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The4 x LAI product reviews: How to raise your eCommerce store more trustworthy

The4- LAI product reviews

Do you recall the time, back in the days, when the world was less digital? Purchases were made in person at a store, and staff interaction was inescapable. A corporation may win practically every prospective client with trained and pleasant workers and outstanding face-to-face customer care. It was not difficult to acquire a customer’s trust through direct engagement. No one seems even to think about digital utilities like online product reviews, digital seals, or consider about

However, when launching online businesses, the limitation of direct seller-customer interaction leads, along with the boom of a diverse variety of offerings and information lead to customers’ doubt and confusion, then their trust and loyalty may decline. This disparity presents a challenge for businesses since losing customer trust implies losing business.

Why are online shoppers losing trust in eCommerce websites?

“Ecommerce businesses have problems with earning credibility among the young”- Tidio

Around 17% of respondents aged 40 and up do not trust internet retailers. However, for Millennials, the figure rises to 22%. The degree of trust is significantly lower among Gen Z respondents, with around 34% believing that the majority of eCommerce websites are untrustworthy, as recorded by Tidio, such as typos, poor design, and confusing domain names, lack of reviews, and so on.

In particular, most of the respondents described the lost-trustworthy websites like:

  • The lack of product reviews.
  • The product reviews could be misleading. The website does not look like it is safe to buy from here.
  • The website and store don’t have a decent number of ratings.
  • The connection to this website is not secure.
  • The website name seems dodgy.
  • The website had a dark and unsettling feeling to it with the black theme.
  • The website address seems fishy and foreign-looking.
  • Not enough information on the front page and does not have any secure website information.
  • This website does not look professional and the pictures look like they were taken from other people.
  • The website design looks very outdated.

Collecting and showcasing reviews on your eCommerce store is important to build trust with your customers and act as a form of social proof.

Fera team

Why does my Shopify store need a Product review app?

There are 5 main reasons why you need a product review app for your eCommerce business:

  1. Boost your conversion rates
  2. Increase your sales
  3. Build trust with all website visitors
  4. Prove that your business is reputable and legitimate
  5. Strengthen your connection and relationship with your customers

Boost Sales With Shopify Product Review Apps

Product reviews may do a lot of good for your eCommerce business and brand.
Adding product reviews to your store and product pages will increase your sales since visitors will see that other people have purchased and appreciated your items, making them want to buy them as well.
They also build client confidence by displaying reviews and images supplied by genuine individuals to confirm your brand.

What is LAI product reviews on Shopify?

The4- LAI product reviews
LAI Product reviews – #1 Shopify reviews & referral app

LAI Product Reviews is the #1 Shopify exclusive reviews and referrals tool, assisting 100,000+ merchants in increasing social proof, increasing conversions, expanding referrals, and generating gorgeous photo and video UGC.

Click here to explore app.

Why LAI product reviews?

1. LAI Product reviews is compatible with The4’s Shopify themes:

You aren’t headaches and time-consuming to contact to neither The4 nor LAI support team to request The theme- app technique integration.

It means that once you add App, LAI product reviews can be installed, run smoothly and provide your Shopify Stores this app features automatically.

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Kalles- version 4-Shopify theme
Welcome Kalles version 4 with Outstanding features

2. Provide unique widget layouts and product reviews page to level up your store design

  • LAI review widget is instantly added to your store after installation.
  • Available 18+ eye-catching layouts and more custom designs+ 12 templates for different color swatches (including dark and light modes).
  • Advanced display options let you adjust every aspect of the reviews widget, including sorting photo reviews first, pinning the most powerful reviews to the top, editing the date and country flag, and changing the widget’s width without code.
  • Easily sync reviews between similar products.

2. Consolidate social proof and UGC to help convert just-browsing wanderers into customers

LAI product reviews Shopify app supports you to appear more reliable and trustworthy by quickly transferring thousands of customer ratings from AliExpress. Moreover, this app can assist to build trust with authentic customer proof via review request emails automatically sent after fulfilling orders.

With LAI products reviews, your store also can drive more traffic from your own social channels & Google with social sharing & Google rich snippets features; upsell with coupon emails & reviews pop-ups. *New: Encourage customers to write reviews about their purchased products by rewarding discounts then stimulate them to re-purchase.

3. Other great benefits you can get from installing LAI

LAI product reviews App even provides you with various privileges such as:

  • Support both live chat and email or online meetings until you’re satisfied.
  • Offer partner programs with excellent privileges for developers, experts, and agencies.
  • Migrate easily from other product review apps to LAI.
  • No LAI Product Reviews brandmark on any of your pages.
  • Anti-theft protection: LAI blocks other pages from stealing your hard-earned reviews.
  • Smart filter: LAI automatically detects and allows you to moderate spam reviews.
  • Display reviews and ratings on Product Listings with Google Shopping
  • Display reviews in the product description’s tab created by Easy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs, EasySlide Accordion tabs & FAQs.

…. and so much more wonerful advantages you can get from LAI product reviews- our new partner.

Install LAI Product reviews now to level up your eCommerce store!

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