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This Shopify profit tracking app is your absolute no-miss (Promo code inside)

Whether established or just starting out, any business needs a solid profit tracking app. Your Shopify stores are no exception.

Tracking cost and profit sounds simple at first: you’ve got full access to the reports of Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, Facebook and Google anyway. But when money starts flowing in, cost of goods sold keeps changing and other expenses pop up, you’ll realize managing the numbers is a nightmare.

Don’t treat yourself like this – put the hard work on automation with TrueProfit app for Shopify.

No more wasted time on spreadsheets, no more wasted money on unprofitable products – instead know your profit in real time to make wise decisions.

Know your real-time profit at a glance with this all-in-one dashboard

TrueProfit helps you:

  • Track costs (Cost of goods sold, ad spends, shipping costs, transaction fees and custom costs)
  • Calculate profit automatically
  • Integrate with Facebook and Google (ad spends)
  • Know each product’s insights
  • Manage on mobile app any time, anywhere.
Easily enter and manage your cost of goods sold

Here’s the best part: Enter code THE4 to get an extended 44-day free trial (normally 14 days).

Try it free here.

Try it out – and don’t forget to tell us what you think. We’ll keep recommending more awesome apps to boost your business.

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