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11+ Best Shopify Countdown Timer Apps for Boosting Sales

Top 11 Best Shopify Countdown Timer Apps (2023) - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

FOMO or fear of missing out is one of the "trick" many businesses use in their Marketing strategy. By making customers feel like they are about to miss out on something great, customers can easily make a purchasing decision.

Marcus Taylor increased sales of his products by 332% when he applied FOMO to his marketing strategy. Great! Activating this effect is not too difficult, you can use the countdown timer.

In this blog, we have compiled 11+ Shopify Countdown Timer apps to help you cleverly apply FOMO to your Marketing strategy. Before going into details, make sure you have built your own Shopify store to easily experience the apps.

1. Countdown timer by EComposer 

Countdown timer by EComposer Page Builder

EComposer - Landing Page Builder is one of the applications that many businesses appreciate because of its outstanding features. It allows users to create all types of pages such as Home Page, Landing Page, Product Page, and including pages that are not available in Shopify. When you use EComposer, you will have a treasure trove of constantly updated templates, more than 300 sections, and lots of extensions to make your design easier.

Countdown Timer is one of the EComposer elements that you can use for free. You just need to choose any plan of EComposer to get Countdown Timer and other extensions.

Feature highlights:

* Intuitive page builder - design and view pages in real-time thanks to EComposer's live drag-and-drop editor.

* Section Builder - freely place any theme category where you want with direct drag and drop.

* Design & Customize - freely design and edit all pages like Product Pages; Homepage, Landing Pages, and including pages not available in Shopify

* SEO performance and speed - feel free to add all your custom titles, meta descriptions, and social media image festivals to pages created with EComposer, and every page is SEO optimized for time Faster loading time.

* Largest template library - design more creatively with over 200 section layouts, various elements, and an ever-growing library of templates.

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free Plan 

* Basic Plan – $19/month

* Pro Plan – $39/month

* Premium Plan – $99/month

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (1234 reviews)


2. Hextom: Countdown Timer Bar

Hextom: Countdown Timer Bar

With Hextom: Countdown Timer Bar, you can create a sense of urgency for your sales events, persuade clients that they must buy now or risk missing out on something crucial, and increase sales. The app supports a variety of timer kinds, including weekly, daily, and auto-recurring timers. These may be utilized for various sales occasions. Moreover, it provides targeting choices like geolocation, customers, pages, etc. 

Feature highlights:

* One-time, auto-recurring, daily & weekly timers can fit different types of sales

* Advanced targeting geolocation, customer, page, product, and device targeting

* Scheduling, you can plan sales events in advance for events like Black Friday

* Fully customizable with various rotation & animation, background images & styles

* Supports all pages, 1-click to enable, no coding required

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free

* Premium plan - $9.99/month or $99/year and save 17%

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (1,104 reviews)

3. POWR Countdown Timer | Banner

POWR Countdown Timer | Banner

POWR Countdown Timer | Banner provides urgency at the point a customer decides to buy in order to increase conversions. You can also add a cart countdown to your Shopify cart or make a countdown timer bar for your website. Also, this app is ideal for one-time discounts, end-of-season specials, the introduction of new products, and more.

Feature highlights:

* One-click installation with no coding required.

* Count down or count up, depending on your specific needs.

* Custom messaging during a sale or once reaching 0 signaling the event is over.

* Advanced customization: pre-built templates, animations, timing, and layouts.

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free

* Starter - $5.49/month or $59.28/year and save 10%

* Pro - $13.49/month or $145.68/year and save 10%

* Business - $89.99/month or $971.88/year and save 10%

Rating & Review: 4.5/5 (697 reviews) 

4. Amai Sales Countdown Timer Bar

Amai Sales Countdown Timer Bar

Amai Sales Countdown Timer Bar is the perfect app for flash sales, product launches, and event countdowns. You have a lot of options for the countdown bar, including always active, recurring, or fixed length, displayed on the header or footer and product pages, fixed, scheduled between days, and restarted automatically. 

Feature highlights: 

* Simple Setup: Start/End dates, Page specific timers, Toggle on/off as needed.

* Advanced Display Rules: Repeating or independent timers.

* Fully Customizable: Use an editor to change every aspect of our timer templates

* Email Timers: Add a Live Countdown Timer from our app to your emails

* Announcement Bars: Use the app to create sitewide notifications

Pricing & Plans: 

* Free

* Unlimited plan - $8.95/month or $85.95/year and save 20%

* Priority support - $17.95/month or $85.95/year and save 60%

Rating & Review: 4.6/5 (629 reviews)

5. Countdown Timer Ultimate 

 Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate helps increase sales conversion by stressing the buyers' short window of opportunity to take advantage of the bargain. You may have a timer with a specific design that complements your theme thanks to the lovely and customizable designs. You may rely on a wide selection of time-scheduling tools. Inside the website, you are able to place the timer wherever you choose.

Feature highlights: 

* 5 Separate timers (Campaigns)

* Unique styles: 7 main designs, configurable animation types, colors

* Time schedule: Fresh timer for a fresh user, Repeating, Specific period, Weekly

* Display conditions: Product with set tag, Sales only, Out of stock only, All

Pricing & Plans:

* Free 

* Paid plan - $3.99/month

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (218 reviews)

6. Ultimate Scarcity Pro

Ultimate Scarcity Pro

Ultimate Scarcity Pro is a very powerful tool for creating a sense of scarcity and motivating customers to buy as quickly as possible before a product sells out. Make your countdown timer appear exactly as you want it to by selecting from a variety of styles and designs. With the help of the Ultimate Scarcity Pro timer, you can quickly create and put into action a variety of scarcity-building strategies.

Feature highlights: 

* Countdown Timer - different types of countdown timer bars, Multiple templates.

* Stock bar & timer - Stock bar customization, Multiple font selection, etc.

* Social Proof - Display a widget on the product detail page

Pricing & Plans: 

* Standard - Free

* Premium - $8.99/month

Rating & Review: 4.2/5 (327 reviews)

7. Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up

Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up

With its 13+ features, Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up is a sales solution that can significantly increase your sales. It may be simpler than you think to meet your revenue goals while also developing trust, driving urgency to capture value, and offering outstanding marketing popups. With a variety of sale kits, promo bars, product labels, and motivators, you can give your business a more polished appearance.

Feature highlights: 

* Countdown timer: Create multiple countdown timers on different pages

* Trust badges: Create multiple trust badges with stunning designs

* Sales pop: Turn browsers into buyers by showing recent sales popups

* Free shipping bar: Show Free Shipping Bar notifications to encourage customers

* Live chat: Connect with your customers seamlessly via WhatsApp, Messenger

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 5.0/5 (2,744 reviews)

8. Stock Countdown Timer Bar

Stock Countdown Timer Bar

Customers are motivated to buy by the sense of urgency created by the countdown timer. Stock Countdown Timer Bar is now available, allowing you to display the countdown on your product pages to heighten the sense of urgency and compel customers to make a purchase as soon as possible.

Feature highlights: 

* Stock Countdown Timer Bar - Create urgency by showing available product count

* Boost Buying Motivation - Encourage visitors to buy now

* Customize Countdown Bar - Customize to match/contrast look and feel with store

Pricing & Plans: Free

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (318 reviews)

9. Timer Plus ‑ Countdown

Timer Plus ‑ Countdown

With Timer Plus ‑ Countdown, you can quickly and easily add lovely timers to your items. To get you started, this app offered some fantastic, responsive alternatives for mobile and desktop—no technical knowledge was necessary. This is a wonderful complement to your store's style with our simple-to-use dashboard.

Feature highlights: 

* Boost revenue without increasing marketing expenditures.

* Pre-built timer choices that are practical and responsive.

* Add timers to some or all of your goods with ease and speed.

* Timers may be completely tailored to fit the distinctive design of your shop.

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

* Premium plan - $4.95/month or $49.95/year and save 16%

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (103 reviews)

10. Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Essential Countdown Timer Bar is one strategy for inspiring customers to take action. One approach to increase sales is to add a countdown clock to your product page. Customers feel a sense of urgency and FOMO, which motivates them to take action. The product page, announcement bar, landing page, and cart page all have timer kinds that you may select from. These include planned to date, evergreen, or recurring timers.

Feature highlights: 

* Product Page Countdown. Add a countdown timer to your store's product page.

* Announcement Bar Countdown. Promote a sale across your store with a top bar.

* Landing Page Countdown. Show your promotion as a countdown timer on any page.

* Cart Countdown Timer. Boost your store’s conversions by using a cart countdown.

* Scheduled to-date, daily recurring or evergreen fixed-minute countdown timer.

Pricing & Plans: 7-day free trial

* Starter - $6.99/month

* Essential - $9.99/month

* Professional - $29.99/month

Rating & Review: 4.9/5 (271 reviews)



A sales-boosting marketing tool is called SALES ROCKET. It has features like conversion boosters, scarcity & urgency clocks, lead generators & shipping bars, and more to make money while saving money on app expenses.

Feature highlights: 

* Email Capture: offer a discount or special offer to capture emails to grow lists

* Get-it-by Timer: Reduce Abandonment Alerting When Products Will Arrive

* Shipping Bar: Tell Expected Purchase Amounts Before Free Shipping Kicks In

* Wheel of Fortune (Spin To Win) With a Sticky Discount Bar

* Page Speed Optimizer: Optimize Page Loading Speed Before the User Clicks on the Page

Pricing & Plans: 14-day free trial

* Basic - $9.99/month

* Shopify - $19.99/month

* Advanced - $29.99/month

* Shopify plus - $49.99/month

Rating & Review: 4.8/5 (570 reviews)



Currently, Shopify has a lot of Countdown Timer applications, it will be difficult if you have to find an application that is suitable for your Shopify store. 11+ Shopify apps in this blog have been carefully researched and selected, hope you will find the right app for your Shopify store.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via . We will chat with you 24/7, and answer all your questions at any time.


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