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The4 X UpPromote: How To set Affiliate program on your Shopify store


You really want to create an affiliate program for your eCommerce store? Wondering how to start effectively?

Let’s spend a few minutes reading this blog because you know, 15 to 30% of revenue of all sales advertisers can generate via affiliate marketing.

So if you neglect an affiliate program for your Shopify store, you’re missing out on a reasonable and profitable marketing chance that helps increase your brand awareness, credibility, and of course, high sales and revenue.

I’m Rose Minh- from The4 team- Power Elite Author of

In this blog, we will dig into what effective affiliate marketing tips and strategies can rocket your Shopify business performance.

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So first. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy in which a company compensates affiliates for each successful purchase made by a client brought about by the affiliates’ own marketing efforts.

Businesses only pay affiliates after a successful sale since it is performance-based. This’s risk-free and increases ROI. If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, read this step-by-step guide for setting your own affiliate campaign here.

How to create an Affiliate program for your Shopify store?

If you own a Shopify store, you are well aware that third-party Shopify applications are required to offer any extra functionality beyond the standard eCommerce functionalities. Creating an affiliate program for your Shopify business is no different – you’ll need a Shopify affiliate app to do so.

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An affiliate software adds capabilities that are required to build and successfully administer your affiliate network. An affiliate app’s major job is to generate and assign unique affiliate links/codes, track those connections, and notify the owner of the link and the business when a transaction occurs via the link. Furthermore, the correct affiliate software allows the company to easily pay its affiliates and displays KPIs on the dashboard.

There are many affiliate apps on the Shopify app store. Among the top ones is UpPromote– an automated all-in-one affiliate and influencer marketing solution you ever need.

Build- Manage- Succeed with UpPromote Affiliate marketing

Why UpPromote?

Create Affiliate Program with UpPromote - New The4 partner
Create Affiliate campaigns with UpPromote – New The4’s partner

1. UpPromote is 100% compatible with The4’s theme:

It means that, when you install UpPromote for your Shopify Store, it automatically works on every The4’s Themes without any technique interruption.

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2. UpPromote: #1 Affiliate marketing app with diverse incredible features:

With the endless support of UpPromote app, merchant can

  • Automatically turn your customers into your brand advocates with a referral program, then drive repeat sales to your store and grow retention with referral rewards.
  • Converting your clients to affiliates through Attract and Recruiting affiliates with branded landing pages, UpPromote Marketplace, and Multi-level Marketing.

These features have helped Shopify owners increase their affiliate earnings by 2x-3x after switching from other traditional affiliate networks.

Here is merchants’ result when using UpPromote

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How does UpPromote app work?

UpPromote’s Program instruction tutorial

Phase 1: Set up + Share

UpPromote: Affiliate marketing provides a default Affiliate Program with an Affiliate registration form

The merchant would:

  • Edit (or not) the program, customize the affiliate registration form and set up other details for the program (email templates, payment setup, other settings,…)
  • Share the Affiliate registration form to invite affiliates to join the affiliate program.

Phase 2: Get affiliates

Affiliates register to join affiliate program

UpPromote notifies the merchant of new affiliates and send notification emails to affiliates

The merchant reviews (activate/deactivate) the affiliate

Phase 3: Affiliate promote

The merchant:

  • Shares shop’s media assets on Creatives
  • Assigns affiliate a Coupon code


  • Automatically generates an affiliate link for the affiliate
  • Makes sure that the affiliate can easily access the affiliate link, coupon code and other shared media within the affiliate account.


Get and use the affiliate link, coupon code and other media to promote the merchant’s shop

Phase 4: Earn

Customer places an order via affiliate link or coupon code

UpPromote records the referral order when the order is paid and notifies merchant + affiliate about the new referral order

The merchant reviews (approve/deny) referral order

Phase 5: Pay

UpPromote calculates commission, and guides merchants to pay affiliate

The merchants pay the affiliate manually

The affiliate gets the commission

To know how to use UpPromote in details, please click here

Final words,

With today’s blog, we hope that information to help you to set up lucrative affiliate campaigns.

Both The4 and UpPromote are developed by Shopify Experts who use their knowledge to ensure merchant success. We are all dedicated to providing merchants with the dedicated support and effective affiliate tool they need in order to maximize the value of their affiliate marketing program in order to earn the maximum profits.

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