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In the last 5 years, the startup movement has grown tremendously and it has made the demand for WordPress themes about startups soar. There are many themes on the market that allow you to create great landing pages for startups and we have used many of them for business development purposes. Prominent among them is the Saasland theme that we had the opportunity to use and collaborate with Md. Shahadat Hussain – owner of Droitthemes. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with a Droitthemes WordPress theme called Saasland- MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Saas Startup, and so far I have used it for quite a few of our corporate websites. I thought this would be a helpful post on my opinion on a good and easy to use WordPress theme.

1- The reason why I am impressed with Saasland

The first thing that caught my attention to Saasland is the design, it’s really modern and covers a lot of areas from Saas, Startup, CRM, Digital Agency, Support Desk Software, Payment Processing, App Showcase or even eCommerce….there are many beautiful designs that might be suitable for your business. I also noticed that Saasland has a lot of buyers with more than 6000 purchases in just 2 years, which shows that there are many customers interested in this product and Saasland theme author will regularly update and release new versions to serve the community. Saasland also has an average review score of 4.85/5.00, which is quite satisfactory.

Saasland also includes a number of paid WordPress plugins, which means you will save a fair amount of money using these plugins. This is a big plus because the cost you spend buying this WordPress theme is even less than the bundled plugins.

2- Easy to start?

Saasland is developed for customers who do not have much experience in website development, they can install and import demos more easily than ever. Just choose a demo you like or find most suitable for your business, import it using the one-click demo import system included and get started instantly. 

Basically, importing a demo is quite quick and convenient, you don’t need to import each component separately like demo, widget like before. Saasland is built with the user in mind and they understand how users can get the most out of this WordPress theme.

3- A Huge Collection (38+ Home Demos, 50+ Inner pages, 250+ Element Blocks)

Sometimes, after you purchase a theme, you feel like the included demos, pages or designs are not enough and it feels like if there were more to explore with you could come up with better ideas to build your website. Saasland is a relief for you in this aspect – it comes with a huge collection of everything. So far it comes with 38 home demos on various niches, tons of inner pages with variations and a library of 250+ element blocks that will give you a great flexibility. 

4- Amazing Block Library

I realize the pain of most WordPress theme users is that in the demo they show everything very smoothly but after buying and using, they have to tinker with the configurations to find the layouts they want. This is really a pain, it makes users feel like they are lost in a maze and cannot see the exit. If the user is technically savvy this is easier for them but it still takes quite a while. After using Saasland, I realized they created a library of all the components included in the demos, which includes 250+ element blocks so far. This is amazing, it helps me quickly find the blocks I want to use. The block library also helps me to be more creative as I have an overview of all the blocks and I can choose the blocks that I see fit and start working with them.

This is a big plus for Saasland, I think it is a major selling point that helped this theme get over 6000 purchases in the last 2 years.

4- Droit Elementor Addon

More than just a WordPress theme, DroitThemes aspires to do bigger things, which is demonstrated through the Droit Elementor Addons. This plugin provides basic to advanced Elementor blocks to serve customers who really need it. The plugin supports both Free and Pro versions and promises to bring more beautiful blocks in the future. Free version of Droit Elementor Addons is included with Saasland that adds another library of elements in addition to Saasland’s own library of 250+ blocks. 

There are thorough and serious investments in the product. Customers want to see the seriousness of the authors in their products. No one will want to buy a theme that hasn’t been updated for a long time, both The4 and DroitTheme are aiming for serious business and product development.

5- User experience

All Elementor blocks are built quite completely and are easy to use. The technical team also calculates to make it easiest for users to use the product, this is probably a big plus but difficult to realize until using the product. Trying analyzing a section below:

This block allows you to configure everything you see on the right hand side such as content, images… it seems a bit too many options but is quite easy to understand.

Take a look at the right hand side where there are 4 histogram pictures. In most themes, users will have to manually create a large image that contains 4 small images with shadows. This is really annoying and challenging because not everyone can design as good as the demo image of a WordPress theme, which also shows the weakness of the theme when they simply have an image – nice demo instead of trying to help customers have the best look!

Try to see how Saasland works – here you will see 4 photo alternatives and your job is to take a screenshot of the same size as the demo for the best look. You can customize  each photo more deeply, with these options you will easily have a beautiful and desired design easily. Even shadows are generated with the code after you upload your image instead of having to prepare a large image file like the demo. And I realized that all the Elementor sections are made this way, it makes it easier and convenient for the users than ever.

For Shopify users, WordPress is a worthwhile choice if you want to intervene more deeply to create landing pages, which Shopify is lacking. Saasland will be a solution you can consider if you want to have beautiful and professional landing pages, the combination of Shopify for Shop page and WordPress for landing pages will be great. This is my experience with Saasland – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Saas Startup, let me know your views or reviews about this article.


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