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Below is a list of strategic partners of The4, they are long-term businesses or have extensive experience in the field of e-commerce. We believe that these partners will definitely help you find the best solutions for your business. In addition to providing reliable partner referrals, we will also give you discount codes (from 10% -20%) or increase the number of days to try the application as a thank you for using the product from The4.
Do not hesitate to send me a contact if you want us to become partners. The4 always welcomes businesses with e-commerce solutions for customers. We want to bring our customers the best e-commerce solutions and connect them into a valuable community.

To become The4 partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

Try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card required.

If you are a new customer this is a great deal for you, just open a Shopify store (by clicking Open a Store Now) and purchase our Shopify theme (by clicking Buy Our Themes) . You will receive a 20% discount on Shopify themes just purchased directly through PayPal, please contact us and providing the purchase code on ThemeForest and the store address. We believe this is a great help for those who are just starting to build their own business.

Get 10% discount from 6th license for Shopify themes.

We value clients / agencies who have used our theme for their online stores. There are agencies that use only our Shopify theme and to thank such customers, from 2021, if you purchase more than 5 licenses for Shopify themes from the 6th license you will receive a 10% cashback directly to PayPal.

Your cashback = 10% x Theme price x number of licenses * 70%.

Why is that? Because Envato charges 30% for an author fee so we will return directly to your PayPal 10% of the amount we get from Envato.

Just contact us and provide your purchase codes and we will send you a commission for the 6th license onwards.