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+10 Best Digital Products to Sell on Your Shopify Store

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

In the captivating realm of online commerce, the potential to transform your Shopify store into a treasure trove of profitability awaits. Imagine tapping into the power of digital products, those intangible gems that captivate audiences and open new avenues for revenue.

Welcome to a journey where innovation meets commerce, creativity fuses with technology, and your Shopify store becomes a stage for showcasing a wealth of digital wonders. This exploration unveils the Top 10 Best Digital Products to Sell on Your Shopify Store, from educational delights to captivating eBooks and ingenious software to mesmerizing music. 

Before going into the details, make sure you have built an eCommerce store on Shopify

What are digital products?

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Shopify digital product refers to an intangible item or media that can be sold and distributed online multiple times without requiring inventory replenishment. These products are commonly available as downloadable or streamable digital files, including formats like MP3s, PDFs, videos, plug-ins, and templates.

Why Sell Digital Products On Your Shopify Website?

When selling digital products, Shopify offers an exceptional platform that opens the door to many advantages. Let's explore why venturing into digital products on Shopify can be a game-changer for your business.

Low production cost

Creating digital products often requires minimal upfront costs compared to manufacturing physical goods. This means you can focus on crafting high-quality content without the burden of substantial production expenses.

Never out of stock

Say goodbye to stock shortages and disappointed customers. With digital products, your inventory is always available, ensuring customers can access their desired items instantaneously.

Minimal Barriers to Entry

Starting your digital product journey on Shopify is remarkably accessible. The platform provides user-friendly tools that allow you to set up your store, upload products, and launch your business without intricate technical know-how.

Global sales

The digital landscape knows no borders. Selling digital products on Shopify enables you to reach a global audience, transcending geographical limitations and tapping into diverse markets.

Lucrative Profit Margins

Digital products boast impressive profit margins due to low production costs and high scalability. As you sell more, your profits can soar without the constraints of manufacturing expenses.

Easy access to customers

Selling digital products establishes a direct line of communication with your customers. You can tailor your offerings to their preferences and gather insights for future improvements.

Top 10 Profitable Digital Products to Sell on Your Shopify Store

Educational products

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

When delivering profound insights and comprehensive knowledge, online courses are the pinnacle of digital education. These courses demand a certain level of initial effort, from designing captivating presentations to recording engaging video walk-throughs. The journey begins by defining the desired learner outcomes—what should participants know or be able to accomplish upon completing the course?

You can incorporate interactive quizzes, knowledge checks, and engaging activities within your courses, breaking the learning process into digestible segments. This not only enhances the learning experience but also adds a layer of interactivity that keeps learners captivated.

Alternatively, if you're starting, consider creating and sharing free content that showcases your expertise and serves as a tantalizing sneak peek into the depth of knowledge your paid digital products hold. 


Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Banish the misconception that you must be the next literary luminary to pen a book that resonates with thousands. Your expertise is key to crafting an eBook that captivates minds and unlocks knowledge. Contemplate your strengths and ponder how you can seamlessly transfer your wisdom onto the pages.

Consider Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, a beacon of financial empowerment for women worldwide. While she champions an online school, the Live Richer Academy, she doesn't stop there. Aliche has ventured into the world of eBooks, delivering value to her students and a wider audience.

Your area of mastery, no matter how niche it may seem, has the potential to fuel a compelling eBook. So, whether you're an educator or an expert in another field, the pages of an eBook can become your canvas for sharing insights that inspire, educate, and captivate. 

Software and Games

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Attention all software engineers and programmers: you're sitting on a treasure trove of potential. The realm of digital software and games, from intricate 3D virtual wonders to charming puzzle challenges, promises substantial earnings.

You might be wondering, "Do I need to be a coding virtuoso to step into this arena?" The answer: not necessarily. In this domain, there are no steadfast rules.

Many talented programmers and game developers are open to online sales. You can collaborate with them to showcase and sell their creations or oversee their e-commerce ventures.

But what if you're curious to master these skills yourself? Software, essentially a sequence of commands running on code, encompasses various creations, including games, mobile apps, and websites. The journey to coding competence starts with a single step. You can learn the art of coding and crafting games and software that range from the elegantly simple to the finely intricate.

The beauty lies in the flexibility. Before starting your monetization journey, you can only unravel some complexities. Create software or games tailored to specific needs, and present them on your Shopify platform. 

Within the expansive realm of software and gaming, multiple sub-niches beckon. Pick the one that resonates with you, and build your empire. Your skills and Shopify's platform can forge a path toward digital success. 

Music and Audio Record

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

“Music nourishes the soul” - an age-old truth that resonates worldwide. From soft country tunes to uplifting gospel tunes, hip-hop beats, and complex symphonies. A mixture of jazz and more, music unites us all. It's a universal language that transcends borders and cultures.

For those who are musically inclined, the world of making money holds a critical key called digital products. Imagine packaging your harmonized creations into digital wonders that resonate with hearts around the globe.

But how do you turn tunes into profits? Consider this: custom demo sounds add flair to projects, mesmerizing ringtones are tailored to personal taste, and live audio guides provide guidance and knowledge. Audience requests become your creative canvas, and the results can be delivered as digital gems, available for sale at prices that make your mouth water.

When your tunes have the power to be the soundtrack to life's moments, and through the art of selling digital audio products, you can turn your passion into profit.

Membership sites

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Imagine a scenario where your digital products aren't solitary stars but constellations that weave a tapestry of value. This is the magic of bundling – combining your offerings and presenting them as a symphony of knowledge and entertainment. But there's an even grander idea: locking these treasure troves behind a paid subscription model, generating recurring revenue like a fountain that never runs dry.

This approach is a masterstroke, especially if you envision a library teeming with premium content that caters to a dedicated community. It's more than selling – cultivating an ecosystem where subscribers become patrons of your craft. This model could even intertwine with your content marketing endeavors, turning your efforts into a direct revenue source.

The beauty of this subscription paradigm is the exclusivity it affords. With gated access, paying subscribers enter a world where your creations are theirs to savor. It's not just about downloads; it's about streaming unique experiences that resonate deeply.

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Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Digital products can take on the form of intangible tools, arming professionals to tackle tasks beyond their expertise or availability. These virtual solutions address common pain points and cater to specific audience needs.

Examples of selling digital products in this way include:

- Digital marketing strategy templates for entrepreneurs.

- Résumé templates tailored for job-seekers.

- Mobile apps catering to businesses' operational needs.

- Adobe Photoshop filters and plugins enhancing media editors' prowess.

- Icons, fonts, or UX Kits tailored for web designers.

If you're already a freelancer, consider transforming your skills into digital products to create passive revenue streams. This fusion of expertise and innovation benefits you and eager audiences seeking efficient tools.

Embrace the role of a digital craftsman, sculpting solutions that empower professionals to conquer challenges and seize opportunities. Your intangible creations could be the spark that transforms aspirations into achievements.


Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Services harmonize seamlessly with various categories of digital products due to their complementary nature. Unlike digital products, services are bound by the limit of working hours one can allocate.

Moreover, digital products are often bundled with service purchases. Designers deliver logos, while personal trainers offer tailored workout plans. This fusion enables you to present select services as comprehensive packages, incorporating valuable digital products.

If specific routine tasks within your service domain hold value for customers and are effortless for you, consider transforming them into products. This transformation crafts revenue streams that demand less time and effort to sustain.

Non-fungible tokens

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken center stage, captivating a broad audience willing to invest considerably. These tokens represent a new cryptocurrency breed, though distinct characteristics set them apart.

NFTs are inherently unique, even if they appear similar. Unlike interchangeable tokens, they possess individuality akin to fingerprints on identical twins. Imagine them as digital artwork presented and transacted as a form of cryptocurrency.

Venturing into NFT sales on Shopify offers lucrative prospects for generating substantial revenue. However, the true challenge lies in crafting captivating NFTs and attracting potential buyers. The NFT landscape teems with diverse designs, allowing anyone to fashion an NFT.

To ensure sales, your art must rise above the rest and resonate with an audience. Moreover, devising effective strategies for NFT promotion and income generation becomes paramount.

Downloadable Prints and Stock Photos

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

The demand for downloadable prints and stock photos is substantial. Many physical items boast distinct designs, from school books and clothing to home decor and packaging materials.

For the imaginative mind, an array of printable designs awaits creation and sale. The realm of stock photos also proves significant; even fellow creatives occasionally require pre-made images to enhance their projects.

Graphic design work

If you're a graphic designer, your existing toolkit is a goldmine for crafting digital goods with market appeal.

This is because fellow designers, some facing tight deadlines, actively seek elements to elevate their projects. Elements like vector icons, textures, objects, and typefaces are within your creative grasp to produce and vend alongside your client-centric endeavors. It's a chance to unleash your design passion beyond client commissions.

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

Consider Iuliia Mazur, a skilled graphic designer hailing from Ukraine. She augments her income by vending sought-after clip art packs on platforms like This dual role generates passive revenue and leads to her freelance consulting pursuits.

Best Tool to Build a Digital Shopify Store

It's all about weaving together professionalism and a warm customer experience to pave the path to a successful Shopify digital store. There's a world of possibilities to help you shape a standout digital store that reflects your brand.

Now, let's take a fun stroll through a tool that can be your secret ingredient: EComposer - Shopify Page Builder that lets you sprinkle your creativity and build your digital store with a personal touch. 

Best digital products to sell on Shopify

EComposer is a top-rated Shopify page builder app. It enables you to create pages with outstanding features and advanced elements, such as a homepage, landing page, coming soon page, and so on. Moreover, this app has an extensive library of template sections & pages that cover almost all the digital products you desire.

In a nutshell

As we conclude this insightful journey, it's clear that the realm of +10 profitable digital products holds the key to transforming your Shopify store into a beacon of innovation and prosperity. The potential within these digital treasures is boundless, ready to reshape your business in the digital age.

From knowledge-sharing educational tools to captivating eBooks that resonate, from streamlined software solutions to soul-stirring music, each avenue we've explored has underscored the boundless possibilities that await. Your Shopify store is no longer just a platform; it's a canvas for your ingenuity, a portal to a global audience, and a vehicle for carving your unique niche.


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