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How to increase traffic and conversion rates on Shopify

Increase Traffic on Shopify

The key to bringing your potential customers to your Shopify store is to get your website in front of them. The more exposure that you can get for your website, whether it’s through social media platforms or through search engines, will help boost your e-commerce site traffic.

Here are six ways to boost your organic traffic online and, more importantly, boost your sales.

1. Optimize Your Shopify Store for Search Engine Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your online shop more discoverable to the search engines.

Keywords are the search terms that people use with the search engines and will be what guide you in your search engine optimization.

The most important thing for you to know is what your target audience is so you can optimize the keywords that make your store easier to find.

Once you have gathered a list of valuable keywords that are relevant to both your product and your niche market, begin using them all throughout your website.

The best places to use keywords are:

Product Titles

Product Descriptions

Alt Tags on Images
Any Additional Content

Strategically using the keywords in these areas significantly increases the chances of your Shopify store being seen on the search engine results pages.

As for the “additional content” you will have to focus on writing content that is smooth and easy to read, without using too many specialized words that cause confusion or possibly misunderstanding by customers. In addition, using usual words will make it easier for customers to find your product and be more sympathetic to your website’s content.
Other way,

On the other hand, focus on keywords that are important to the product to directly impact shoppers. Help shoppers remember your products for the longest time.
Example: For the sale of television, You will have to give the following parameters.

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • What brand (this is quite important because users will buy by brand)
  • Power consumption
  • Sound

Above are essential and brief information to help users remember and easily find the product.

Also, Smart SEO will help you cut down the time you spend on store SEO optimization by more than 80% so that you can focus on things that matter most for your business. You should use Smart SEO App for keywords in the table of contents of products as well as the whole website.

Do you think photos need SEO? The answer is yes, everything needs to be optimized to deliver the best user experience and get the best website traffic. AVADA SEO Suite is a comprehensive SEO optimization tool for SEO in Shopify (blog optimization, seo optimization Shopify, seo marketing, seo on page, auto seo, seo optimization, seo manager).

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2. Attract Customers with Content Marketing

For content you have to use as many product-related keywords and search keywords as possible. However, it is still necessary to note that words must still be harmonious and not forced into words.

The content that you include doesn’t need to be too in-depth, either. A simple paragraph at the bottom of each category page will do the trick.

Free People, a popular clothing company for women, uses this strategy on all of the major pages of their website.

If you take a closer look at the content at the bottom of the page, you can see that it is filled with a lot of keywords that are likely used on search engines.

To get an idea of which words and phrases are optimal for this valuable section on your category pages, you can enter your primary keyword into a tool like KWfinder. This will generate a list of phrases that are related to the keyword and also have a high search volume.

With a quick scan of the words and phrases at the top of the list, you can see that a lot of the suggestions are already being used on the Free People website. Not only that, but also notice that variations of the suggestions are being used throughout the content.

You will also notice the search volume of each of these terms, which tells us that there are enough people using this search term for it to be a valuable addition to your content.

To further demonstrate how often this strategy is used in ecommerce, I quickly searched Google for “laptop accessories”, knowing that one of the listings would have a block of content on the bottom of the page.

Sure enough, at the bottom of the page is a block of content that is used to attract targeted traffic using keywords.

This particular e-commerce business used the opportunity to include various keywords all throughout the content, including the primary keyword ‘laptop accessories.’

E-commerce companies all over the internet are using this tactic to boost organic traffic to their stores and you could easily do the very same.

To implement the same strategy, determine what the primary keyword would be for each category page in your online shop. Enter each primary keyword into an online tool like KWfinder to generate a list of related words and phrases.

Then, add a content box at the bottom of your category page and write a fun and engaging paragraph or two that naturally includes the words and phrases from your list.

From Kalles theme

3. Use Marketing on Social Media

Just like the influential blogs in your niche market help you increase website traffic, so too can social media. The easiest way to get your product or shop in front of your target audience through social media is by starting an influencer marketing campaign.

A social media influencer is any account that has a high number of followers who are relatively engaged.

Not only does influencer marketing increase brand awareness and web traffic, but it also increases the average order value on Shopify. Collaborating with a social media influencer reaps major rewards and is well worth the investment.

However, when using social networks as a method of promoting brands, advertising products and services, businesses should also design their own website. Because when you advertise products and services widely on social networks, customers’ psychology will often want to look for more thorough information about the business before buying.

Quoting advertising content on social networks and inserting website links below will help to navigate customers to your website, easily refer to detailed information about businesses, products and services. When customers feel satisfied with their needs for information, they will be completely assured to contact purchase. In addition, it is also an opportunity for you to introduce more products and services that you are trading.

To begin an influencer marketing campaign, you will first need to decide how it will fit into your overall marketing strategy. Depending on your primary objectives for the influencer campaign, you may first want to increase brand awareness with Facebook and Instagram ads.

From there, there are several ways to connect with influencers, ranging from cold outreach to a professional influencer marketing agency. However, the easiest approach is to search through influencer marketing platforms for the right influencer (or two) for your campaign.

You can run your ad campaign using the celebrity influence. However, it depends on who you are targeting in order to be able to run your ad campaigns most effectively. For young people, you should choose emerging artists with a large potential fan base to reduce the cost of running your ads.

Thanks to a lot of advertising on social media, your brand will appear a lot with a dense frequency, making customers become familiar with your product. When there are many people following your product, potential customers will visit your product with a certain belief.

However, social media is a double-edged sword. If it increases the traffic on your site, it will also decrease the traffic on your status. You will have to ensure these when using social media:

  • Advertise but do not cause discomfort using soft, familiar words but must not cause conflicts.
  • Provide information about products in a genuine way not to deceive customers.
  • Advertising is more beneficial to the customer than selling the product.
  • When you reach enough leads, you should stop running too many times, causing disgust for customers.

Increase conversion rates on Shopify

Whether you just started an e-commerce business (Ecommerce) or have been selling online for a long time, Conversion Rates are always a priority.

Increased conversion rates also mean that your sales are getting bigger, your business makes more money, and less costs because each conversion you generate will be less. In addition, a high conversion rate will help your company get a larger number of potential customers and loyal customers. Not only will that help your company increase sales, but it can also lead to an increase in profits.

First of all, we need to find out what are the reasons for customers to visit the site but do not buy?

Usually, the main cause of a customer leaving your website is:

  • They couldn’t find the right product;
  • Their web experiences have not been good;
  • Product prices are not what they want;
  • Reference product.

On the other hand, the customer may also give up due to the following reasons:

  • Taxes, high shipping costs when buying goods make customers give up in the last step of the purchase payment. (According to research institute from Baymard, up to 60% of customers give up payment for this reason);
  • Complicated, unsafe buying processes can also cause customers to abandon your shopping cart;
  • Customers are not allowed to choose the form of delivery or payment when buying is also something that customers do not want to stay with you;
  • Your care, service support is not good.

According to many studies show that store interface is the first thing customers are interested in before they put their trust in a store to buy a product.

You will find it difficult to increase conversion rates when your store is not attracting customers or eye catching customers.

For example:

From Kalles Theme

And here is the picture of the web site. It is also simple, but the result, you can see.

However, aesthetics is an aspect that is difficult to evaluate depending on the perceptions of different customers. Some can be appreciated for its simplicity.

In general, your target in aesthetic design must be tailored to the general needs of the target audience. The aesthetics will help you attract potential customers, which in turn will increase your web purchases.

2. Create quality content marketing

Content Marketing strategies in a website are always the best and most effective strategies to attract customers.

Metrics show delivering quality content marketing of value to your web clients.

Of course, not all content marketing is effective or will increase conversion rates quickly. You need to focus properly on your potential customers, help them solve problems related to your industry, create valuable content about your brand’s product or service and a wealth of content. related, similar to solve the different needs of customers.

Often content marketing will not directly convert you immediately, but the benefits and value of content will help you gain leads who are likely to buy from you in the near future. So to be able to create more efficient conversions for web content, you can create reviews or promotions that help you collect customer data and recommend the best products for them.

3. Developed pop-ups and other up-sell for conversion rate optimization

Pop-ups are a form of marketing advertising in the form of opening a small window to get data information or offer a certain promotion, usually appearing when you visit the website. Pop-ups are a form of marketing advertising in the form of opening a small window to get data information or offer a certain promotion, usually appearing when you visit the website.

It is true that pop-ups are like creating great content. If you want a truly effective pop-up, then you need to categorize the customers you are targeting and then choose the products or deals that are relevant to the audience you target. In addition, you also need to schedule it to appear accordingly to avoid causing disruption in the shopping process as well as causing inconvenience to customers that affect the shopping feeling. It also causes a bad user experience of your website.



Variants & trust sale

If you are selling clothes, you need to create more color variations on the shape of the shirt so that you can have more options for your customers. Moreover, trust sale is also very important when you create the trust of customers with your store. Customer trust is becoming more and more important when online payment will become a trend in the future. If you do not have customer confidence, you will have many difficulties in payment.

4. Create quality products page

The customer when they click to view the product, what they expect is that all information about the product must be in front of them. Of course they must be arranged in a reasonable, neat and easy-to-see. It is easy to see the basic information and has all the necessary and necessary information about the product. Even products have to be presented by many different types such as: images, videos, 3D photos, etc.

Following are some of the factors that may be required or optional depending on your industry or product:

  • Title and description of the product
  • Product images and videos
  • Separate options for different products (variants)
  • The position of the buttons
  • Design color
  • Call to action CTA (Button: Buy now, Add to cart, Buy from Amazon, etc.)
  • Additional product information (origin, material, etc.)

As you know, the price of the product plays a decisive role for an e-commerce site, helping customers decide whether to buy or not. That does not mean that customers prefer the cheap price, but rather they tend to want to find a most reasonable price when buying products on different websites.

There are many ways for you to come up with pricing strategies for your products, but the best way to price your products should be based on the value you bring to your customers. That means that customers will base on their criteria to evaluate the value you bring such as quality, service, after-sales … and decide whether you can accept the price you offer. or not.

Now, Customers are smart enough to choose a product that fits their budget and the needs they want.

6. Review from Customers

Currently, customers receive a lot of product information from many different websites. So in order to gain customer trust when they prepare to buy a product, you need to have evidence of reviews and reviews of old customers who bought your product before.

A study from Consumerist found that more than 70% of online shoppers will check product reviews first before they start buying. Evidence of positive reviews and reviews will lead to an increase in both average conversion rates, as well as product value in all marketing strategies.



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