers purchase things before they are available.

Feature highlights:

  • * Mixed Cart Alerts: Alerts when both pre-order & in-stock items are in the cart
  • * Pre-Order Discounts: Apply automatic discounts to pre-orders like the pros
  • * Partial Payments: Collect partial payments & retrieve the balance before shipping
  • * Stylish Badges: Stylish pre-order “badges” over product images on product pages
  • * Back-in-Stock Notification: Sent automated back-in-stock email notifications

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

  • * Free plan
  • * Shopify basic - $19.95/month
  • * Shopify standard - $39.95/month
  • * Shopify advanced - $59.95/month

Rating & Review: 4.7/5 (1058 reviews)

10. Pre‑Order & Restock | Timesact

Pre‑Order Now WOD

When using Pre‑Order & Restock | Timesact, you don't have to choose between a preorder and a back-in-stock message. Simply provide both at once to engage everyone. Transition smoothly from a coming soon or product drop to a presale, from a presale to in stock, from a backorder to sold out and back, and from a backorder to a presale to in stock. Automate pre-order emails, replenishment notifications, preorder order tags, shipment dates, and a ton of other things.

Feature highlights:

  • * Get help setting up a 30 min call on Zoom or Google Meets with a specialist
  • * Discount your preorders, backorders & presales to boost demand.
  • * Capture emails & send back in stock & restock alerts for non-preorder customers.
  • * Build hype with coming soon & product drops, then switch to a pre-sale.
  • * Save time by turning pre-orders & restocks on/off based on inventory levels.

Pricing & Plans: 

  • * Free 
  • * Timeact 10P - $6.65/month
  • * Timeact 500B - $6.65/month
  • * Timeact 25P - $10.45/month

Rating & Review: 5/5 (682 reviews) 



Currently, on Shopify, there are much Back in Stock applications published, but not all of them are suitable for your store. I hope with 10+ Shopify Back in Stock Apps in this blog, you will choose the right app for your business.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via . We will chat with you 24/7, and answer all your questions at any time.


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