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Sticky Add to Cart Feature – Useful Feature

What is Sticky Add to Cart Feature?

Add to Cart Bar – A floating bar visible when the customer starts scrolling or swiping down or when the customer scrolls or swipes out the original Add to Cart button. The bar contains the Buy button so your customers can quickly add the product to the cart without going back to the original Add to cart button. You can also enable Checkout (pay now) and take customers directly to pay after Customer clicked product to add to cart. Sticky Add to Cart feature has helped customers get a better user experience.

Sticky add to cart is used when you scroll past the page and no longer see the original add to cart button. Then the sticky add to cart button will appear like the task bar of your computer. (You can see below illustration image).

Why you should really use this feature?

Here we’ll give you the reasons this awesome feature has a direct impact on your customers and your store.

This function is extremely easy to set up for shop owners. You can set it up within minutes with basic operations. We will guide setting details in the next section. This feature can be used both on desktop and on your phone.

Sticky add to cart minimizes the likelihood of customers checkout immediately, just adding them to the cart for customers and then has a suggestion for customers to buy products related to the product they just bought.

For example:

Best of all, this feature also enhances the user experience in the store in case they have read and researched the product to the bottom of the page and they decide to buy. While the Add to cart button is at the top, customers will have to scroll to the top of the page to be able to add that product to the top of the list.

In addition, this feature also equips the add to cart button with effects that make this button stand out and attract more users. Avoiding the mix makes the buttons too simple and fuzzy.

If the sticky add to cart feature is combined with the Shipping bar notification feature, encouraging customers to buy more to achieve free shipping will be very effective. 

Thus, both of the two above features, especially the sticky add to cart feature, will help you increase sales of your products.

How to configure the Sticky Add to Cart feature?

This feature only available on Kalles Theme and GeckoTheme.

Before config, you need make sure this section was enabled.

Go to Theme settings > Product page > Tick on “Show Sticky add to cart”

Display a sticky add-to-cart bar when scrolling passed the add-to-cart button.

Go to Sections > Sticky add to cart

  • Normal:
  • Scrolling passed the add-to-cart button:

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