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The use of colors is not the only way to emphasize the message you wish to convey. Choosing the right font is equally as important. For example, the Slab Serif font represents importance, clearness, and is used to stress certain points; while the Serif font is used for serious and traditional text.

As an online marketer/store owner in the digital age, you need to choose and utilize the perfect font to match the nature and characteristics of your brand.

If you have a Shopify online store, you’ve probably experimented and have been frustrated because:

– Your website’s font doesn’t look just the way want it to be.
– You want to use a special set of fonts but don’t know how to integrate them.
– Or you simply want to use a Google font but your theme does not support them.

Have you been searching for solutions on Google for font editing? Have you found that what seems to be a simple problem remains difficult because there are so many instructions, and you just don’t know where to start?

If you go to Google and search for the phrase: How to change the font in Shopify, you will see a lot of tutorials, most of which are related to programming where you have to edit the code of your theme. This will be good if you can get everything working right, and without causing bulk errors on your website. But making mistakes will have a terrible results. If customers find errors on your website, not only will it affect your business, it will also look very unprofessional and will drive customers away from your store.

You can visit shopify (, but you may find it is not a very good solution because they often recommend for you to use a customized service, and the price can be quite high.

We found that the demand to change the font is very high, so we developed an app called Fonitfy. Fontify will help you change your stores font in 30 seconds, and you don’t need to worry about editing the code! No more making mistakes editing the typography, no more broken code. And with Fontify, if you are not completely happy, you can just click the “delete” button to restore all the typography back to the original settings.

Let’s see how it works:

You can use Google fonts for FREE
+ If you want to use a custom font, you can upgrade to a paid plan with a one time payment of only $10.

Yes, just….$10! For only the price of a good cup of coffee! Believe me, it’s true because we developed this application for the benefit of our customers without concern for profit. ($10 is just the maintenance charge of the server and the domain name for this application).

So what are you waiting for? Use Fontify to solve all your font problems today..!!

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Thank you!


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