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Lookbook Feature – A Special Function

If you want your product images to be displayed as book covers or magazine covers. They look very professional, modern, catch up with the trend and fit with the current simplification website criteria. Lookbook Feature will help you do that.

Lookbook Feature: A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, photographer, style, stylist, or clothing line. Usually, bloggers or vloggers will “model” fashionable looks for that month or season. This gives viewers ideas on how to style outfits, or to show what the latest fashions are.

In below, I will show you the instructions to config Lookbook feature:

There are 3 Lookbook types for choosing.


Product Point
Text and Link Point
Short code

Besides, There are some other themes also provide Lookbook feature:

Gecko Theme
Elessi Theme

Also we want to tell you more about how to get a beautiful and attractive Lookbook

Identify the brand
Brand is currently a very important factor determining the purchase of users. Especially in the fashion field when products of famous brands are expensive but still attract a huge number of customers. It is extremely meaningful to make a lookbook with the right brand theme to promote.

Many brands are willing to spend large sums of money to produce a quality lookbook but fail to show the spirit they want to aim for, which is the reason why the lookbook lacks its originality and originality. Even dull their image in the numerous other big brand choices of customers.

lookbook feature

Focus on design

The unique design concept of the lookbook is a bridge to help the viewer remember the brand clearly. At the same time, it inspires customers to want to see the product directly or introduce it to everyone around to refer. Thus, your sales opportunities will increase a lot.

However, you must be aware that you may want your first lookbook to be unique, but remember everything you do must stand out from the product – from the background. Even the model or the accessories must help highlight the star of the lookbook – the product you are trying to sell.

lookbook feature

Highlight special

You may have noticed that besides the overarching middle frames of the product, there are always expensive close-up snapshots that you think customers are likely to buy for it. The detail can be a luxurious pearl beaded on the dress, or a unique, fun texture on a T-shirt that only your brand can have. Moreover, they are also products of high value.

lookbook feature

Harmonic photo adjustment of color, layout

lookbook feature

The above article has provided you with information about the Lookbook feature and the theme supports this feature.
Wish you have high sales and successful business.


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