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Ecommerce SEO Guide: How Shopify Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic in 2022

Ecommerce SEO Guide: How Shopify Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic in 2022 - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

Ecommerce SEO is not an option. If you have a sales website, you must adopt SEO immediately.

It seems like I’m extolling the virtues of SEO.

Absolutely NO.

In an article, we mentioned Optimization is one of the best ways to raise High traffic and conversion rates on Shopify for any business in general and your sales website in particular.

But in particular, why is SEO essential for your eCommerce business?

1. SEO helps your customers to find you much easier.

We all see that Technology has grown tremendously over the years, especially on the Covid-19 outbreak, most trade activities are implemented online, leading to changes in consumer buying behaviors. Search is now an integral part of the purchasing decision-making process.

44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine.

Over 50% of all EU and the US’s online visitors are accounted from Organic and Paid Search marketing, being consider as the most Common e-Commerce traffic sources.

Therefore, ignoring SEO means that you are taking a serious risk: being ignored in the potential customer’s buying journey. Moreover,…

2. SEO enhances your Click-and-mortar store gravitating Plenty and Free Traffics

A successful SEO strategy doesn’t charge per click, per conversion, or per impression to you, right?

That’s the reason why most large businesses and SMEs all try to implement and integrate SEO with their overall marketing strategies to save a lot of marketing costs.

And lastly, SEO Effects aren’t restricted

SEO doesn’t limit you to use in several months or years.

With paid advertising, as soon as you stop paying, your site’s traffic drops. In contrast, SEO still keeps running and continuously produces results day and night.

Because customers don’t always see the story that SEO has to offer, SEO doesn’t get the attention and budget it deserves. But SEO has the ability to drive sales brilliantly for years.

Most of us know that SEO can raise a site on Google rank. However, not all do it right.


Top 5 common Ecommerce SEO mistakes your site need to avoid

1. Complicated sitemap

The main objective of an XML sitemap is to assist search engine spiders in properly crawling your site and allowing more of your pages to be indexed on a regular basis. One of the most intriguing features of Shopify is that anytime a page is created on your site, an XML sitemap is immediately built. This will save you time when creating your own.

However, if you don’t submit a sitemap to Google or other search engines, you risk not having all of your pages indexed, especially if your store is new and Google hasn’t fully crawled and indexed it yet.

2. Not Mobile responsive

You know, Google, the world’s largest search engine, is particularly shrewd to choose and rank sites. Plus, the Google search algorithm gets consistent updates made to it, making it all the more important for brands to pay attention when changes happen.

Mobile-friendly and responsive website designs are no exception. Even it’s been a core component of the Google ranking algorithm since 2015.

Moreover, in research by Oberlo in 2021, 3/4 of consumers said they usually buy from their smartphones because it saves their time. Therefore, non-mobile-responsive Ecommerce sites will raise poor user experiences significantly.  

3. Slow site speed

Obviously, people, including you and I, aren’t patient enough to wait for a website loading. Instead of waiting, they will switch to another Ecommerce store and shop there.

There are tons of reasons leading to your slow Shopify site speed such as poor Photo optimization like choosing low-quality images, missing size adjustment and alt-text; a lot of redirects on your site, and so on.

4. Mistakes about your site’s Title Tags Meta Descriptions

We all see that Shopify only limits 70 characters for each title and 320 characters for each meta description. But during setting up your own Shopify store, such as importing your products’ information, you may:

  • Neglecting your site’s Title Tags Meta Descriptions
  • Adding your product descriptions too long.

5. Mistakes about your content:

  • Or you are copying and pasting info from several trustful websites, like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay,…, instead of creating your own?
  • You are speading keywords densely?

If you are doing those stuff, please STOP.

Remember that Google is smarter and smarter. While you duplicate posted content, search engines have already indexed this content elsewhere, then flagged it as duplicated on your site. It has a negative SEO effect.

Besides, Google dislikes the black-hat trick like SEO Keyword stuffing since it focuses on outwitting the search engine algorithm rather than improving the user experience. It does have some short-term benefits, but it’s playing with fire and is rarely useful in the long run. If Google discovers you stuffed the keyword turkey, they will penalize your site. Your page’s ranking could be lowered, or it could be removed entirely!

So how to optimize Shopify store effectively?

Keep in mind that there are 4 SEO’s aspects to be focused on once you wanna do SEO on Shopify:

  • Keywords
  • Site architecture
  • On-page
  • Shopify blog and Content marketing

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What else…?

With SEO Booster, you can:

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