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Variant Images Grouped Feature – Function helps improve user experience

What is the Variant Images Grouped feature?

Variant Image Grouped – allows you to show product image and thumbnail images as group when choose a color. This feature is a great tool to give your customer an awesome shopping experience for how product looks like with the selected color.

Example: When you select Pink, the product illustrations will change to the pink product variation images and appear on the screen in the most intuitive way.

 When and Where is the Variant Images Grouped feature displayed?

Usually, the image transformers will appear on the thumbnail and the customer has to view the photo for himself to determine how their product is intended to buy. Besides, choosing the color or size for the variants is for confirmation of choosing the color and size to add to the cart or to check-out at that time.

When applying variant images grouped, there is almost no change in the layout of the product form. This sunshine will be integrated into the color variation selection to show artwork for the correct product with the selected color variation.

Why I should use variant images grouped feature?

We’ll give you 3 reasons why you should use this feature for your store.

Firstly, when you use this feature you will increase the user experience of your store. Show that you are a store owner who invests in and takes care of every little detail of your customers.

Second, when you use this feature your store looks leanly optimized as product variations are grouped in an intuitive, easy-to-understand and professional way.
For example, instead of showing all thumbnail images of variations now, thumbnails now show only the variation of your choice. Thus, your product page looks clean, easy to see, simpler and more streamlined.

Third, if the customer only has a certain time to purchase, the streamlined, intuitive and professional arrangement will make customers see more products in a certain period of time. So the variant images grouped feature has helped you increase the percentage of products being viewed and maybe this feature also helps you up-sell. Because customers see more products, the more motivating them to buy more products.

How I can set it up in my store?

Please watching the gif image below for getting detail instructions.

Step 1: Go to Product setting and Add tag to images grouped.

Step 2: Go to Theme settings > Product page > Enable “use group variant image”



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