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How to integrate AreReview to Kalles and Gecko?

Areviews App dedicated to turn your visitors into buyers by filling your website with real reviews with images from Aliexpress, Amazon and Shein that match with each product you have. The reviews considered the most impotent factor for each business, You can filter and import all reviews in few clicks, also the app providing visitors tracking system to help you improving the targeting, you will get many other features like display stars in google search results, also show stars below your products and many other features that will makes your website better.

To show a review from this app, you can easy to do it by modify some files below

1. From theme.liquid

Add this code to before </body>

<script src='' defer></script>

2. Show in Product Grid by open review_grid_other.liquid

You can display review in collection and product grid like home section, search result…by add this code to review_grid_other.liquid

<div class='areviews_product_item areviews_stars{{ }}' data-product-id='{{ }}'></div>

3. Show review in top of product page by open review_pr_other.liquid

Display a review beside a product title by adding this code to review_pr_other.liquid

<div class="areviews_header_stars"></div> 

4. Show review in product tab by open review_des_other.liquid

Display a review in product tab by open review_des_other.liquid and add this code

 <div id='Areviewsapp' class='page-full'>{%  render 'aliexpress_reviews' , product: product %}</div>

5. Remember config to use another review

6. Result

To install Areviews app, please go to


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