The4 Theme Toolkit

The apps helps to activate compare, wishlist for The4's themes
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Free to install.

Developed by elite author

The4 Toolkits is developed by power elite author on Envato. We have helped a lot of customers successfully.

Simple, fast and easy to use

The app focuses on providing simple solutions that every stores need, in a quick and time-saving way.

Dedicated and fast support

As trusted & experienced author on ThemeForest, The4 guarantees you excellent customer support.
The4 Toolkits is an app for users of The4 Shopify themes. In its current version, it allows your customers to add products to Wishlist and Compare, and store them in their account. Your customers can view these compare lists, wishlists on any device such as computers, phones, and just need to log in to their customer account later on.

  • Works perfectly with The4 themes like Kalles, Unsen, Basel, etc. The4 Toolkits can also work with other official Shopify themes.
  • NO impact on your site performance as The4 Toolkits do not add any resources/codes to the site.
  • Simple and easy to use by installing the app and choosing the theme you want to use wishlist, compare. Then your online store is ready with these functions without any problems.
  • Uninstall is easy and doesn't have any effect on your site.
Launch Data
November 17, 2022

Integrates with
  • ecomposer
  • fontify
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