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Advantage and Disadvantage of online and offline stores

Advantage and Disadvantage of online and offline stores - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

Millions of people have succeeded by applying technology to e-commerce. Do you want to be next? Open a completely free store and start this new journey.

Thanks to the internet, we have more and more choices when shopping. Businesses also have many options for doing business. Currently, there are two main types of business: online and offline. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of businesses? Which type will prevail more?

1 – Online shop Advantages

1.1 – Time saver

Online shopping will save you a lot more time. You only need an electronic device with a network connection to access the store. It could be phone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc. Alternatively, you can buy it anytime at noon, or even at 12 o’clock at night when all the traditional stores (offline shops) are closed.

1.2 – Make comfortable

Indeed, buying online will make you feel a lot more comfortable for a number of reasons. If you are interested in buying a certain item you can go to a lot of different stores to see the price and customer feedback on that product. Second reason, you can finish watching and if you do not like you can still cancel the order without hesitation.

For a traditional store, usually when you go into the store, there will be an employee who will always accompany you to assist you if needed. However, in case you do not make a purchase, you will feel very shy. And that makes you feel uncomfortable when buying.

1.3 – Shipping and delivery

You will not have to move to the stores to pick up the item you have purchased. The items will be shipped to you directly by the store or through a shipping unit. Thus, it is convenient and saves a lot of time and effort for customers. Also, if you buy multiple items at the same time, you get free shipping. In the case of a fee, the amount of shipping/product is very low.

1.4 – Discount and offer

When shopping online you will have more discount codes and offers. One of the main reasons is to compete with other stores. In addition, when doing business online, the shop owners create more discount codes, the more they can attract more customers.

You will also receive many incentives thanks to the purchase policy such as: buy 2 get 1 free or discount when buying in packages, buying together.

1.5 – Payment options

Because of online business, the problem of diversifying payment methods is extremely important. Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to buy but can’t pay because you don’t have the right means of payment? If you follow the payment method, it means you have lost a customer. Thus, integrating many payment methods will help customers more convenient in purchasing.

1.6 – Sales

On major holidays such as New Year, black friday, and Christmas, weekends often have big sale programs for customers to stimulate purchase, stimulate product consumption to increase sales for businesses. With an online business, it has become easier than ever because with a large number of customers visiting the store, they can still manage and check each order.

In addition, customers will also receive an email notification or call directly from the business to inform the discount code on their birthday.

1.7 – Distance

Of course, only with an internet-connected device so you can access the store anywhere, anytime. You do not need to waste time or effort to go to the store. This is the most advantageous factor that online shop brings.


2 – Online shop disadvantage

2.1 – Product quality

Since you cannot go to the store directly and check the quality of the goods, you will only know all the information and quality of the product through pictures, videos and descriptions of the product. shop owner offers.

On the other hand, you also cannot know if those images or videos are taken from the products they are selling or they are from another source. Descriptions they can go to copy any source they want. So buying online will depend a lot on the customer experience, feedback and trustness.

2.2 – Delay time in delivery

Although buying online will save time in going to the store, the delivery waiting time can be much longer. Domestic delivery times will typically range from 4-6 days depending on location and facilities. However, delivery time between countries can be up to 15 – 20 days or even longer depending on the size and shipping route.

Waiting time = Time to pack the product + sending time + shipping time + delivery time + (time incurred)

3 – Offline shop disadvantage

3.1 – Tired of shopping

If you are someone who has time, Shopping can be a time to relieve stress. However, for those who lack time, going to the store to shop is a pain when they only have a little time to buy a few items. Do you ever feel bothered by having an employee accompany you when entering a certain store. Not to mention that after buying, you also have to bring a bunch of things home.

Above is the case when you buy the goods you like when you go to the right store with the item you like. In the event that the store does not have the item, you will have to move between many different stores to buy it. OMG! Imagine spending the morning just buying a dress and some other junk.

3.2 – Bargaining for get discount

Usually, traditional stores will increase their prices to make more profits to compensate for the maintenance fee, the space fee. So shoppers often have the habit of paying prices when entering these stores. There are even places where you can buy the solder for only 50% of the initial value provided by the vendor. For some Countries they consider paying the price when buying is traditional (Indonesia, China, Vietnam, etc …)

3.3 – Payment

Traditional business, the payment methods cannot be too diversified. Usually there is only one method at traditional stores: using cash. Some of the more advanced stores have access to technology, and they use a swipe.

There are also stores that provide smart baking through a QR code. But this ratio is not high, mainly using cash. This causes some inconveniences for customers when they have to carry a pile of cash with them when shopping or some cases forget their wallet.

4 – Offline shop advantage

4.1 – Quality check directly

Of course you can touch the item and feel it for its texture, aroma, durability, etc. All are under your control. You can assess product quality directly without the worry of buying online.

4.2 – Buy now

If you like and feel the item is right for you, you can buy it right away and pay for it. Unlike buying online, you will have to wait for the delivery time, but for offline purchases, the item will be right at your fingertips and go with you as long as you pay.

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