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Shopify is a smart solution for a quick start of a small online business. If you are planning on running an online store of any type, Shopify is the platform you need. It is an excellent tool for making money online. Shopify’s online store is adaptive, tested, SEO-optimized, with a selling design.

Shopify is a beautiful, convenient, and highly functional platform. CMS admin panel is similar to Prestashop or Opencart admin panel. Here is a huge set of settings and features. In view of what it can immediately seem quite complicated. But the friendly user interface makes it easy to understand and independently learn the basics of the online store.

For a quick start, you can use ready-made templates of trading platforms. And with a thorough approach to starting an online business, the development of a unique design can be included in the terms of reference for creating an online store Shopify. So you get a resource focused on the sale of a particular product, emphasizing its advantages and helping the user to complete the conversion.

CMS is offered in several editions:

  • Starter
  • Basic
  • Professional

Basic features

Among the main features of the online store on Shopify:

  • order management;
  • directory settings;
  • billing and receiving bills;
  • gift card, promotional code management;
  • maintaining a customer database;
  • reports on sales, customer acquisition channels, payment procedures, etc.
  • adding posts to the store’s blog (on the Online Store tab);
  • the ability to create a store of paid and free applications;
  • import and export of goods in CSV format.

Advantages of the platform 

  • Low server requirements.
  • To accept payment, 70 payment systems are provided.
  • A large set of add-ons that you can install for free to expand the basic functionality of the engine.
  • The ability to create a landing page for the promotion of individual products.
  • The ability to create a mobile application to attract additional traffic and customers.

Phases of the development

  • Discussion of the project with the client, briefing, and analysis of the business by marketing specialists. Our team explores the features of the niche, products so that the future design and functionality of the Shopify website will fully reveal their merits, helping customers make purchases.
  • Drawing up detailed technical requirements. It is formed by a task. For each task, the execution time is set. This approach allows you to take into account everything to the smallest detail, observe the development timelines, and monitor the progress of the project.
  • Creation of design, layout, tincture of the platform, and functional modules.
  • Checking the adaptability of the site design, the correct development of the functions and capabilities of the online store, the performance and security of the resource.
  • Unloading goods and launch.

SEO points

The online store on the Shopify engine is already prepared for quick indexing and promotion on the web. The options are:

  • optimize the project structure;
  • automatically generate a sitemap in XML for sending to search engines;
  • hide technical and uninformative pages from indexing and crawling in order to reasonably spend the crawling budget;
  • add META tags.

 Thus, if you are standing at the door of opening an online store for clothes and accessories sale, or any other type of products, you need a stunning, clean and responsive theme Shopify is rich in.

Retina is a marvelous theme for those owners of the shop who are searching for some new feel for their shop. Among its features are high resolution of product images, mobile devices and widescreen layout, special sidebar, videos of the products, etc.

Blockshop is a theme based on IU design, with roomy, configurable layouts, minimum user interface, simple but stylish at the same time. It is unique, fits perfectly for both new and already running business, all types of stores.

Parallax is a clean Shopify theme, flexible and controlled unparalleled. It supports a great variety of backgrounds. They, in their turn, seem like moving with various speeds making a store look deep. You may create an effect with many parallax sections to scroll and the feature to buy items right on the home page.


Kalles is a good-looking, up-to-date and an expert theme, which is going to be helpful in making any kind of a shop you might need. Also, there are 20 samples of front pages in addition offering a fast start. Basically, there is no need to start everything from scratch. Choosing this theme, you are about to get items heaps, which will serve you well. All the inner pages, optimized speed, 9 headers, items swatches, and many more. It might take forever to list all the features. Just try it and you will see everything with your own eyes.


Molla is your theme if you need it to be practical, for a lot of purposes. Its layout is mobile-friendly. This theme will work on any kind of a device without difficulty. 34 demos collection is included. Your product may include a video (-s), 3D images. The theme will make it to where they will look more eye-pleasing. Product configuration is easy, product view is quick, there is a variety of headers, footers and layout of a blog. Using Molla is like a breath of fresh air, see for yourself!

Hooli is a pure, vocational, responsive Shopify theme, which also looks good whatever type of a device you are using or about to use. It supports a huge collection of wonderful templates for your website. The color management is advanced, design is responsive with fully customized options.

Elessi 2.0
Elessi 2.0 is the best application from Aliexpress and Amazon created for leaving comments. It has a full integration with Importify & Zonify and a very simple process of product review import with real product images. Its adaptive design simply means that no matter what type of a device you use, it will be scalable with the parameters and sizes of this device without interference on the user`s part and without any additional requirements on your behalf or your developer. It is easy to use. You just need to fill in the information as a set, choose the main product and add a few products as a set, choose types of discounts, which customers are about to receive in case they buy a set instead of one product.

Gecko 4.0
Gecko 4.0 belongs to those Shopify themes, which are selling the best. It is also easy to use, with a minimum and up-to-date design your customers are going to love. Its feature sare increeible, its options are endless. Just a few clicks and your expectations are to be exceeded.

The boutique is a very eye-catching and pleasant for the eye Shopify theme, suitable for your fashion store and not only. It is the embodiment of style and fashion, which is going to be perfect if you are planning on creating a gift, mobile, clothing e-store. It supports a slider, a blog and product carousel, cart option, and ajax add. Needless to say that it is also available for viewing on all types of devices.

Basel is the last but not the least important, great-looking, and clean Shopify theme you are about to love. Its design is also minimum but made by experts for your online store to look neat and professional. It supports many settings and options, sliders, and page builders and available for use on all the devices. Thus, whatever kind of shop you are about to start running, flowers, clothes, furniture, bag and accessories, electronic devices, feel free to use Basel and it will not let you down.

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