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Intro Unsen Shopify Theme & Get The4 Special Offer

Intro Unsen Shopify Theme & Get The4 Special Offer - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

For 7 years working as an eCommerce developer, The4 team has been looking for new solutions in optimizing Shopify merchants’ stores, then bringing their customers smooth and seamless in-web experiences and drawing more sales. Let’s take a look at how we grew up to now.

In 2018, we published a Shopify theme called Gecko and so far, Gecko has achieved nearly 8000+ purchases and has been receiving positive feedback from customers worldwide.

After 2 years, we completed a Shopify theme called Kalles, an improved version of Gecko, and had a completely different design at the time. Fortunately, Kalles had sold almost 10.000+ copies, had almost 1000+ 5-star reviews, and stood consecutively at the Top highest-rated Shopify theme on ThemeForest.

To continue those successes, in 2022, We proudly introduce to you Unsen – Next Generation of The4’s Shopify Themes that is different from all the Shopify themes currently on the market.

This article will explain what standout features Unsen has and why we call it the next-generation Shopify theme.

Cool Features of Unsen Shopify Theme

Main Demo Layout- BIGGEST difference

Unsen Shopify theme’s Default home Layout

Throughout our research, current themes just solve simple problems with repetitive designs. Those are not what the customer really wants.

In Unsen Shopify theme, we have researched and developed a completed default home demo that meets eCommerce businesses’ needs. Looking at the short video above, the menus of Men, Women or About are NOT duplicate links to collection pages. They are MORE than that.

Unsen assists you in creating separate landing pages that serve the store owner’s Specific purposes. You can see the above example showing 3 landing pages for 3 different purposes: products for women and men, and Sale off campaign.

Moreover, you can customize any elements to create comprehensive landing pages having different logos, menus, designs, collections, etc, satisfying your on-site goals. As you can see the display of MEN, WOMEN or SALE.

Notably, Unsen’s header is designed simply, cleanly but completely, which is promised as a highlight section to bring comfort to customers as soon as they enter your website.

Unsen Shopify Theme’s Unique Sliders

In most of the popular sliders, banners and content, and the CTA is overlayed with each other.

But with Unsen we give you more choices. Unsen’s sliders separate banner and content separately. This feature orients your customers’ concentration much better.

You can also configure the main color tone of your slider content to match with your banner. This will make your slider looks more eye-catching and professional. We believe that feature will soon be trendy up to 2023.

Ultimate Mini Cart

With Unsen, the mini cart is improved and optimized much better than other themes. By Unsen’s advanced mini cart, customers can easily view the products in the wishlist, the products viewed or the products you want to advertise.

In the mini cart’s main area, Unsen provides blocks that drive higher conversion rates.

You may also like the Free shipping threshold. Of course, the “I agree to the terms of the store” function is also indispensable.

Advanced Unsen Shopify Theme’s Sale Pages

This layout is a highlight advantage of Unsen.

Unsen provides perfect layouts for you to run any promotion campaigns.

There are also huge ranges of large and eye-catching banners with vibrant colors and outstanding contents. The banners are streamlined by price or best-selling, along with background color, so that makes Unsen’s Sale layouts lead more users attention, then scroll down to know the Sale off information. There are also other sections like discount banner, lookbook, free shipping bar, and more.

We ensure that would be a really great layout for any sale campaign and for any type of store.

Plus 30 Premium Demos

Built by tech-savvy members, The4 team all guarantees the design standards of Unsen’s demos. These are niche and professional demos, and they can be suitable for any kinds of stores.

Moreover, we continuously collect user feedback in the user community to improve new interfaces for Unsen. If you need any support, want to leave feedbacks, contribute ideas or get the latest information about Unsen’s updates, features, promotions then join this private community HERE.

Product page with Appealing Features

It can be said that this is a strength of most The4’s themes because we spent a lot of time and effort improving the product page. To meet Shopify’s rigorous standards, we’re constantly developing new features to help the users budget spending on third-party apps. You can check out some of the features and their demos below.

  • Product default layout
  • Product with sidebar
  • Product description with tab
  • Product description with accordions
  • External / Affiliate Product
  • Product Grouped
  • Product Video
  • Product 360 and 3D
  • Product color swatches
  • Product image swatches
  • Frequent bought together

Let’s see the full features of the product page by hovering over Products from the menu

Full of Necessary Pages

We understand what the Shopify users needs in a premium Shopify theme, that’s why we always put ourselves in the merchant’s shoe and find out what they are really looking for.

One thing we do is provide all the necessary pages for an eCommerce store. That is paramount for your store to be publishing approved by Shopify.

With Unsen, you can easily see needed pages in Footer such as About Us, Store Location, Sitemaps, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, FAQs, Brands, Return and Refund, and so on. They all need examining to ensure actual values conveying to Shopify merchants through different customer surveys and interviews.

What’s MORE inside Unsen Shopify Theme?

It would be difficult to write everything in one blog post, but the things The4 team mentioned above are just some of the new features at Unsen that we are really pleased with.

Not stopping on that, there are still many other features such as Lookbook, Blog, Collection features, Filter, and more.

To fully explore all these features, check out Unsen’s demo via this link: (password: 4).

Wait!!! Get Special OFFER for Unsen’s users

On Unsen’s releasing occasion, we would love to give you Special limited discount

In details, you have a chance to get 20%OFF, when

Read more the article: How to get The4 Special Offers for Shopify Users to understand how you can get Offer for Unsen Shopify theme steps by steps.

Final word:

We hope that all information about Unsen Shopify theme is beneficial for you in building a high-converting Shopify store at reasonable price and drawing higher sales.

It’s our pleasure to assist you in solving any technical problems preventing your online store growth.

Click here to grab Unsen and level up your eCommerce businesses.

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