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Shipping Bar Notification – A New Feature

With Kalles version 2.4 and Gecko 5.6, we have tried a lot to fix the bugs in previous versions and especially there are many changes in advanced features. One of the new features that we think is very useful to our customers is the Shipping Bar Notification.

So, What is the Shipping Bar Notification feature?

Shipping bar notification is divided into 2 components: Shipping bar and Notification. So we need to define the above two concepts in order to deeply understand this wonderful function.
First, the Shipping bar is a bar that shows progress, a progress bar that shows how much money you have spent to buy products compared to the minimum amount you will receive Free Shipping.


Second, Notification here will have a notification function, which maintains an intuitive annotation of the amount you need to spend to get free shipping.
Therefore, the Shipping bar notification is a subtle combination of progress bar and visual notification. This function is intended to display free delivery notice.


Where and why should I use Shipping Bar Notification?

This feature is used for shopping cart. This feature only works when the customer is still in the buying process and they can still add products to the shopping cart. So, we just put this new feature in the shopping cart to encourage and motivate customers to buy more products in order to achieve free shipping.
In addition, using the Shipping bar notification will make your store more professional and diversified, richer, more intuitive instead of just displaying simple message. It is easy to observe how much remaining percentage, how much money they will be delivered in free. These tiny feature takes care about taste-minded of users, it will set your store apart from the others.

Shipping bar notification in shopping cart

When can I use Shipping Bar Notification feature?

The Shipping Bar Notification feature is a great and new feature. This feature will be used in Kalles 2.4 version and Gecko 5.6. This version we uploaded on April 16, 2021. With this version there are many other changes and new features. If you need more features and bugs fixed please refer to this article.

How can I make it available in my theme?

In this section I will show you how to show the Shipping Bar Notification feature in the shopping cart.

Step 1: You need to upload to Kalles 2.5 or Gecko 5.6. If you cannot upload by yourself please contact our customer support team. We’re here to help.

Step 2: You need to create a product to limit the minimum amount to achieve free shipping. We have detailed instructions in this article.

Step 3: Go to Theme settings > Other settings > Shipping minimum amount > Choose product and enable shipping bar

Step 4: Go to Theme settings > Styles & Colors > Free shipping bar > Config color

Above is an article introducing the new feature Shipping bar notification and instructions on how to enable and set up thí feature. Hope you use this feature and make a difference to your store.


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