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We will increase the price of the items after Black Friday ends!!

Hi, I hope you guys are having great Black Fridays and I believe you got a lot of what you needed for an unbelievably low price (I hope you already bought our themes included Kalles, Molla and Elessi at super cheap prices).

Today we would like to announce that after the Black Friday campaign ends, we will change the prices of products to their true value, specifically the prices of the products will be changed as follows.

Name Old Price New Price Purchase link
Gecko 79$ 89$ BUY NOW
Kalles 59$ 79$ BUY NOW
Elessi 69$ 79$ BUY NOW
Molla 48$ 79$ BUY NOW 

As you can see, we dedicate a lot to the development of Shopify themes like Gecko, Kalles, Elessi and we are constantly working to provide the best services to our users, which is why we get so many 5 star reviews for customer service. We focus on our core values ​​and always put ourselves on our customers to understand what they need after buying a theme.

Quite a lot of customers compare our themes to be too cheap, even cheaper than the official themes on Shopify theme store, and that was a hurdle in our development. Some customers recommend us to put the product for its true value and they compare it with Shopify’s themes and find that the theme from The4 is very potential and saves them a lot of money on third-party apps.

With the above thoughts, we decided to increase the price of the product to the value that is worth our time and effort. We also wanted to focus on a really serious audience who wanted to use these themes instead of some who just bought it for a trial because it was so cheap. When you buy these themes for a higher price, you get better support from us.

We expect the price change on December 3rd, 2020, the price is still extremely cheap right now because some of the topics are in Black Friday campaign (you can go to the links in the table above to see see current prices for Black Friday days), so if you have future need, buy it RIGHT NOW and I’m sure there won’t be such a low price in the future anymore.

Thank you and regards !!!


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