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10+ Best Shopify Spy Tools: The Ultimate Guide 2024

10+ Best Shopify Spy Apps for your eCommerce Stores - 2023 - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

Shopify spy tools are software that help eCommerce store owners gather intelligence and insights about their competitors' activities on the Shopify platform. These applications allow you to track your competitors' pricing strategies, inventory levels, marketing campaigns, social media activity, and more.

In this blog, we've compiled a list of the 10+ best Shopify spy tools available that can help you gather data on your competitors' pricing strategies, social media activity, and marketing campaigns. By using these powerful tools, you can stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions about your eCommerce strategy. Let’s explore!

1. Koala Inspector 

koala Inspector - Best Shopify Spy Apps

Koala Inspector is a powerful Shopify spy tool that allows eCommerce store owners to analyze their competitors' stores and products in real time. Its standout features include product research tools, competitor analysis dashboards, and data export capabilities. With Koala Inspector, businesses can stay ahead of the competition by keeping track of their pricing strategies, product launches, and marketing campaigns. 

Highlight Features

- Koala Inspector is free for life, allowing you to invest in other aspects of your e-commerce business for growth optimization.

- It is a full-suite solution that eliminates the need for multiple apps and extensions by providing all the necessary data in one place.

- Use Koala Inspector as an integrated Shopify store analyzer to find themes, apps, ad campaigns, products, and more.

- The tool comes with 24/7 customer support. The team will address your queries at any time and offer advice and assistance when necessary for maximum Shopify store performance.

Pricing Plans

3 days free trial for all paid plans

- Free Plan

- Professional Plan: $7.99/month

- Ultimate Plan: $19.99/month


2. Niche Scraper

Best Shopify Spy Apps 2023

Niche Scraper is a popular Shopify spy tool that offers a range of tools to help businesses find winning products, analyze competitors, and optimize their marketing strategies. Its standout features include product research tools, Facebook ad spy tools, and Instagram influencer search tools. With Niche Scraper, businesses can uncover profitable niches and get insights into their competitors' sales funnels and ad targeting methods. 

Highlight Features

- Get daily updates on winning products

- Analyze your store performance

- Easily create Facebook video ads

- Showcase your products in video situations

- Register for free and access most features

Pricing Plans

- Free Plan

- Pro Membership Plan: $49.95/month or $199/year

3. Xpareto

Spy Apps for Shopify

Xpareto is a Shopify Spy tool that provides you with valuable insights into your competitors' best-selling items and business methods. By following a few simple steps, you can analyze the product offerings of your competitors to better understand customer preferences and optimize your product lineup. Xpareto's analysis of business methods can also provide insights into marketing strategies, top traffic sources, and social media platforms used for promotion.

Highlight Features

- Cost-Effective: Xpareto is a browser-based Shopify spy tool that offers a more affordable alternative to similar services that require monthly fees. 

- Compatibility: Unlike tool extensions, Xpareto is accessible through most web browsers and has greater compatibility with various operating systems. 

Pricing Plans

Free for all

4. BigSpy

Top Spy apps for Shopify

BigSpy is a comprehensive eCommerce advertising spy tool, which helps businesses to identify trends and analyze competitors' advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. Its standout features include ad research tools, ad creatives, ad targeting analysis, and data exports. BigSpy's powerful analytics allows businesses to track the success of their marketing efforts in real-time and learn from their competition. Pricing plans start at $9/month, and it has an average rating of 4.7/5 based on over 500 reviews.

Highlight Features

- Access ads from over 9 major social networks on our multi-platform advertising service.

- Our ad database is massive, profitable, and boasts over 1 billion ads.

- Utilize powerful search functionality to filter by ad types, countries, formats, industry type, CTA, date, and more.

- Stay up to date on daily trending Ads with our featured ads picked by big data and intelligence.

- Discover new ideas or niches daily, tracked by thousands of users.

- Track your performance curve or ad scheduling preferences using the My Tracked feature.

Pricing Plans

- Basic Plan: $9/month

- Pro Plan: $99/month

- Group Plan: $249/month

- Enterprise Plan: $3600/year

5. Ali Hunter Chrome Extensions

top Shopify Spy Apps

Ali Hunter is a browser extension that helps eCommerce store owners to research suppliers and products on AliExpress. Its standout features include supplier search tools, product research tools, and pricing analysis. With Ali Hunter, businesses can quickly find reliable suppliers and profitable products on AliExpress, and import them directly into their Shopify store. 

Highlight Features

- Product Summary: Price, rating, number of reviews, daily sales status, sales volume and price history statistics.

- Review Summary: Actual photos and reviews from previous buyers to help decide to sell the product.

- Price History: Shows price movements with maximum and minimum values for 3-6 months, allowing for finding the perfect price point to maximize profits.

- Order History: Predict product trends based on the last 1000 orders to find winning products and profitable markets.

- Shopify Sellers: Check if the product is sold on Shopify.

- Supplier Summary: Check best-selling and trending products for vendors.

- Store Info: See top items competitors have successfully sold.

Pricing Plans

- Free

- Starter Plan: $9.9/month

- Basic Plan: $19.9/month

- Advanced Plan: $49.9/month

- Premium Plan: $149.9/month

6. BuiltWith

Shopify spy

BuiltWith is a search engine that identifies unique keywords or phrases on the homepage of websites and categorizes them based on technology, location, traffic ranks, and web technology spending. With BuiltWith Pro, users have access to data on millions of online stores and can create customized lead lists with filtered retail information.

Highlight Features

- Boost your conversion rates

- Access cutting-edge technology markets for free

- Enjoy comprehensive data coverage

- Conduct cyber risk audits

- Analyze your technology spending by generating filtered reports

Pricing Plans

- Basic Plan: $295/month

- Pro Plan: $495/month

- Team Plan: $995/month

7. CommerceInspector

Spy shopify best software spy apps

You can use CommerceInspector to search for products across various stores using keywords and analyze the metrics of your competitors to gain a competitive edge. This includes tracking sales trends, catalog size, best-selling products, website traffic, and more. Additionally, you can monitor your competition's ad campaigns and gain inspiration for your creations with ease. 

It also allows you to track your competitors' ad campaigns and discover trending stores. By using this tool, traders can save money and increase efficiency by identifying which applications are being adopted or dropped.

Highlight Features

- Discover profitable products

- Monitor live sales data

- Track your competitors' ad campaigns

- Filter app searches by category

- Stay up-to-date with global sales trends

Pricing Plans

- Chrome Extension: Free

- Start Plan: $29/month

- Grow Plan: $59/month

- Scale Plan: $149/month

- Conquer Plan: $299/month

Save 40% annually for all paid plans

8. Spyfu

Spy for Shopify

With SpyFu, you can gain insights into your competitors' SEO and PPC strategies by accessing their most profitable keywords, ad copy, and budget information. This allows you to optimize your campaigns, improve your organic search rankings, and ultimately drive more traffic and sales to your online store. Whether you're an experienced marketer or a beginner, SpyFu is a must-have tool in your arsenal for gaining a competitive advantage in today's crowded digital landscape.

Highlight Features

- Access to your competitors' most profitable keywords

- View your competitors' ad copy and budget information

- Track your website's organic search rankings

- Identify high-value SEO opportunities for your business

- Monitor your own PPC campaigns and improve your ROI

- Discover new keywords and niches to target in your marketing efforts

- Create custom reports to track your progress and share them with your team or clients

- Integration with Google Analytics and other marketing tools for seamless workflow

Pricing Plans

- Basic Plan: $16/month (paid annually) or $39/month (paid monthly)

- Professional Plan: $36/month (paid annually) or $79/month

- Team Plan:$149/month (paid annually) or $299/month (paid monthly)

9. PowerAdSpy

Shopify spy apps

PowerAdSpy allows users to spy on their competitors' Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads. With its advanced search capabilities, PowerAdSpy lets users find and analyze ads by keywords, engagement metrics, and target audience demographics. 

This makes it an invaluable resource for marketers looking to gain insights into their competition's advertising strategies and improve their own campaigns accordingly. Whether you're running a Shopify store or any other online business, PowerAdSpy can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your marketing goals.

Highlight Features

- Advanced search capabilities for finding ads by keywords, engagement metrics, and target audience demographics

- Access to a vast database of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads with daily updates

- In-depth ad analysis tools including engagement metrics, ad creatives, and landing page details

- Powerful filtering options to narrow down search results by ad type, industry, country, and more

- Ad tracking and monitoring tools to keep tabs on your competitors' advertising strategies

- Exporting and sharing options for easy collaboration with team members or clients.

Pricing Plans

- Free Plan

- Basic Plan: $49/month

- Standard Plan: $99/month

- Premium Plan: $149/month

- Platinum Plan: $249/month

- Titanium Plan: $299/month

- Palladium Plan: $349/month

10. Shopify Spy

best spy for Shopify

Shopify Spy is a tool designed for scraping Shopify stores and analyzing them. With this tool, you can extract valuable insights and product listings from your competitors with ease. The extracted data can then be saved in CSV format and opened in Excel for further analysis. 

This process is quick and comprehensive, providing access to all product listing fields. The tool is highly versatile and can be used by different types of users. It is available for download on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, giving users maximum flexibility.

Highlight Features

- Product Scraper: Shopify Spy can scrape all product listings from any given Shopify store, including product titles, descriptions, prices, SKUs, categories, images, and more.

- CSV Export: The scraped data can be saved in CSV format and opened in Excel for further analysis. This makes it easy to sort, filter, and analyze the data using different tools.

- Competitor Analysis: You can use Shopify Spy to analyze your competitors' product listings, pricing strategies, and marketing tactics. 

Pricing Plans

- Free Plan

- Premium Plan: $29/month or $199/year


Final thought

To sum it up, incorporating Shopify spy tools into your eCommerce strategy in 2024 can provide valuable insights and help you stay ahead of the competition. By using these tools to gather intelligence and optimize your eCommerce strategy accordingly, you can improve your sales and grow your business.

Try out the top 10+ options we've outlined to gain a deeper understanding of your market and optimize your online store for success. Take advantage of the insights provided by these tools and watch your online store thrive. Your eCommerce success is just a click away!

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