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[Great News] Welcome Kalles 4.0 and all things you need to know

Have you been still struggling with errors of Kalles 3?

We know you.

So please don’t neglect this blog, because we have a BIG GREAT NEWS for you.

Highly concerning with merchant and their user experiences, we, The4 team, consecutively did research, tests, and improve our themes. Finally, we do release Kalles 4.0 with careful improvement and outstanding features compared to the previous version, Kalles 3 and 2.

I’m Rose Minh – Digital marketing specialist of The4 – Power Elite Author of various Best Selling Shopify themes on Envato market, and I will be with you to explore expective utilities that Kalles 4.0 can optimize your store.

But first….

Can my store upgrade from Kalles 3 to 4?

The answer is No, unfortunately. Like Gecko 4 and Gecko 5, Kalles v3 and v4 are two entirely separate versions; Kalles 4 has been fully rewritten for the better, therefore it is unrelated to the previous version and cannot be updated. We apologize for the inconvenience; while using Kalles 4, you will have to configure everything from scratch.

But I believe it will be worthwhile because there are many new things in store for you. We spent a significant amount of work improving Kalles 4, and we feel it is worthwhile to update.

So what’s NEW in Kalles 4.0?

The most extraordinary feature of Kalles 4.0 is completely reworked and uses the same Elessi, Gecko 5 framework. This means that the overall configuration will be similar, allowing us to update and improve progress on all three of these themes at the same time. We have created and altered a variety of Kalles 4’s features, which you can see below, compared with Kalles 3.

What’s more?

1. Better Core with better performance

In several blogs, we mentioned that: You have to exchange speed and features, with themes from the Shopify theme store, they’re fast, but you don’t have many features and you have to pay a lot of money for a third-party app, which makes your store slower.

With a better code base, Kalles is expected as such a reasonable solution to improve your site performance much smoother with various wonderful features.

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2. Smaller theme file size

Kalles 4’s zip file is much smaller than Kalles 3’s ones, which is much faster loading and more convenient in demo importing process.

3. Compatible with EComposer Landing page builder?

Yes, Kalles 4.0 is 100% compabitible with EComposer.

Not only running without any technique interference like other Shopify free and paid themes, but you will also own a Separate section with Tons of Kalles layouts built on the EComposer template library automatically.

Interesting? That will be a Super exciting benefit for Kalles-conscious merchants.

All you need to do is Install Kalles 4.0, then add EComposer for your store.

The4-compatible with EComposer

4. Better improve in Config Mega menu, Product group feature:

With Kalles 3.0, Shopify limited only 16 blocks in for the mega menu. The only thing you did at that time is creating so many child menus. It was more complicated and time-consuming to configure.

Better than that, with Kalles 4.0, creating a mega menu is much faster, easier, and unlimited.

Moreover, Forget creating menu for FBT and Grouped product. All you need to do is using metafield.

5. Strongly optimize UX – UI:

In Kalles version 4, we have changed UX- UI in some elements, to enhance your customers’ shopping experiences and abandoned cart recovery.

6. Kalles- New Dronze and POD homepages

Kalles4.0- new home page demo

Contributing to 45+ homepage demos, we would like to give you 2 new layouts which will speed up the regular update of new themes, then give you more choices for your website.

7. More Product Grid Hover:

More improved than Kalles v3, you have more options for product grid designs to create your click-and-mortar look like a Million-dollar business.

Final words

There are many other cool things waiting for you to discover. We really hope you enjoy this new version of Kalles 4.

May you interest


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