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How to Make the Most out of Cross-selling & Upselling with the App

Have you ever counted how many times you’ve left a small corner shop or a large mall with a cherished purchase in your hands? Do you remember that sweet feeling of satisfaction when you finally got what you wanted or even more? Yes, I bet you do. And I’m pretty sure you’ve been returning to those stores for more purchases.

Be it a helpful shop assistant or a wisely planned intuitive store layout where all products are easy to find, the main goal of all these gimmicks is to provide you with the ultimate shopping experience and make you add products to the cart. 

Being an online store owner, you can easily play the same game and seamlessly motivate customers to buy more. The app for upselling & cross-selling will become your helpful shop assistant that timely appears and offers the products customers really want.

With the app, you will quickly launch and manage an unlimited number of cross-selling and upselling campaigns on any store page to show relevant product suggestions tailored to customers’ needs. This way, you’ll improve their shopping experience and increase your business bottom line.

Apart from that, with a new AI-powered Scout feature, it’s possible to create real-time personal recommendations to increase the chances of conversions dramatically. 

But before taking a closer look at the features, let’s figure out what cross-selling and upselling are.

Upselling & Cross-selling: What’s the difference

While both these techniques aim to boost your average order value and improve customer satisfaction, they require a slightly different approach. Therefore make sure you apply them correctly.

Cross-selling is all about offering related or complementary products to the ones customers are purchasing at the moment. To get a better command of how the technique works, look at the examples below:

  • Offer mobile phone cases, air buds, or battery chargers to customers who are buying smartphones.
  • Suggest brush sets, pocket mirrors, toiletry bags, or makeup removers to makeup product buyers. 
  • Display memory cards to those who are interested in digital cameras.
  • Show product bundles that are usually bought together. E.g., offer trousers that will be the perfect match to a specific jacket.

Upselling is used to motivate purchasing more expensive, upgraded, or premium variants of the product a customer is interested in. The technique has its undeniable advantages:

  • First, it builds customers’ loyalty by helping them ‘win’ with higher quality or premium items.
  • Second, it helps you effortlessly increase your average check without any risk of looking pushy or annoying.
  • Finally, applied wisely, it turns store visitors into profitable clients who willingly return to your store again and again.

Helpful info: The Altfield research shows that your chances of selling to an existing customer vary between 60-70%. When it comes to new customers, the probability drops to 5-20%. Thus, why not make the most out of your existing customers by creating a perfect combination of upselling and cross-selling methods?

With this information in mind, it’s high time to learn more about the app, which helps to apply both upselling and cross-selling techniques in a couple of clicks.

How to run upselling & cross-selling campaigns with

The app can boast of an intuitive interface, stylish widgets design, and a clear analytics dashboard. Thus you don’t need to have any specific knowledge to launch and track the performance of your cross-sell or upsell campaigns. Instead, just add the app to your store and follow the hints by the Smart Wizard to fine-tune the settings in a couple of clicks.

How it works

  • After the app is activated, it starts analyzing the personal preferences of every store visitor and displays related, complementary, or upgraded product versions according to customers’ needs.
  • To improve the recommendations’ efficiency, you are free to set the rules by price, tag, collection, title, vendor, style, color, type, SKU, weight, and way more.
  • Place widgets wherever you want: on a product or a shopping cart page, as well as on checkout, or Thank You pages. It’s up to you whether to show them in sliders, static blocks, or popups.
  • Analytics helps to keep track of the app performance to estimate your campaigns’ effectiveness correctly.

What features does the app offer?

A brand new Scout feature for instant product recommendations! 

Ready to surprise your store visitors with accurate product suggestions based on their specific preferences? Then the AI-powered Scout feature is what you are looking for. The similar-logic option has already been highly appreciated by Amazon users and proved to be a real game-changer for e-commerce players. 

While standard filter results pages don’t always show the whole range of items customers need, Scout hits the target with personalized product recommendations. It automatically displays a handy widget based on products’ visual similarity on any store page. Shoppers simply click the ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ buttons right in the widget, and the smart system instantly displays product selection based on their preferences. 

Flexible rules for widgets display

Yes, the app is super easy to navigate, and at the same time, it offers a rich list of settings to adjust your widgets to any specific needs. In addition, it allows creating multiple rules with flexible conditions to manage upsells and cross-sells like a pro. Be it a home, product, collection, or even the “404” page, the app lets you locate your offers everywhere.

 On top of that, you can create numerous widget combinations, sort their order for each particular page, and determine which items will trigger widgets’ display.

A rich selection of ready-to-use widgets

The app offers various ready-made widgets based on products frequently bought together, related products, new arrivals, bestsellers, and more. All the widgets are dressed in modern design to match your store theme and work right out of the box. However, the app lets you fine-tune their appearance if necessary.

User-oriented formats & mobile-friendly design

The tool offers different cross-sells and upsells display options: in static blocks, sliders, or popups. You can test all of the formats to find the ones that work better for your audience. Due to the adaptive design, your product recommendations will look fabulous on any device, be it laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Data-rich Analytics dashboard

Keep track of your upsell and cross-sell campaign performance with a handy analytics dashboard. With the app, you won’t have to scan multiple analytics tools. Instead, in the app, all necessary data is accurately gathered in one place for your convenience.

Summing up

Cross-selling, upselling, and hyper-personalized recommendations have proved to be some of the most powerful techniques for generating extra revenue. The app will come in handy if you want to implement them in your business. 

With, you will:

  • Save time due to complete app automatization and intuitive navigation.
  • Increase revenues by timely displaying relevant product recommendations.
  • Improve customer retention by offering a seamless shopping experience.

About the author:

Laura Lynn

Laura is a seasoned digital marketer and e-commerce evangelist. She believes that the ultimate customer experience is the key to success for every business. Being passionate about new e-commerce technologies, she gladly shares her knowledge and deep expertise with others.


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