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How to get $300 Theme Setup Offer for Shopify beginner?

No more Theme setting struggle, Shopify beginners can get a FREE Theme Installation service (Newbie Gift Pack)

Hi, I’m Lea. I’m from– we are constantly place of Top 3 Themeforest’ best-selling theme for Shopify users in over 5 years by far.


The Premium Theme support requests from our customers are always overloaded, which makes us unable to respond immediately and takes 1-2 business days. It makes a Theme setup process, especially for beginners will cost more consuming time, laborious and we also fail to optimize our service quality. Another hand, a customization cost can be up to $100- $300 if you expect we setting up on your behalf of you. But don’t worry, we truly understand our victory is the success of your store.

In order to upgrade our service quality and deal with the actual difficulty of Shopify beginners, we can totally help you with installation and especially no charging fee. This is an exclusive deal from the4. co, which equivalent value to our $300 installation package and for people who both:

  1. Create Shopify free account through this link (Create a free Shopify account)
  2. Install or use any themes by

That would be easier and fairer for all users. It’s cost nothing to do and very easy. In case you already got your account, you can set up a new account, and remember that has a way to try Shopify unlimited time for free.

Who is

Discover our themes

Kalles from The4 on Shopify Best Rated Themes (ThemeForest, 29 Dec 2021)
Elessi from The4 on Shopify Top Rated Themes (ThemeForest, 29 Dec 2021)
Kalles from The4 on Shopify Weekly Bestseller Themes (ThemeForest, 29 Dec 2021)

2. What’s in the $300 package?

You might have used WooCommerce/ WordPress before or has some experience in setting an eCommerce layout but configuring a storefront is actually taking long and is frustrating. Shopify itself is just a platform. It takes time because you have to read a guiding document to config every single element for each theme, gropes it, and sometimes try to import a demo but fail. Even when you truly give up and contact the support team, it still takes 1-2 days to get a response.
Thus, a Newbies Gift Pack will help to set up the key factors for a ready operation store:

  • Create Home Page/ About Page/ Contact
  • Configure features (Wishlist, Compare products,…)
  • Optimize features options (Turn off unnecessary options to optimize speed)
  • Configure Currency

3. Rules

Newbies Gift Pack is available from 28/12/2021. Customer signs up for this deal in steps:

Step 1. Create Shopify free account through this link

Step 2. Install or use any themes by

Step 3. Let’s us know by fill-up the form below or sending a request form to our staff via this email address: [email protected]

With that, you can prepare some ideas for your store, we will help you to unleash those ideas into an alive store:

After receiving your form, we must send you a staff permission’ request. Once you accept, we will be able to access and work on your store. Normally, our staff will ask for all the fields’ permissions below, but if you are uncomfortable with it, please note which permissions that you do not allow to access in the form. We will send a request that excludes the noted permissions.


Finally, after you submit the form, we will respond within 24 hours (1-2 days in peak days) in Indochina Time (GMT+7). After you approve the staff rights, we will exchange more by email or live chat to set up the store for you.

We will give more details in an email.

In case you are still wondering about choosing an appropriate theme for your store, feel free to refer to our documents:

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