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We have launched our collaboration with SEO Ant. Check it out!

In order to provide our customers with the greatest possible experience, is always working to expand our social circle in order to improve our customers’ benefits package. We’ve been working hard recently to strengthen our relationship with Giraffly SEO Ant. After much deliberation, The4 and Giraffly have chosen to collaborate for the benefit of our mutual consumers and partners.

About SEO Ant

SEO Ant is one of the Top SEO Ecommerce App on Shopify which can help you perform a quick SEO audit on your website. Seo Ant (SEO Master) can show you how to improve your search engine rankings and generate more consistent free traffic.

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Why DOES your Shopify Store need SEO Ant?

Be trusted by 400+ Shopify Users, SEO Ant is chosen as the best SEO application for any Shopify store. Just implementing a few simple steps, you can optimize your store much faster and easier, then improve your store Google rankings without neither SEO nor Coding knowledge base.

SEO Ant of Giraffly is completely suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Users can conveniently create more Google SEO friendly product and blog pages. Drive more organic traffic to your store and boost sales is super easy with Giraffly SEO Ant.

We highly recommend you installing All-in-one SEO Ant thanks for these incredible features:

  • Advanced SEO Checkup for your Shopify store, with a clear SEO score and a roadmap created to show you which parts of your website should be optimized.
  • Set a desired image alt text, title tag, or meta description template, and apply those to the sites as your wish. No more waste time manually editing Meta components.
  • Track and fix your website’s 404 error pages/broken links.
  • Prevent any “Duplicated Meta Title” problems caused by other SEO applications.

…. and several practical features for you to explore.

Install SEO Ant now to rocket your store rank on search engine.

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