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Hi, Welcome to our blog!

During setup or while using our theme, you may have questions or need our help. First, we strongly recommend you watch our video tutorial and read our documentation. More detail at

If you still can not find a solution, the next step would be to open a ticket. This would be the best solution for you to get the help you need or the right configuration for your theme. To start using our support system, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create an account

1. Go to this link to create an account:

2. Click to Create an account 

On this login screen, you can use quick login via a click on ENVATO LOGIN, and when creating a ticket it will automatically show your purchase code.

You can also click to CREATE AN ACCOUNT to register as normal, but when creating a ticket you will have to provide your purchase code.

Step 2: Submit a ticket

To submit a ticket you can click “Create Ticket” and it will show your available license and product.

There are 2 options:
– I need support with Basel theme or I have a pre-sale question for all items: Which won’t require a license but when requesting support for the Basel theme, please note your license in the ticket content so we can verify it. (This is because Basel comes from another author; jThemes).

 I have a problem with a product I purchased on ThemeForest (from The4): This option is for our customers which purchased a theme from The4, such as Gecko, Basel, Elessi, Boutique, Hooli, Molla. Again, if you login with your Envato account, your purchase code will show automatically, and if you registered an account with the normal way, you must enter your purchase code in order to submit the ticket.

3. Write your issue

4. Extra Information

+ “Please provide us any extra information”: Input the link of your URL store.

Once your ticket has been submitted, please be patient and we will check it as soon as possible. To save time for both of us, kindly describe your issue as clearly as possible and if applicable please attach screenshots with your ticket.

Thank you!


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