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The4 x FlashSearch: Opportunity to experience FlashSearch 2 months for free.

We had an interesting finding, that even though Shopify has native Search and filter support, the number of customers using search and filtering applications is still quite large. These are customers who do not simply want simple search and filter functionality, but they want to go deeper through studying customer behaviors, understanding store trends through high-end features. They also want to completely intervene, navigate search results, suggestions to drive revenue according to their business growth plan. It can be seen that this is an indispensable application for businesses that want to invest and research more deeply about customers. From that research, we looked for partners in search and filtering functions, and it was great to find FlashSearch – a fairly new application on the market but with quite a few great features. We have established a strategic partnership with FlashSearch, through which you will receive exclusive offers as a customer of The4.

What is FlashSearch?

FlashSearch is a Shopify application developed by a team of experienced e-commerce professionals. Although developed and released after other Search and Filter applications, FlashSearch inherits new technologies and advanced thinking. Developers put themselves in the customer’s shoes and understand their difficulties when using a Shopify app. Instead of developing clunky, inflexible, and hard to reach application, FlashSearch is built in an intuitive, simple to understand way but still retains the powerful features of a leading Search and Filter application

Based on advanced technologies of Big data and AI allowing search and filter functions to work smoothly.

FlashSearch helps you optimize and increase user experience by quickly searching for products that match your keywords or sometimes those products are prioritized by yourself. It helps you maximize revenue quickly and customers feel useful to them during the search for the right product.

Exclusive offer, get 2 months trial of FlashSearch

To be able to help our customers experience FlashSearch and The4 Shopify themes, we tried to negotiate with FlashSearch development team and it’s great that you can try FlashSearch for 2 months. Due to infrastructure barriers, this offer only applies to stores with less than 500 products, you can experience all FlashSearch features for 2 months without any barriers. You can also uninstall FlashSearch at any time if you find it no longer relevant.

Currently, FlashSearch has supported popular Shopify apps for review like Growave, Loox, Yopto, Stamped or Wishlist apps like Wishlist Pro, Wishlist Plus… FlashSearch team is also committed to continuously research and improve application for the best experience.

To get this exclusive offer, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install FlashSearch application from the link:
Step 2: After installation, use the coupon THE4-FS at the upgrade page

What happens after 2 months free?

We will email you to let you know the trial period is not long, you can decide to continue or remove it. The application will not automatically pay the bill, only when you decide to use FlashSearch and pay will the money be deducted. If the 2 months are up and you don’t pay, the app won’t show up on the collection page and the search feature isn’t available, you can now choose to remove the app or upgrade your payment.

How will I get support?

FlashSearch team will support you via live chat, they will make sure your problem is solved properly in the shortest time. Sometimes support will be a bit delayed because I understand that this is a start-up company, they cannot invest too much in personnel when the financial capacity does not allow. Establishing a partnership with FlashSearch allows The4 customers to receive exclusive FlashSearch offers and also helps FlashSearch acquire new customers. We hope that you will be satisfied with the products and services of The4 and our partners.


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