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Stock Countdown Timer – Great Function for Upsell

There are many ways to attract customers as well as encourage them to buy quickly. One of the most useful ways is to use the Stock Countdown Feature.

First of all let’s learn about what the stock countdown timer feature is?

Stock Countdown is a useful feature to up-sell. Equipped with Kalles theme by The4-Studio to aim at user experience and increase sales for businesses. The Stock Countdown feature will show a timer including a countdown to the end of your sale.
By doing this, customers will feel “Oh, if you don’t buy now, when you’re going to buy, they’re selling and only a few minutes left

With Kalles Theme you have 2 ways to show the Stock Countdown Timer Feature

1 – Show for all products

stock countdown timer
From Kalles Theme

2 – Show for some product if it has tag “has_stock_countdown”

Product tag
Only product was added tag to show

In addition, you can also send messages to customers via message box.

Message Box

However, both methods above are used on a fixed time system. This means that if you show all products that have countdown timings, their countdown timings are the same. At the same time, if you show products with the tag “has_stock_countdown”, they also run the same countdown time.

So, How do different products have different countdown times?

We have equipped the Kalles theme with a feature called the metafield editor. This function is complementary to the Stock countdown timmer function. They will help you to set up different products that will have different countdown times to match the time when you want to sell the discount product.

Click here to watch instruction video: How to config Metafield?

The above article is to share about the great features on Kalles theme. Hope you will have a great experience with Kalles. Wish your business success and win customers’ trust. Happy to you!!

In addition, there are other themes also equipped with Stock Countdown timer:

From Gecko Theme
From Elessi Theme
From Molla Theme

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