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Start an e-commerce business at the lowest possible cost

Note: this is a long article with lots of content and knowledge. Please ignore it if you are not patient, or you do not want to save yourself a lot of money!

Dropshipping is a fairly new business field and in recent years and it has made quite a few people become rich. The number of successful people is growing quickly and for that reason, a lot of people think it’s easy to do. Unfortunately many have failed. Success or failure, it depends on how hard you try!!! If you persevere and constantly learn you will surely succeed, not only with your Shopify store but in any field as well.

I will divide these into two basic types of people when starting with Shopify

1- Professional business people

These are people who already have a local store and want to expand their brand and audience. They come to Shopify to create their websites and invest money in advertising. This is the object of businesses with large investment budgets that are willing to spend thousands of dollars to build an online store with Shopify.

2- Entrepreneurs

These are everyday people like housewives, laborers, students who have just graduated or left a field or anyone that wants to start their own business. They are new to eCommerce, are on a limited budget and are just learning about ways to sell their own products, or selling products by “DropShipping”.

If you are in this category then congratulations, this article is for you! I will give you information to help you run a Shopify store at the lowest possible cost.

In order to start a Shopify store, you will have two basic types of expenses, which I call “Initial Expenses” and “Monthly Fees”. You’ll need to optimize these two types of expenses to be as low as possible, but still bring the best performance for the money.

a. Initial Expenses

This includes the cost of setting up a Shopify online store and the cost of maintaining it for at least 3 months before it begins to earn a profit. (3 months is about the average time a person can expect before they have their first order with Shopify). Initial expenses include:

  • The cost of buying a domain name: A domain name is the first thing that impresses your customers. You should choose a short domain name (if possible) that is easy to remember and is especially related to the business you are building. You can read the articles listed here to help you find the most suitable domain name for your store: -your-blog /
  • The monthly payment for Shopify: You need to register for a subscription package for your Shopify store. You can refer to the price of the different types of plans Shopify offers HERE. Normally, Shopify will give you 14 days (free) to try to get acquainted with and experience the features of Shopify. After 14 days, you will then have to pay a monthly fee to maintain your store.
  • Money to buy a professional premium Shopify theme: There are free Shopify’s default themes but they are quite simple and basic. It will be difficult to get your first order with them unless you market your store very well. (And probably at a high cost for advertising). There are a number of people that start off with a free theme, but after realizing how expensive using third-party applications with monthly fees are, they eventually turn to a premium or custom theme.
    The obvious solution is to buy a custom or premium theme from the start. You can buy a premium Shopify theme for around $180 or you can save a lot of money and buy one from ThemeForest for around $59! We recommend buying ThemeForest products as they are reasonably priced and have more advanced features than the premium themes from Shopify. Themes from Shopify mainly focus on a simple optimal design, while Envato themes focus on design and features. Moreover, themes from Envato are 4 times cheaper than Shopify. Themes from ThemeForest (e.g. Gecko, Basel, Elessi, Molla …) all have built in features that can save you thousands of dollars otherwise wasted on 3rd party applications.
The features of Molla will help you save up to $1500/year

If you have a limited budget, or just enough to pay Shopify’s monthly fees then congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! If you sign up for Shopify through our referral link, you will receive one of two premium themes worth $59 for Free! You can see the demos at:

Get a premium Shopify theme for FREE, how’s awesome ????

  • The cost of setting up a Shopify store: you should read all documentation thoroughly and follow the instructions carefully to get your store up and running quickly, rather than spending hundreds of dollars to hire someone to set it up for you. Use that money for marketing purposes!

b. Monthly Fees

Monthly Fees will include fees for essential applications and marketing. As I said above, some Shopify themes save you a lot of money for the use of applications, but you still may need to pay a little for applications that cannot be developed in themes like Review, Multilingual, for personalized products (indispensable for a Dropshipper). I will list some good apps and give you some discount codes (from 10% -20% depending on the application).

The next expense is marketing. When you first publish your store you should invest some money to run ads (Google, Facebook, Tiktok ….), this helps spread your brand and will get you some initial traffic to your store. Here are a few very useful documents that will help you with planning and choosing a paid advertising plan for your Shopify store.

In addition to running ads, you also need to work on getting “Free” traffic. Free traffic comes from: SEO, Social (Facebook, Instagram, Quora …). You read more here:

One thing you need to know is that free traffic doesn’t work right away, but you must do it every day believing that when you persevere you will succeed!

I will end this post here because it seems to be getting quite long. I have a lot of things to share here, but I’ll write them in future posts. Hopefully this article brings a lot of value to you. Don’t forget about the offers we mentioned such as receiving free Shopify themes and discounts on useful applications!

Thank you!


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