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10+ Best Shopify Quiz Apps for Boosting Sales in 2024

10+ Best Shopify Quiz Apps for Boosting Sales in 2024

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, Shopify store owners are constantly finding ways to enhance their customer experience to attract them to buy products. Shopify Quiz App is one of the most influential and direct ways to do that. 

A powerful strategy gaining momentum is the integration of interactive quizzes into online stores.  Shopify Quiz Apps allow you to interact with customers and utilize the information gathered to generate automated product recommendations. However, the variety of quiz apps available today can challenge you to choose the most suitable.

That's why we're here with the blog “Boost Sales With Top 10 Shopify Quiz Apps”! These are the best apps that we have compiled based on specific criteria to help you compare and find the most suitable app for your Shopify store. Let’s dive into the world of interactive shopping experiences!

What is a Shopify Quiz App?

A Shopify quiz app is a software application designed to integrate interactive quizzes into Shopify online stores. By answering a series of questions or participating in a quiz, customers receive personalized product recommendations, making their shopping experience more enjoyable and increasing the likelihood of purchasing. Shopify quiz apps are powerful tools for enhancing the overall shopping experience, driving sales, and improving customer satisfaction by offering a tailored approach to product discovery.

Why you should use Shopify quiz apps

Using Shopify Quiz Apps can provide several advantages for your eCommerce business. Here are some compelling reasons why you should use these apps in your Shopify store:

  • Interactive content marketing: Quizzes provide an entertaining and interactive way for visitors to interact with your brand, resulting in increased time spent on your site and higher chances of conversion. 
  • Personalized Shopping Experience improves customer satisfaction: Quizzes enable you to understand customers’ preferences and suggest relevant products based on their responses, making customers feel understood and valued.‍ This personalized approach makes the shopping experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, when customers find products that genuinely fit their needs, you reduce the likelihood of returns.
  • Gather valuable data: By asking targeted questions, shopkeepers can gain insights into their customers’ preferences, interests, and pain points, which can help segment the audience, create personalized marketing campaigns, and improve the overall business strategy.
    • Increase in Sales: A well-crafted quiz can guide customers towards products that meet their needs, increasing the likelihood of purchase (conversion rate) and the order size (AOV). It's like having a virtual sales assistant who works 24/7 to recommend the perfect product to your customers.‍
    • SEO Benefits: A well-designed, engaging quiz can reduce bounce rates and increase time on site, two metrics that Google loves. This can boost your SEO rankings.     

    Explore other apps to level up your online store:

    List of the best Shopify Quiz Apps 

    1.   Shop Quiz: Product Recommender

    Shop Quiz: Product Recommender provides the power of interactive product recommendations and video quizzes that echo the personal touch of a salesperson. Developed by the team at RevenueHunt, Shop Quiz focuses mainly on product recommendation-type quizzes that aid the creation of a sales funnel. It guides your consumers, asks tailored questions, evaluates their answers, and makes product recommendations based on their needs.

    That’s not all it does, though. By asking relevant questions to your customers, you can get valuable information. Collect zero-party data and gather valuable insights, then send the captured leads to your CRM or email list. Leverage consumer data to craft marketing tactics that yield a greater return. Turn your eCommerce site into a personalized shopping experience!

    Key features:

    • Video quizzes boost sales by guiding customers in discovering the right products.
    • Collect practical insights. Categorize and label your shoppers according to their feedback.
    • Forward the gathered leads to your email list or CRM for running personalized campaigns.
    • Design your quiz appearance, including images, fonts, layout, and custom CSS.
    • Collaborate with an account manager to create and initiate your quiz.


    • Free plan: Free
    • 14-day free trial for other plans
    • Basic plan: $39/month
    • Pro plan: $99/month

    Overall rating: 4.9/5 (244 reviews)


    2.   Octane AI: Advanced Quiz Maker

    Octane AI: Advanced Quiz Maker is a great way to create beautiful and powerful quizzes that recommend products, grow subscribers, and increase sales. This app quickly builds excellent quizzes for customers to answer, then recommends the best product(s) for their needs and improves consumers’ interactions. Besides, you can use an easy-to-use quiz maker to create beautifully branded quizzes. Add items or collections automatically synchronized to the cart from the results pages.

    Octane AI also helps you to build strategies to increase sales through Facebook Messenger and SMS, send notifications, and respond to typical customer inquiries. It gains insights into your customer base and assesses purchasing behavior against sales metrics, average order value, total revenue, and transaction frequency. All these features of Octane AI bring customers a great shopping experience and improve consumer loyalty to your business.

    Key features:

    • Work with account managers who will assist you in constructing and launching your quiz.
    • Generate product quizzes using AI, tags, collections, or conditional logic.
    • Customize the quiz design, including images, fonts, layout, and complete custom CSS.
    • Seamlessly integrate with Recharge, Klaviyo, Attentive, Zapier, and other platforms.
    • Access a variety of quiz templates suitable for any industry, with AI assistance for product recommendations.


    • 14-day free trial for all versions
    • Octane: $50/month
    • Octane Plus: $200/month
    • Insights analyst: $3/month

    Overall rating: 4.8/5 (219 reviews)


    3.   Presidio: Quiz Kit

    Presidio: Quiz Kit is a go-to option for Shopify merchants who are new to quizzes or want a quick and easy setup. It provides moderate opportunities to make interactive quizzes and result pages entirely customized. You can build engaging and personalized experiences that support consumers in recommending the right products or collections without coding necessary. AOV can be raised, and product discoverability increases with beautiful designs.

    In addition, Quiz Kit allows you to track your advancements and acquire valuable insights into your customers' preferences and actions by integrated analytics and reporting tools. It not only easily connects email capture with CRM platforms but also coordinates quiz response data resources such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge & Bold.

    Key features:

    • Select from 20 professionally crafted templates or craft your design.
    • Enjoy smooth integrations for seamless synchronization with Klaviyo, GTM, Omnisend, Attentive, and more.
    • Utilize multiple logic choices for advanced and precise product recommendations.
    • Access advanced analytics, detailed reporting, and A/B testing for valuable insights.
    • Showcase personalized quiz outcomes on your website and distribute them via email.


    • Starter: $19/month
    • Basic: $59/month
    • Middle: $129/month
    • Advanced: $249/month

    Overall rating: 4.9/5 (144 reviews)


    4.   Lantern ‑ Product Quiz Builder 

    Lantern ‑ Product Quiz Builder is a well-rounded choice for Shopify merchants looking for a quiz approach because it makes your website less like a search engine and more personalized and valuable. With this app, you can design manual or AI-powered quizzes in under a minute.

    Guide customers through questions to ascertain their preferences and leverage real-time data for improved conversion rates. After providing answers, it offers products suitable to their needs, removing uncertainty and elevating personalization. Transform your store from a mere search platform to a friendly eCommerce website to customers’ shopping process and bring back their touch.

    Key features:

    • Jumpstart your adventure with AI-crafted quizzes ready in seconds.
    • Enhance conversion rates and reduce returns through personalized recommendations.
    • Incorporate dynamic data into questions to boost quiz completion rates and conversions.
    • Enjoy complete flexibility by releasing your quiz as a stand-alone page, embedding it, or using it as a popup.
    • Expand your email subscriber list by seamlessly sharing data with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and other platforms.


    • Free
    • 14-day free trial for other versions.
    • Pro: $19.99/month
    • Advanced: $39.99/month 

    Overall rating: 4.7/5 (131 reviews)


    5.   VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products

    VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products is a Shopify quiz application by Personalized Product Quiz, which allows you to create engaging, interactive quizzes to guide and assist customers in making the right purchase decisions. Quizzes made by VQB are suitable for your brand and increase conversion by 3x and AOV by 50%

    VQB can also help you segment clients and develop marketing strategies that enhance brand identity and trust by leveraging deep integrations with CRM & analytics tools. This robust analytics engine tracks results and offers valuable information. This app is incredibly well-reviewed in the beauty and fashion industries by its helpful in creating quizzes that recommend products, sizes, and colors and for advising your customers about their choices.  

    Key features:

    • Exceptional customer support for custom logic, connections, and marketing sequences.
    • Over 14 integrations are available, including Klaviyo, Braze, Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Analytics, and Recharge.
    • Comprehensive options for question and answer types, formatting templates, personalized CSS, and logic branching.
    • Various quiz formats, including full-screen, embedded, and pop-up, for use in your store, emails, and social media.
    • Support 13 languages, including Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.


    • 30-day free trial for all versions
    • Lead Capture: $9/month or $60/year (save 44%)
    • Convert: $29/month or $195/year (save 44%)
    • Personalize: $99/month or $999/year (save 16%)
    • Flywheel: $200/month

    Overall rating: 4.8/5 (129 reviews)


    6.   Jebbit: Easily Create Quizzes 

    Jebbit: Easily Create Quizzes is a standout choice for Shopify merchants who want the best customization and ease of use. Jebbit creates interactive, personalized quizzes that result in higher conversion rates, boosted average order values (AOV), and an expanded subscriber base. Jebbit quizzes achieve completion rates exceeding 80% and power intelligent product recommendations that instill consumer confidence.

    In addition, this app offers a quick setup, even for advanced quizzes. You can also sync your Shopify product feed and integrate some third-party apps. Join now with the numerous Shopify and Shopify Plus retailers who use Jebbit to craft interactive Product Recommendation Quizzes, boosting revenue and expanding their customer base!

    Key features:

    • Create and initiate interactive quizzes swiftly using Jebbit's no-code builder.
    • Sync product suggestions directly from your Shopify product inventory.
    • Enhance conversion rates and average order value (AOV) while expanding your customer base.
    • Access detailed analytics and easy improvements to drive top-notch efficiency and insights.
    • Effortlessly integrate with Klaviyo and Attentive to maintain continuous personalization.


    • Free
    • Starter: $49/month or $468/year (save 20%)
    • Essentials: $249/month or $2,388/year (save 20%)

    Overall rating: 4.9/5 (87 reviews)

    7.   Prehook: Quiz Funnel Builder

    Prehook: Quiz Funnel Builder is a good choice for Shopify merchants looking for an easy-to-customize quiz app. There is a wide array of customization options available, including a personalized quiz experience for the customer, which is available on all plans. So you can expand your email and SMS contact list and collect valuable zero-party data, as well as boost sales with visually appealing quizzes that require no coding.

    Moreover, the Prehook support team will always collaborate closely with you to ensure your quizzes are what you want with speedy performance and don’t impact your site speed. It is also compatible with all headless CMS solutions.

    Key features:

    • Enhance conversion rates through tailored product suggestions.
    • Customize the customer journey using conditional logic and memory.
    • Connect with your technology ecosystem, including Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript, Omnisend, and others.


    • Free forever: Free
    • 14-day free trial for other versions
    • Basic: $45/month or $369/year (save 32%)
    • Standard: $95/month or $788/year (save 31%)
    • Pro: $195/month or $1,579/year (save 33%)

    Overall rating: 4.8/5 (86 reviews)


    8.   Quizify ‑ Product Quiz Builder

    Quizify ‑ Product Quiz Builder is a go-to option for Shopify merchants who are new to quizzes or want a quick and easy setup. It allows you to custom questions for your customers who need help to settle on the right products. Online shoppers need guidance in finding what they want, so Quizify is here to analyze their responses, find the right products, and recommend them

    This is a helpful online quiz builder that empowers e-commerce stores to provide personalized product suggestions to their customers. Users who take Quizify have a whopping 10x greater conversion rate, according to our data.

    Key features:

    • Intuitive and incredibly user-friendly quiz builder interface! Eye-catching quiz templates.
    • Boost sales and reduce return rates by matching your customers with the perfect products.
    • Offer product recommendations based on direction, tagging, scoring, and product types to fulfill various requirements.
    • Utilize conditional logic to automatically progress, display, or conceal questions based on responses.
    • Leverage robust analytics and practical insights to target customers with data-driven strategies precisely.


    • Free to install: Includes 25 quiz responses per month.
    • Basic: $4.99/month
    • Growth: $19.99/month
    • Pro: $39.99/month

    Overall rating: 4.7/5 (78 reviews)


    9.   Quizell Recommendation Quiz

    Quizell Recommendation Quiz gives you the proficiency of a full-time sales representative dedicated to enhancing your shopping experiences. This app allows you to create dynamic product recommendation quizzes and collect as well as analyze customers' responses to introduce them to suitable products. Interactive quizzes can engage customers, helping them discover what they’re looking for and take the right products the first time without time-wasting. From there, your store can gain customer loyalty, boost sales, and reduce product returns.

    In addition, with its customization options, seamless CRM integration, and focus on data-driven marketing, Quizell is a valuable tool for businesses looking to boost conversions and provide a personalized shopping journey.

    Key features:

    • COMPLETE CUSTOMIZATION - Tailor every element to match your brand and target audience.
    • NO CODE REQUIRED - Easily generate quizzes using our simple drag-and-drop system.
    • MOBILE OPTIMIZED - Quizzes optimized for smooth shopping experiences on all devices.
    • DATA - Gather valuable customer insights with each quiz response to fine-tune your approach.
    • GLOBAL REACH - Scalable personalization globally with multilingual support.


    • 7-day free trial for all versions.
    • Lite: $15/month or $156/year (save 13%)
    • Plus: $49/month or $516/year (save 12%)
    • Pro: $199/month or $2,100/year (save 12%)

    Overall rating: 5/5 (50 reviews)


    10.   Tangent: AI Quiz & Recommender

    Note: Tangent: AI Quiz & Recommender emphasizes the skincare and beauty sector, so if that's your industry, pay attention and go with us. For different sectors, alternative app options are more suitable.

    Tangent: AI Quiz & Recommender is a Shopify quiz app designed for merchants prioritizing ease of use, and it is also the ONLY skin analysis app on Shopify. It's a well-rounded tool that offers a straightforward setup process while providing a good range of features. This app helps you design quizzes and selfie quizzes to engage with your website visitors, get their emails, obtain zero-party data, and power CRM.

    With simply a selfie, the Selfie Quiz(TM) Platform for the beauty category can identify 150+ skin traits. It crafts tailored landing pages, offers product suggestions informed by responses, increases average order value (AOV), and boosts sales through data utilization. Besides, this app enables the segmentation of shoppers, initiates email marketing campaigns aligned with it, and provides you with a dashboard displaying attribution metrics.

    Key features:

    • Custom quiz for gathering shopper emails, along with pertinent zero-party data, whether from new or returning customers.
    • Craft individualized landing pages to offer product recommendations based on the collected data.
    • Activate personalized email sequences that encourage shoppers to buy the suggested products.

    Price: Free

    Overall rating: 55 (36 reviews)


    What do you need to consider when choosing a Shopify Quiz App? 

    Choosing the most suitable Shopify quiz application for your store can be a challenging decision. With numerous apps offered in the Shopify App Store, it can be a complex task to determine the ideal app with suitable features.

    That’s why it’s essential to consider the features and capabilities each app has. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of criteria to consider when choosing a product quiz app:

    • User-friendly Interface: Ensure that the application features a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly create and edit quizzes while enabling customers to respond to questions and complete the quiz swiftly.
    • Data capture capabilities: Check out reviews focusing on the data capture capabilities. The application must have data capture capabilities, allowing you to gather customer information through the quiz.
    • Performance metrics: You can't improve what you can't measure. Please be sure to look for apps that offer robust analytics so you can track performance and tweak your quiz. 
    • Integrations: Make sure the app integrates well with your existing tech stack. Integrating with additional marketing tools allows you to leverage customer data across multiple platforms easily. Whether it's your CRM, email marketing software, or analytics tools, seamless integration will make your work easier.
    • Outstanding Customer Support: Even the best apps can have issues. Good customer support can be a lifesaver, so make sure the app provider has outstanding customer support so you can get help when needed.
    • Price: Consider price ranges to ensure you get the features you need at a price that fits your budget. Some apps offer free plans with limited features, while others can get pricey. Generally, apps with generous free plans for lower-volume stores are worth considering. 
    • Ratings & Reviews: Lastly, pay attention to the crowd's wisdom. Look for reviews from existing customers to ensure the app performs well and provides good value. High ratings and positive reviews are usually a good indicator of an app's quality, but read through them to ensure they align with what you're looking for.


    Shopify Quiz Apps FAQs

  • What kind of data can a business gather from quizzes?
  • Quizzes can give businesses valuable insights into customer preferences, interests, needs, and behavior. This information may encompass product and style preferences, budget considerations, location, demographics, etc. The exact data collected is contingent on the quiz questions and customization settings offered by the quiz app.

  • Can Shopify Quiz Apps customize quizzes to match my brand?
  • Yes, many Shopify quiz apps provide customization features that enable you to harmonize the quiz's appearance with your store's branding. Typically, you can personalize colors, fonts, images, and the overall quiz layout to ensure it mirrors your brand's identity. This provides a uniform and unified brand experience across your entire store, encompassing the quizzes.

  • Do quizzes have a positive impact on my Shopify store?
  • While quizzes may not have a direct impact on your Shopify store's SEO, they can indirectly bolster your SEO strategies by elevating user engagement, extending on-site duration, and attracting additional backlinks and social shares, mainly when the quiz content is valuable and shareable.

  • Can I track the performance of quizzes and their impact on my store's metrics?
  • Yes, many apps offer analytics and reporting features to monitor quiz performance and gain insights into how they affect sales, customer engagement, and other essential metrics.

  • How do I get customer support for my chosen app?
  • You can typically contact the app developer's customer support team for assistance. Check for available support channels, such as email, live chat, or help documentation.


    This blog, “Boost Sales With Top 10 Shopify Quiz Apps,” with all the information, including features, descriptions, prices, and links, is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page or selling channels and is up-to-date. 

    We hope this will help you gain insight into the Shopify Quiz Apps we recommend and find the best pick for your store. Leverage the power of these apps to engage customers, gather data, and create personalized shopping experiences, ultimately boosting sales and customer loyalty. What are you waiting for? Let’s make every quiz an entry point to satisfied customers and sustained growth! 


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