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The Best Shopify translation apps 2020-2021

It’s been a turbulent year for businesses all over the world. However that’s not the case for everyone…Ecommerce merchants are experiencing a record breaking 2020. While most of the world has been confined to their homes due to COVID-19, its impact has driven consumers online and accelerated the growth of ecommerce by 5 years.

In fact, online conversion rates have increased by nearly 9% in 2020 – that’s the same level usually seen during big ecommerce holidays like Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

And, in particular cross-border ecommerce is witnessing a huge surge. Which is exactly why adding multiple languages to your Shopify store ensures your new potential customers understand your website and can effortlessly make a purchase.

After all, 60% of people hardly ever buy on English-only websites if they’re not a native speaker. So with that in mind let’s take a look at 3 Shopify translation apps so you can choose which one is right for you.

1- Weglot

The Weglot Shopify translation app – available on the official Shopify App Store – translates your store in just minutes.

Without the need for code or the help of the developer, Weglot is a simple to install app that detects, translates and displays the content of your Shopify store, removing the pain of having to manage multiple websites for multiple markets.

With a first layer of machine translation, Weglot gives you full post editing control. Collaborate with teammates, order professional translators from the Weglot dashboard or choose to leave the machine translations as is. Choose to edit your translations by URL  through a translations list or visually on a live preview of your store.

From your product descriptions, to your checkout and even content coming from outside your website (e.g. a review plugin), nothing is left untranslated. Even the content you can’t see, like your metadata!

Multilingual SEO ready – Weglot takes care of adding hreflang tags so you’ll be indexed by search engines for your new target markets.

Pricing: Starting from €9.90 a month for 1 language and 10,000 words. Free version available for 1 language and 2,000 words. 10-day free trial also available.

2- GTranslate

GTranslate is a Shopify translation app that uses Google Translate and Bing to translate and display the content of your store.

To access the full capabilities of this app you’ll need to purchase the paid plan. This includes editing your machine translations and certain multilingual features.

When using the paid version you’ll get access to a personal dashboard where you can manually edit your machine translations and track several translations statistics. Translations are managed visually through an in context editor.

Pricing: $7.99 a month for unlimited words and 1 language. Free limited version available.

3- Langify

Langify, another popular Shopify translation app, takes care of the displaying side of website translation. It doesn’t provide any form of machine translation so it means there will be an additional cost from your side in terms of providing the translation and the overall process is less automated than Weglot or GTranslate.

Key features include automatic language redirection, a separate domain for each language, plus multilingual SEO capabilities with hreflang tags and the option to translate metadata.

Note, the checkout process can’t be fully translated – so the checkout page and notifications will remain in the original language of your store.

Pricing: $17.50 a month.


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