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How to add Wishlists on Shopify stores Free

How to add Free Wishlists on Shopify stores - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

It’s hard to retain customers staying longer and making purchases.

Among tons of work that need to be done to develop an eCommerce business, sticking with customers is one of the hardest things that gives any Online store owner a headache. Even their customers might forget or neglect their purchase easily. 

In particular, 69.99% of all shopping carts are abandoned on average.

This indicates that slightly more than 2 out of every 3 customers who add items to their shopping basket will leave without using their credit card. That is a significant amount of missed chances and lost money.

Providing a "wishlist" tool for customers is one of the most efficient ways we've found to let customers be more engaged with your brand.

In this article, we will find out the importance of eCommerce wishlists features for your store and how to apply them effectively.  

What is the Shopify wishlist?


The wish list is a feature that Customers of Shopify sites can use to compile a list of items they want but aren't quite ready to buy yet. These items could be gifts or things they intend to buy for themselves in the future. 

Why Wishlists impact on desired customer experiences?

We would say that an appeal and functional wishlist plays an important role for companies because it not only can give them valuable insight into consumer buying behaviors but also wish lists are obviously valuable to customers too.

Let’s explore why Favorite list can enhance customer experiences:

Wishlists - useful reminders. 

Unlike Shopping cart, a wish list could be for the home that your customers are looking to purchase. They serve as reminders to buy items you will need in the future and are extremely useful when customers are looking for organization in their lives.

Using Wishlists to educate customers. 

You will see that most ecommerce stores require their shoppers to create an account to save a wishlist. 

By doing this stuff, the shoppers can receive more information about the products on their wishlist. This education will help customers justify buying products and help them engage more with the store to build trust.

Wishlists -  powerful tool to solve out-of-stock items

Perhaps you are unaware, but out of stock can be a major issue for an eCommerce store, especially since 65% of online shoppers are disappointed by out-of-stocks and abandon their carts.

The wishlist feature can be an excellent tool for reducing losses. Simply allow customers to add out-of-stock items to their wishlist and notify them via email or in-app notification when they are back in stock.

WishLists - Great Sale alert tool for customers

Wish lists are frequently used by savvy shoppers to save items for future flash sale events. Informing your customers that items on their wishlist have gone on sale is an excellent way to entice them to return and complete the purchase. 

You can also use the information gleaned from analyzing all wishlists to determine which items to discount - items frequently saved in wishlists have a higher chance of generating more sales.


Shopify Wishlists best practices

We have already found out what Wishlist is and why it plays a crucial part for your online business performance. Wonder how to add functional wishlists to boost sales and customer experiences? Let’s explore most important notices before applying wishlists to your stores:

- Place your wishlist prominently near the top of your website (the top right-hand - corner is used by nearly all brands);
- Make your wishlist element easy and intuitive to use;
- Ensure that an item has been added to a wishlist completely (Generate a signal to inform your customers when the items were added on their wishlist);
- Make it simple for customers to remove items they no longer want.


How to add wishlists to Shopify with The4 toolkits

The4 toolkits is well-known as one of the powerful Shopify apps that assists you with adding wishlists features fast and efficiently. Let’s take a look here. 

What is The4 toolkit Wishlists & Compare


The4 Toolkit is a new Shopify app developed by Nitro Apps - an eCommerce-savvy developing team. 

This Shopify app allows Shopify users to add Wishlist to their Shopify store. Your online customers can now bookmark their favorite items to their wish list, then return to check them at any time. With The4 Toolkit, you can significantly improve customer shopping experiences and increase sales.

This app especially supports activating Wishlist features on The4 Shopify themes such as Unsen, Kalles, Basel, Gecko, etc. 

Your customers can view these favorite lists on any device such as computers, and phones, and just need to log in to their customer account later on.

👉Grab The4 Toolkit HERE

The notable advantages of The4 toolkit

✔ 100% Free. NO extra fee.

✔ Powerful Shopify tool to add Wishlists (Link sang blog) & Compare (link sang blog)

✔ Works perfectly with The4 themes like Kalles, Gecko, Unsen, Basel, etc, and all of other official Shopify themes.

✔ NO impact on your site performance.

✔ Very easy to use

✔ Dedicated Customer support

    How to Use The4 Toolkits

    To apply those sections, let’s follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Install The4 Toolkits HERE

    Flick on “Add app” to equip The4 Wish List Toolkits for your Shopify store.


    Then The4 Toolkits dashboard will appear in front of you, like the picture here


    Step 2: Choose your working theme 

    In the guiding area in The4 Toolkits’s dashboard, you will see a theme selecting box. Check and click on the theme you want to add to the wishlist section.

    Step 3: Activate The4 toolkits on your theme

    Open Online store -> Theme then click on Customize theme. Then find App Embeds, and turn on The4 toolkit’s embed button. 

    Step 4: Add Wishlist sections:

    First, you need to enable the ‘Wishlist’ feature. 

    Then Go to Theme customization, and open “Product page”. 

    In “product mains”, click on “Add Sections” - choose “wishlist” to add a wishlist feature.

    Here is what The4 toolkit’s wishlist looks like after being equipped with your store’s theme.



    Watch the short gif below, so you can understand how The4 toolkit’s Wish Lists are created in your Shopify store.


    By applying wishlist of The4 toolkits for your store, you provide such cool shopping experiences to your buyers, when they can:

    - Seek and add to wishlist anytime, no matter whether products are displayed in the homepage; quick view or product main; product recommendation.

    - Easy to add, view and remove items on the wishlist. 

    - Quick view or Quick shop immediately

    To remove any product on your wishlists, just click on the icon “remove wishlist” in the top left corner of each product image.

    Bonus: Best examples of eCommerce wishlists

    Now, let’s see how well-known brands apply wishlists to their eCommerce and create stellar customer experience. 



    H&M is one of the reputed brands which absolutely nailed its e-commerce wishlist. 

    You can see that H&M placed a wishlist named “Favorites” front and center on its landing page.

    The heart icon also appears in its single product in the product page. 

    After finding an item the shoppers are interested in, they just need to click the heart icon, and Done, the item they chose has been added to this wishlist already, and the “heart” will turn red.

    The customer can review their favorites easily by clicking on the “favorite” icon, then be ready to purchase anytime. 

    It’s also easy for them to remove their saved items.  The shopper just simply flicks the “Trash” icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

    Thanks to the wishlist feature, H&M not only reduced lead shoppers to jump through a bunch of hoops to remove items they’re no longer interested in, but also raised their better shopping experience, made this brand upsell easily and kept its customers more engaged. 



    Next outstanding example of using a wishlist is jewelry, watch, and crystal decoration brand Swarovski.

    You can see the e-commerce wishlist located in the top right-hand corner, where most customers expect it to be. 

    Besides typical characteristics of a basic wishlist such as allowing buyer to either add or remove items on their self-created favorite lists, Swarovski supports their shoppers in adding multiple items to their wishlist 

    Swarovski has a button at the bottom of the wishlist for this purpose, which allows shoppers to add everything to their shopping cart with a single click.


    You will see that equipping the eCommerce wishlist not only saves customers time, but it also helps Swarovski increase their average order value (AOV). 


    To sum up

    You have read about the wishlist features for your online store.

    Also, by introducing our new Shopify app - The4 toolkits, we can give you such a great suggestion to robust your customer shopping experience, and generate higher profit.

    Please don’t hesitate to leave your ideas related in the comment box below this blog. They are such motivated feedback contributing to The4’s product better versions. We are all ears for you! 

    Everything is for Shopify businesses growth. 


    Add The4 toolkits - Powerful Wishlist and compare Shopify App

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