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How The4's Web Design Services Upgraded The Mymanu Website

How The4's Web Design Services Upgraded The Mymanu Website

In today's fast-paced world of online shopping, having a website that stands out is paramount for any business. Mymanu, a company known for its innovative audio products, needed a fresh, user-friendly website to better serve its customers. They chose The4 to help them make this transition.

With 10 years of experience in web design, The4 upgraded Mymanu's website to a faster-loading, more high-coverting, and stunning website with the aid of EComposer—Shopify Page Builder. In this case study, we will reveal How the The4 team upgraded Mymanu's website, making it more attractive and easier to use and boosting sales and customer satisfaction.







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Overview of Mymanu

Mymanu isn't your average tech company. Founded by CEH Technologies Ltd. (a company with a proven track record in health and connectivity solutions), Mymanu is all about pushing boundaries and fostering connections. With a clear mission to remove communication barriers, they focus on creating high-quality hardware and software that goes beyond just listening to music.

So, what exactly do they sell?

Mymanu specializes in developing unique wireless products, specifically translation earbuds. Imagine traveling the world and having conversations translated in real-time right in your ear! For example, their Mymanu CLIK S earbuds boast real-time speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation in over 37 languages.

Where can you get your hands on these nifty gadgets?

Mymanu primarily focuses on ONLINE SALES through its website. This allows them to reach a global audience, so whether you're in Timbuktu or Tokyo, you can become a citizen of the world with a few clicks.

What makes them unique?

The marriage of high-fidelity sound with powerful translation technology truly sets Mymanu apart. Their earbuds aren't just about bridging the language gap; they let you enjoy crystal-clear audio while doing it.

In short, Mymanu is a UK-based tech company aiming to revolutionize communication through innovative translation earbuds. Their focus on online sales allows them to bring the world closer together, one translated conversation at a time.

What challenges does Mymanu face?

Mymanu, known for its cutting-edge audio products, recognized that its website needed improvements to serve its customers better. The design was a bit dated, and the user experience could be enhanced to make navigation smoother and finding information more accessible. Improving these aspects was essential to boost conversion rates and ensure visitors could quickly become happy customers. 

Additionally, these upgrades would increase customer satisfaction and encourage repeat visits, fostering long-term loyalty. By addressing these areas, Mymanu aimed to create a more engaging and efficient online experience for all its users.

What solutions does The4 Web Design Service bring?

We used EComposer - Shopify Page Builder to redesign this website.


The4 transformed Mymanu's homepage using EComposer - Shopify Page Builder, creating 10 engaging sections. The centerpiece is a slider banner, which makes the homepage more interactive and visually appealing, allowing customers to choose the slides they want to see.

Advanced images move when hovered over in the middle of the page, adding a modern touch. These images include buttons that link to additional content pages, providing more information for customers.

A Text Marquee element highlights Mymanu’s strengths, such as Free Shipping, Secure Payment, and Warranty information, enhancing the store’s credibility.

The Review Section features video and text reviews from satisfied customers, making the site feel trustworthy and friendly.

Additionally, We incorporated Features, Headings, Text, and a Newsletter section, ensuring the homepage is attractive and user-friendly.

Product Page

The4 redesigned Mymanu's product page to make a strong impression on customers. At the top of the page, we placed a section featuring a large product image and detailed information, ensuring customers immediately see the product they’re interested in. Multiple pictures from different angles help customers visualize the product better.

An "Add to Cart" button with a color-changing hover effect is prominently placed, making it easy for customers to recognize and use. This slight touch enhances the overall shopping experience.

Below this, The4 highlighted the product’s outstanding features with clear illustrations and detailed content, providing customers with all the information they need in an engaging format.

Collection Page

For the Collection Page, The4 focused on simplicity to make it easy for customers to find products. We placed a brand-recognizable banner at the top of the page for immediate visual impact. 

Below the banner, we used the Collection Product element to neatly display the products, ensuring a clean and straightforward browsing experience.

About Us Page

Another significant page is the About Us page, which introduces Mymanu's mission, vision, and story. The4 chose a staggered layout for this page, breaking up the content to make it easier and more enjoyable for customers to read. This layout encourages visitors to take their time and absorb all the information.

At the bottom of the page, The4 used the Feature Box element to display a list of the top people at Mymanu. This presentation style helps customers see and connect with the key people behind the brand, adding a personal touch to the company's story.

Results Beyond Expectations

The4's transformation of Mymanu’s website brought results beyond expectations. The new design immediately impressed customers with its modern, user-friendly interface. Visitors found it easier to navigate the site, view products, and make purchases, leading to a significant increase in conversion rates.

Customer satisfaction soared as users enjoyed the improved shopping experience. The engaging homepage, clear product pages, and informative About Us page helped build trust and connection with the brand. Mymanu also saw a boost in customer retention, with more visitors returning to the site thanks to its enhanced functionality and appeal.

Overall, the website redesign met and exceeded Mymanu's goals, driving higher sales and fostering more robust customer relationships.

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