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Top Shopify Themes You Cannot Ignore to Boost Your Sales in 2020

When it comes to E-commerce, WordPress, Shopify themes play a crucial role in developing your business. It can either reinforce or damage your website if you don’t choose carefully.

Although you might want to run your website as quickly as possible, it’s important to first make sure that you choose the best Shopify theme.

Shopify is a leading e-commerce website solution all over the world. We can understand the headache of choosing the right theme for boosting your sales. This article suggests top beautiful, feature-rich Shopify themes in 2020, helping to bring your Shopify store to a new level.

Outstanding Features of Shopify Themes

Besides associating with your brand, your online store should have some important features to make your site stand out and delight your visitors. When choosing a Shopify theme, make sure that they have the following features:

  • Modern, well-proportioned and easy to customize
  • Compatible with different browsers, responsive design, and SEO friendly
  • Customer support, quality code, and excellent reviews
  • The customizable settings panel is available that allows you to edit templates to your own liking.

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Best Shopify Themes Helps Increase Your Sales’ Conversion Rate

1. Molla

Molla is a responsive, multi-purpose Shopify theme suitable for any niche market. This theme features SEO optimization, autocomplete search suggestions, recent product review history, advanced product filters, and many more.

Having a minimalist, modern and vintage appearance, your store will put a friendly impression on all visitors.

2. Gecko

This is one of the most awesome themes on the Shopify platform until now. It is no coincidence that Gecko stands in the list of the top best-selling themes and was rated 4.97/5.0. Gecko is distinctly minimal and clean but still has the same features as other popular themes.

Gecko offers great display options, suitable for any online retailer, no matter what products you’re selling.

3. Basel

Basel is a balanced minimalist Shopify theme, specially designed for professional online stores. This theme has a stunning image slider, unlimited color options, as well as popular Drag & Drop page builder.

Basel is fully responsive and optimized for mobile to ensure your website will look outstanding and run smoothly on all modern devices. Therefore, you can provide users with an enjoyable viewing experience while shopping.

4. Elessi

Ranked No. 4 in The4’s top best sellers is Elessi. It is a responsive Shopify theme with dozens of home options, designed to showcase unique products.

The features of Elessi display strongly to attract visitors to take the next action as you wish. This theme features a clean and organized layout, an easy-to-use menu, an intuitive interface, and subtle effects. In other words, Elessi focuses on the three most important things: brand, product, and call to action.

5. Hooli

Unlike Molla, Hooli is a colorful and mischievous option. Designed with striking hot colors, this Shopify theme will make your website attractive and stimulate the needs of buyers. If your business offers products like clothes, shoes or anything related to fashion, Hooli would be a perfect suggestion.

The good news is that Hooli has a lot of home versions for web designers to change and customize their Shopify store as nicely as possible, thereby easily conveying the product message to the leads.

6. Space

Thanks to its elegant minimalistic design, Space is a Shopify theme that catches the attention of your visitors, reduces bounce rates and increases customer retention.

Right from the name has indicated that this Shopify theme is reserved for stores that supply household items, furniture, appliances, and decorations. Modern breath, courteous colors, scientific layout, all these will ensure your website’s thriving development.

Some Helpful Tips for E-commerce Websites

Choosing the right Shopify theme for your e-commerce website is only the first step on your journey. If you want to make the most of your online Shopify store, here are four tips to help you optimize your website and make sure your online store has a great start.

Use the power of SEO

You can make some adjustments on your website with search engines so that people can find you more easily.

These improvements include adding a blog to your online store that will answer questions from leads and writing clear and well-informed product descriptions. Along with that, use a short URL and description and make sure your site loading speed.

Include strong content

Make sure you have a clear and compelling call to action on your homepage. Also, your content must clearly state what your brand and your store are, as well as product reviews and certificates.

Help customers find what they want

Pay attention to your top categories in the main menu and make sure the search box is clearly visible.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Nothing is worse than customers discard their shopping cart right before checkout. To reduce shopping cart abandonment, ensure that all of your prices are clearly set up front, and consider offering free shipping for a given cart value. Another great option is to provide a satisfaction guarantee and Shopify’s automatic shopping cart recovery as well as add a Live Chat option to your website.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, running an online store is charming business speculation. However, this should receive much attention because if you start improperly, some things can go wrong. A suitable Shopify theme is one of the vital factors for e-commerce success and should be done right the first time. Browse The4’s best Shopify themes to get higher sales right away!


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