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The4 is officially Power Elite, time to say Thank You!

The4 is officially Power Elite, time to say Thank You! - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

June 21, 2021, we officially hit $1 million in Shopify themes sales and officially hit the Power Elite level. In a word, Power Elite is a noble title for authors with revenue of 1 million dollars or more, authors take an average of 5 to 9 years to achieve this title. With The4 we reached it after 3 years and 4 months of development (it was slow in the early stages) and if we include the sales of the Basel Shopify theme we reached this level 4 months ago, however because Basel is sold on our partner account – JThemes, so its sales are not added to The4 account, that’s why we got up a little later than expected.

This is the time to say thank you to the customers who have trusted and spent time using our products. Reputation takes a long time to build, and for The4 to become one of the leading Shopify theme authors on Envato, we had to work hard and experience many failures.

A big thank you to our Shopify theme team members Nathan, Daniel, Kate, Sarah for their great work. We will continue to improve and make the products better as well but continue to aim to be the number one Shopify author on Envato.

We have a clear mission, vision, and core values to focus on business development, you will understand how serious we are in this work.

Mission: to bring the best quality products optimized for loading speed and user experience to help customers have professional online stores like million dollar brands.

Vision: To be the number one author in the market by 2022 and reach $2 million in revenue by early 2023. To be one of the largest Shopify service companies in the market by 2025.

Core Values: Each individual is a part of creating success, focusing on developing and creating high-quality personnel. Continuously improve the quality of personnel and products.

Maybe you don’t know

The4 is one of our brands, in addition to The4 we are also owners or members of other brands. You can view our products/brands to date below.

  • The4: Provide high quality Shopify themes and services.
  • Fontify: Provide easy font change solution for Shopify store. Top 1 font change app in app store
  • LayoutHub: Top PageBuilder App Shopify in app store. This is a project we collaborated with King-Themes.
  • Lumise: The app allows to easily design shirts, mugs…everything. This is a project we collaborated with King-Themes.

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