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in News on January 31, 2020

How do you do?

It looks like there has been no updates, news about us recently. Do you miss us? I do miss you guys so much.The reason The4 has been absent for a while is to prepare bringing you an amazing product. I can’t tell you now, It’s a secret. But please be patient and look forward to it and it will bright and shine than ever.

In this post I’m mentioning a good news now here. With the slogan of being the closest friend with customer, we’re The4 Studio always try hard every day to bring  our customer the best services and the best quality products. Then after a period of consideration and discussion with FireApps Team we came to the result of becoming partners of each other
Fire Apps is a team working on Premium Apps For Ecommerce.store

They have many Apps that conduce benefits and assist for customer, reduce a lof of extra works and increase conversion rate as well.

I think you should have been familiar with these apps, here are some of the featured app they have.

Are you running dropshipping with Aliexpress?Ali Reviews is one of the best App that help you build trust when you are manage dropship from Aliexpress to Shopify. It’s unbelivable that you can import +1000 reviews directly from Aliexpress with 1 Click!

+ Front End: the Ali Reviews Section is showing on Product Page

Additional, If you are using a theme powered by The4 such as GeckoElessiBasel,.. you can show review rating on Product card on Homepage like this

+ Back End: manage reviews

Ali Reviews will help you

  • Automatic Review Request Email: Ask your customers to collect real product reviews & rating. Customize upsell campaigns or automated email loop as an email marketing app
  • Add Reviews With One Click: Easy to import reviews from AliExpress or Oberlo (photo reviews, rating). Showcase more product reviews to get more add to carts
  • Step Ahead With Advanced Theme: Customize interface to match with any Shopify themes. Make customers happy is the way to reach successful shopify store.

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Hurry up and don’t miss out!

The4 Studio is one of the Elite author specialize in custom website design services. We craft creative, optimized websites that are screen responsive with beautiful design, multi- purpose business.

I think this will be an awesome collaboration and much helpful for you Thus, we’re happy to welcome everyone to partner with us to create more benefits for both provider and our customer

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