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Powerful Engage with your Customers by Facebook Messenger Live Chat

The4- Omega partnership

Facebook Messenger Live Chat? What is it?

Normally, to support your customers, we can use Online Chatbot, which provides plenty of advantages, like:

  • Give customers a better experience by fast FAQs and automated messages
  • Meet customers wherever, either your store or on Social network (via Facebook Page, Facebook Shop, and Facebook Messenger)

However, a Chatbot cannot ensure 100% if your customers will engage with you, your brand then makes more purchases or not.

Be seamlessly integrated on The4’s Themes and ready to use with just one click, Facebook Messenger Live Chat – an outstanding app issued by Omega- our new trustful partner, can provide you with more than that.

Why should you choose Facebook Messenger Live Chat for your store?

Live Chat – Live Connection

From a report of eCommerceDB, profit comes from a 24-hour availability of customer support with quick answers to simple questions. Having a conversation with a humanoid computer – even if it is only in written form – still makes many people feel really weird.

Therefore, real-time conversation, live support, or queries are what most consumers still prefer when they contact customer support in eCommerce.

Above all, with Facebook Messenger Live Chat, you can enhance your bottom line of customer support. Thus, you definitely can reply from your fan page to customers who are browsing on your website without any interruptions.

Increase your conversion rate with auto campaigns and widgets

  • Order updates widget: When following products on Facebook Messenger Live Chat, your customers can get updates on their order status.
  • Abandoned campaign: Quickly reminding your customers about their abandoned carts. Recovery orders can help you increase your revenue
  • Visual pop-up: Displaying an appealing pop-up with discount vouchers to welcome customers to your store.

Set up your working schedule

Free yourself with the option to turn your availability off/on by days in the week.

List subscriber

List your customers who browse your store and follow your subscription so you can use the list for the Messenger campaign later.

In-depth analytics

Show Messenger campaign revenue to decide what widget/campaigns you can optimize for more sales.

So how can you add app Facebook Messenger live chat ?

Step 1: Find Facebook Messenger Live Chat on Shopify store, then Add it to your store

The4- Search-Facebook-Messenger-Live-Chat-on-Shopify-App-store
Seek Facebook Messenger Live Chat on Shopify App store

Then “Add” and “Install App”

Th4- Install Facebook Messenger Live Chat
Then Click “Install app” to finish adding App

Step 2: Feel free to set up the Live Chat widget.

The4- Set up Facebook Messenger Live Chat
And now, Just discover all the amazing tools of Facebook Messenger Live Chat

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To support you intensively in customer care, we, The4, have GOOD NEWS. We want to give you a special promotion for Facebook Messenger Live Chat Premium, which is worth up to 20% OFF.

The4- Omega partnership
The4- Omega partnership with Special Promo

How to get the Special Offer from Facebook Messenger Live Chat ?

Firstly, clicking on The4 Exclusive discounts

The4- Partners' special offers

Secondly, finding Facebook Messenger Live Chat’s Special Offer info

The4- Omega Special offers

Thirdly, on your Shopify store’s admin page. Choose Apps-> Facebook Messenger Live Chat-> Upgrade. Then add the Coupon Code to the box.


To sum up, Facebook Messenger Live Chat can raise closer relationships with you and your customers through real-time and well-scheduled conversations.

Moreover, by Facebook Messenger Live Chat, you can boost your store’s Conversion rate, and analyze your online store performance.

So let’s get Facebook Messenger Live Chat for your store NOW to get a COUPON 20% OFF.

Hurry up and don’t miss out!

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