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Size guide HTML for faster purchases

What is size guide HTML?

Size guide HTML is a size table made up of lines of code (using code to make it more customizable than an image), it is used to describe the sizes of products visually for customers to imagine real size.

When you sell a product that comes in too many different sizes, how do customers choose what is suitable for them? With the function Size guide HTML will provide your customers with necessary information about the products.

Providing size information is essential for each product. This is an important factor determining whether customers buy or not. Example: When you buy a shirt and the store doesn’t provide a size, I bet you won’t buy it because you’re afraid it won’t fit either too wide or too small.

So when you deliver a size to a customer, they just need to see what size is right for them and they’ll buy. So the dimension guide function helps you to sell more. In essence, the HTML sizing guide has helped you increase your conversion rate from “potential cútomers” to clients.

Furthermore, as the customer reduces the waiting time and thinks about whether to buy, the time spent watching the welds involved increases. For example, when customers buy phones, they will buy other related items such as phone cases, headsets, … Or, in cases where customers buy shirts, they will most likely buy more pants and hats or glasses to form a complete fashion clothes.

Here is the config instructions, Please follow steps below.

Pages > Add page
Config page
Product pages > Product summary
Size chart
Choose Type


In this post, we hope you have a new experience with a useful HTML size guide from theme The4. We are always ready to give you the best.


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