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Should I buy a Shopify theme from Envato ?

I’m in quite a lot of Shopify groups on facebook and I often encounter the question: Should I buy a Shopify theme from Envato? 

I thought I should write an article about this on The4’s blog. This article is my own personal opinion, although we (The4) are authors on Envato , I will try to write as objectively as possible…
I rate a Shopify theme based on the following points:

1 – Cost

In Envato, custom Shopify themes usually cost between $29 and $59, which is pretty cheap and affordable even if you are just getting started with Shopify. In Shopify, custom themes cost from $120 to $300. This creates quite a barrier as not everyone is willing to spend that much on a new theme, unless of course your store is stable and you have money to invest.

2 – Quality

Although I’m an Envato author, I have to admit that the quality of many the Shopify themes are not quite as good as on the official Shopify store, and many are actually unfit to be released. Many users buy them and exhaust themselves trying to contact support to fix the errors. I have met many authors who publish 4-5 products at once. Whats worse is that even though it looks like a good bargain at a low price (often about $29), most of them don’t work well at all. It seems that the authors are just trying to get your money.
With the Shopify theme store you can rest assured because Shopify controls the quality very carefully, so only products which pass Shopify’s strict standards can be sold on it. However, the Shopify team is mostly interested in design, which means that these products often only come with basic features. On the other hand, many Shopify themes on Envato have quite a few extra or custom features that are designed to help you save on monthly app fees, which tend to add up quickly on the Basic Shopify themes.

So if you want to buy a good Shopify theme, please consider the following factors.

1 – You have money, like a quality interface and don’t mind paying monthly app fees for custom features
=> Go to Shopify themes store now

2 – You want to save money, want extra features built in, and don’t want to pay monthly fees
=> Choose a Shopify theme on Envato

As I mentioned, Envato has many poor quality products but don’t worry …. follow these steps to find the best Shopify themes.

1 – Go to Shopify Themes on Envato

2 – Sort by best seller
Here you will find products that are trusted by many users and you can be assured that these products are of good quality.

3 – Sort by top-rated
You will see products rated by many users. You can read about them by going to a product and clicking on the REVIEW tab. Although some people suspect that the reviews are fake, according to Envato only verified buyers can make comments and judge the products. If Envato finds an assessment that is fraudulent, (ie the author buys their own product and/or Self-assessment) they will lock the account immediately.

4 – Look at the author’s profile
If the authors have the Elite or Power Elite badge, you may feel likely to trust them, but in fact many Elite authors are just selling a lot of poor quality products. So this is not necessarily a top factor to consider when shopping for a good Shopify theme.

You can also check the articles from Envato about Shopify themes, all of them have good quality and are picked up by the Envato team.

Above are my opinion on where to buy a Shopify Theme and how to choose a good Shopify theme.

I hope that this information will help you. Good luck and happy Shopping!


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